Happy Unnie New Year!

Looking back on this year’s events and moments, I can say for certain that I am thankful. But don’t we always say this though? That we learn from the bad times, savor the good, and look forward to another year filled with hope, challenges, and rewards? I really can’t say anything else as this is how life progresses I guess. We go thru another 365 days hoping that this new year will impart something exciting for us.

Before 2018 officially comes to a close, let me say thank you to all the good and well, boring, korean dramas I watched this year. It has been an amazing year for TV shows and although I’m sure I missed a few good ones, the beauty remains is that I can always watch it next time. To the shows that didn’t pique my interest as much or I stopped watching midway, I’m sure you entertained other fans with your plot twists and equally meaningful life lessons. To all the crazy, powerful, and heartfelt shows I consumed this year, I’ll never forget you.

With that said, I cannot wait for all the new kdramas that will be shown in 2019! 🙂 There are already a few I’m anticipating eagerly but I’m hoping for more surprises. As I look forward, I hope to continue this blog and bring you more life lessons and kdrama recommendations to make your days just a little more fun.

It’s going to be a new year filled with exciting and life inspiring kdramas. It may exceed our expectations, or we suffer with the characters’ difficult times, perhaps we wake up diving into a new adventure just waiting for us– whatever the new year holds.. I can’t wait 🙂

Happy New Year everyone!

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