Unnie Recommends: Let’s Eat 3

Never have I have been hungrier when watching a Kdrama! Let’s Eat Season 3 is a mouthwatering show about a man who goes through life’s ups and downs in the company of good food.

Source: asianwiki.com

I am a sucker for slice of life dramas and this one surprisingly has been relatable in more ways than one.

Current Impression

I didn’t get to watch the previous seasons of this show but you won’t need to. Meaning, the story now is not a direct sequel to the previous season. Although parts of the season 2 storyline has been connected to season 3, you can easily catch up.

The only mainstay of all the Let’s Eat series is Koo Dae Young, an insurance salesman who looooves to eat food in various restaurants around Korea. He has been in a slump, career wise and personally, until he reconnects with his college friend (and first love?) Ji Woo who happens to be the person who introduced/taught him about the wonders of food.

He is the definition of a true foodie — knowing the history of how a dish came to be, explaining the benefits of a certain type of food, and goes on and on about the proper ways to eat and enjoy a meal. The first time I watched this and saw Dae Young eating pork intestines with Ji Woo, I swear, the camera just focused on them eating for a minute or two and I found myself drooling with envy😂

Each episode will feature a segment where the characters will just eat, happily and satisfyingly, that will make you appreciate the true value of eating good food. Not just taking a nice angle of a dish to upload in Instagram or eager to try a particular order but unsure if it really tastes good (I am guilty to both), but really just savoring the flavors of a well cooked dish.

As lovely as the food can get, the story is not all rosy and easy. Both leads, along with the supporting cast, have their own problems to deal with. Even though Ji Woo is a lovable leading lady, she can be hot-tempered and careless with her actions. Dae Young is trying to find the zest he had back in his youthful days, trying to figure out how to move forward with his current way of life.

As the story goes, will they find better versions of themselves (and each other?) with the help of delicious food? Let’s eat and find out! 😊

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