Unnie Recommends: Fox Bride Star/Where Stars Land

It’s the season of Kdramas in the “ber” months as a number of new shows have premiered this month alone! To my delight and curiosity, a new show features the workings and operations of people working at an airport. Titled “Where Stars Land” or also known as “Fox Bride Star”, this newest kdrama from SBS will be a surely take off with flying colors.

Current Impression

Source: asianwiki.com

It already has 8 episodes in but you’ll easily catch up if you start watching now. The show depicts the lives of people working at Incheon International Airport, of course, there’s a love story wedged somewhere in there right? 🙂

The main female lead, Han Yeo Reum, is played by Chae Soo Bin. Her claim to fame includes the kdramas’ I’m not a Robot, Strongest Deliveryman, and Love in the Moonlight. Her character here is probably the least likable just because she’s stubborn and goes out of her way to make an effort but it ends up just slapping her hard on the face. BUT that’s what I love about the drama because they portrayed her as someone real — we all have insecurities and times where we feel ignored or upset because of work. I’m excited to delve into her character growth and learn as much as she learns to be better with others and most importantly, herself.

The main actor here is Lee Soo Yeon, portrayed by Lee Je Hoon of Signal and Tomorrow With You. I love how he just wants to blend in with everyone and live a normal life. For reasons that will be a spoiler, let’s just say something mysterious about him is causing him to want to be a loner at work. I am thrilled to see their romance bloom and how they will affect each other’s lives moving forward.

Last but not the least, the information and trivia I learn about an airport is also fascinating! I didn’t know that for example, banners (without permits) aren’t allowed to be displayed in stores or shops because it could hurt passengers. I also realized that the training and discipline it takes to be courteous to passengers, especially the rude ones, takes a different kind of patience :))

The stars have aligned for this kdrama, unnie recommends to watch Fox Bride Star/Where Stars Land and you won’t regret learning something new today!

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