Unnie Recommends: Familiar Wife

Currently airing at TVN, Familiar Wife or Knowing Wife, is the newest Korean drama to join the list of the romantic comedy genre. It’s just 3 episodes in and it’s safe to say I’ll continue on with watching this.

Source: viki.com

Current Impression

The plot revolves around a husband (Cha Joo Hyuk) who, through certain scientific events, goes back to a fateful day in his past to change his present situation. From the show’s title alone, you can safely assume what aspect in his life will be altered.

It’s the typical married for how many years with kids set-up: Husband is exhausted from work, wife is also tired from work and having to take care of the kids, they work with a tight budget, and interactions between the two are dismal and downright depressing. I’d hate to see myself in their shoes, no matter how complacent a long time couple can become due to familiarity and a daily routine– a viewer such as myself cannot excuse Joo Hyuk’s actions to change his wife. Though unintentional, he lives in the new timeline much happier (at first) but realizes the jarring differences of what his previous life and current life holds.

Not everyone is given a chance to change their past but if we we’re given a second chance to change our current set-up in life, I do think that 90% of people would make a different choice on a lot of matters. But with different decisions comes new consequences and for our main lead, Cha Joo Hyuk, he’ll learn that some things, no matter how much we try to escape them, will always find a way to come back 😀

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