Unnie Recommends: Your House Helper

Currently airing at KBS2, Your House Helper revolves around a handsome man (Mr. Kim) who cleans and organizes houses for a living. Along the way, he meets a girl and her group of friends and they become entangled, messily even, in each other’s lives.

Source: soompi.com

Current Impression

The show is a mix between lighthearted and goofy moments with a hint of being in the workforce is brutal kind of vibe. Of course, the show would be incomplete without a love story and there could be 3 or 4 potential stories as of now. I love how the show highlights each character’s strengths and weaknesses, sometimes the supporting leads branching out with a deeper problem.

Mr. Kim meets Dae Young, a struggling intern at an advertising agency who thru certain events, needs his expertise in cleaning her house. Dae Young and her friends, Sang A and So Mi, live together and the plot centers around their lives. Being in the working force and having experienced my own share of ups and downs, these Kdramas that center on real life are relatable and offer the comfort I need to get through my own troubles.

Your House Helper inspires me to want to clean my room and yet.. it’s a work in progress! (Hee) Mr. Kim has got magic hands– organizes misplaced books and toys, wipes tables, cooks meals, and even offering an advice or two on how “clean” up your problems. I don’t want to give any major spoilers away but this show is certainly a worthy watch😊 It’s on the 20th episode already (one episode is split into 2 so 10th episode really) and it has not yet dissapoint!

Source: asianwiki.com

Need some decluttering lately? Let Your House Helper sweep away your troubles and start fresh.

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