Unnie Recommends: My Strange Hero




Legal drama, thriller vigilante type of show, or a police procedural? Let’s add high school to the mix. Whaaaat? Let’s throw in romance and loyalty. Friendships and secrets. Still scratching your head for an answer?

My Strange Hero takes all of the aforementioned themes above and is proving by far that this playful mix is just the right formula for the makings of a strange but interesting korean drama.

Current Impression

I felt that the first 2 episodes (or 4 episodes since the show follows a 2 episode format in one day), to give homage to the title, was strange. The first half of the 1st episode focused more on a romantic comedy style — characters showing exaggerated emotions, funny antics or key scenes accompanied with a certain music/song, and slow mo timing sequences of certain scenes. It reminded me of the style of Scott Pilgrim versus the World movie where characters would talk matter-of-factly or absorbed in their own thoughts and the next scene or sequence would happen abruptly.

The rest of the episode and episode 2 was a blur of melo and mystery, I can even say went dark with how this kdrama’s main antagonist is portraying his role. The plot is not unique in terms of originality as My Strange Hero is about a male student (Kang Bok Su) who was wrongfully accused of pushing someone to their death back in high school. The scenes unfold in flashbacks of the past as the story timeline is already at their present age (27 years old). We see glimpses of him falling in love with his smartest classmate, Son Soo Jeong, and how she’s been living her life as an adult as well.

He seeks out his revenge on those people who wronged him with the incident thru a series of events that will lead him back to becoming a student of the very same high school that kicked him out. Although his plan includes Soo Jeong, I’m sure he’ll feel conflicted once they get to know each other again as she is a teacher at the school. What ensues in his (mis) adventures towards revenge is something I’m looking forward to! The male lead is a seasoned actor already having portrayed several kdrama leads but the actress playing the role has always been the lady antagonist in previous shows. I’m excited to see her play the lead female this time. She is no pushover as she is stubborn, says whats on her mind despite getting in trouble, and beautiful (of course). There is a border between annoying and confident and her character definitely belongs to the latter.

My Strange Hero depicts the story of loss, revenge, love, and other various emotions that a person can encounter. If you need a break from the routine of your daily life or you’re just looking for something different to watch, this kdrama is for you! After all, isn’t it the odd or the remarkable occurrences or things that we usually seek for in our lives? 😉

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