Unnie Recommends: The Third Charm

Kdramaland has an open vacancy for romcom tenants and boy have these romantic comedy shows occupied the space! Despite some familiar plots and reused storylines, something about each Kdrama brings about a unique twist to each story. The Third Charm embodies the concept of “Third times the Charm”, meaning, the couple might (or might not) get their relationship right the 3rd try or time around.

Current Impression

The show will release episodes 5 and 6 this week and yes, I am also loving this Kdrama! The two leading characters will meet at a time of their youth and budding senses: College. They will meet again when they are a little older, around their late 20’s, as depicted in the drama’s 1st episode. As for the third time, I have yet to find out but I’m guessing it could be in their early 30’s.

I noticed that almost all Kdrama shows feature female leads who are almost always on the brink of their 30’s (or even older) before finding love. I think it’s a good portrayal as women today are indeed getting married later in life and they, being the target market, can totally relate. Even if an eventual wedding is off the table, just getting their act together may it be their career or familial ties, falling in love, and getting their happy ending. I hope this trend continues as it presents a realistic approach to life, love, and marriage nowadays.

I initially was unsure of this pairing because I didn’t think they had chemistry but I appreciate the humor and spunkiness they both have shown so far. They are polar opposites as the male lead is a dorky “by the books” guy while the female lead is more carefree. Maybe the problems or romantic feels they will go through are what most people also experience today.

Lots of stories have probably already revolved around this plot but as a popular saying goes, it’s the journey that’s important, not necessarily the destination. Unnie recommends “The Third Charm” to everyone who is looking for a second, third, or more chances of finding love!

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