Unnie Watch: Strongest Deliveryman

Anyeong! 🙂 Backtracking on my posts, I realized that I’ve been recommending kdramas that are only currently airing in TV today. I’ve decided to start a new segment, “Unnie Watch”, as a way to honor previous korean dramas that I found interesting and enjoyable to watch. It’s nice to be updated with the latest shows but I also want people to explore and discover any kdrama, may it be past or present, that are worth the watch.

Let me start by recommending “Strongest Deliveryman”, a korean drama released around August 2017 starring Ko Gyung Pyo (curly hair guy in the poster) and rising star Chae Soo Bin. This was a refreshing kdrama as the main plot/theme revolved around the lives of Korea’s deliverymen (and woman!) on how they go about their jobs and how their daily life looks like. Although the plot probably isn’t a 100% accurate representation of this occupation, Strongest Deliveryman indeed delivered in terms of its heartwarming scenes, comedic moments, and romantic leads.

It was the actor’s first leading role after starring as the second lead in other shows and I couldn’t have imagined someone else play the role of Kang Soo. Fiercely loyal, smart, and maybe just unrealistically kindhearted, his character was portrayed with positivity and a penchant for doing the right thing in a situation. He never sticks around at a job for too long, constantly moving around because he is searching for his mother. Along the way, he meets Lee Dan A, a competent and confident delivery woman who is saving up every cent of her pay to study English and eventually work abroad. They don’t initially get along as Kang Soo gets a job at Dan A’s working place but she eventually warms up to him as he helps her earn money to pay off a debt. 

This kdrama also has a strong supporting cast that made the show extra fun to watch. The daughter of a food conglomerate (Won Hee) who harbors a crush towards Kang Soo, the son of a rich family (Jin Gyu) who needs to prove his worth to his family and to himself, the gangster owner (Dong Soo) and his feisty sort of girlfriend (Soon Ae) of the jajangmyun shop where Kang Soo works at, and the gang of deliverymen who Kang Soo forms a great friendship with. 

Strongest Deliveryman is a romantic comedy but wasn’t afraid to get into tear jerking topics with family issues plaguing the main characters. The culmination of this kdrama comes when Kang Soo helps the neighborhood he works at by creating his own delivery service company, appropriately called Strongest Deliveryman, with the help of his friends to combat the monopoly of a food company threatening to bankrupt its surrounding mom and pop restaurants. The romance between the two had its “aww” moments and the dynamics of the cast with their antics and mischiefs really made the show far from boring. They made the lead male’s character the anchor of the show– he was the one who had solutions to problems and didn’t seem fazed when the odds were stacked against them. But when he needed the support of someone when he was feeling down, I was happy that Dan A was able to show her support and belief in him.

Please make room for Strongest Deliveryman on your must watch list! It will definitely deliver in terms of quality and worth the watch criteria for any korean drama fan 🙂

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