Unnie Life Lessons: 3 Things I’ve learned from Fox Bride Star/Where Stars Land

Fresh off it’s hearty conclusion, Fox Bride Star/Where Stars Land has easily become one of my all time favorite shows to date. I think it was a number of things– the talented cast, a mysterious plot, the romance, but the most fascination I had with the show was the setting: an airport. It’s a place to meet, to depart from, to come home to– a border of sorts for all types of people to converge in. How do people in an airport operate on a daily basis? What are the different departments? What problems do they encounter and how do they ensure a passenger’s safety/convenience in an airport? The show wasn’t solid in terms of plot development and there were certainly missing storylines here and there but overall, Fox Bride Star captured this unnie’s heart.

For a brief summary and my impression of the show, please check out my previous post to catch up!

Unnie Life Lessons

1. Being normal is okay. You don’t have to strive to be extraordinary to make a difference, doing things regularly is impactful and enough.

  • Nowadays, I think our society dictates the need to be great and exceptional to succeed. But how about just doing well on what we need to do (Ex. Our job)? It’s nice to go above and beyond at times to help our loved ones or provide good service (with no ulterior motive) but there’s nothing wrong in just being ourselves and living life normally.
  • I found Han Yeo Reum annoying at first because she wanted to butter up to her superiors by being nosy and overly ambitious. She disregarded everyday tasks as menial and blamed other people (the male lead) for her misfortunes. But in episodes 3 and 4, she realized the impact she can make by just doing her job properly compared to her futile attempts to impress other people.

  • The scene above shows Yeo Reum able to prevent harm as she was able to catch a signage before it fell on a little child. She felt that reminding employees in airport stores that signages are not allowed to be displayed outside as meaningless. As it turns out, this task is important in ensuring a passenger’s safety.

We can feel that our lives are boring and monotonous if we don’t travel often or do something out of the ordinary. It’s okay to veer away from routine but there is also no harm in appreciating simple joys of life — drinking coffee, going for a walk outside, and being with family.

2. Hardships is always a part of life. How we react and handle any challenge is of our own free will, no matter the situation.

  • Yeo Reum suffered from a victim mentality state as episode 8 will reveal, she was apparently bullied badly in high school. She blamed other people for her own faults and was clearly defensive whenever something unfavorable happened, it took a bit more episodes before she owned up to her mistakes and fought for her rights correctly as an employee. We see the growth of her self esteem and development in her relationships as the show progressed.

  • We can’t control everything that happens to us, especially the bad things, but how we deal with the aftermath is a choice we can control. We hear success stories of people who overcame their personal struggles despite having a difficult background– this is exactly what we can aspire to be. We can’t blame our circumstances for the actions we take, if that were always the case, perhaps only a handful of people would be successful now.
  • Yeo Reum was able to stand up to the bully who tormented her and as I hoped, her character became more confident and lovable. I’m not saying that feeling bad is not okay, it’s perfectly fine to feel upset because of a crappy situation. I’m someone who confronts my emotions by wallowing in them first but I try my best to recover and not dwell in the situation itself afterwards.
  • 3. Giving someone ample time and space to open up to you (if ever they do) can be more helpful than wanting to know every detail or story they are hesitant to tell.

    • The male lead, Lee Seo Yeon, is wearing a special device that allows him to walk and move around his left arm like a normal person. He was in a freak accident chasing after his brother when he was a kid. He just wanted to blend in with the crowd and not attract any special attention from anyone but of course as the show progressed, people slowly took notice of him. There was one scene where he asked Yeo Reum why she didn’t ask about his arm and she replied that it must be hard for the person asked to narrate the answer.

      This is a big struggle for me because I’m always eager to know my loved ones’ problems or thoughts and if they don’t tell me immediately, I feel bad because it seems like they don’t trust me well enough to be honest. BUT what I fail to realize is that it’s not about me or because something is wrong with me, it’s just how they feel about sharing to someone else. It’s their personal opinions and struggles, if it’s hard for them to say, I shouldn’t be entitled to demand it from them just because for example, I’m family or a close friend. Lee Seo Yeon was able to share his secret to Yeo Reum eventually but even if for example, we never find out such a detail, it’s nothing against us.

    Just because we are not privy to every detail of someone else’s life does not diminish our relationship with them. Give the other person time and space, we can still be supportive and be a good friend/loved one despite not knowing everything.

    Fox Bride Star/Where Stars Land is not just about romance but it also imparts lessons that anyone can relate to. If you haven’t watched this yet, please put it in your must watch kdramas list! 🙂

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