Unnie Recommends: Romance is a Bonus Book

Happy 2019 everyone! It’s a new year filled with many opportunities and experiences just waiting to be discovered. Just like reading a new book, each page brings about a new chapter that we can cherish or learn from as we progress with our daily life.

It’s been awhile since my last post here but I’m eager to share with you guys a new kdrama that premiered recently 🙂 Entitled “Romance is a Bonus Book”, this show depicts a 37 year old woman, Kang Dan Yi (played by actress Lee Na Young), who tries to find work again after getting divorced. The main male lead here is Cha Eun Ho, portrayed by actor Lee Jong Suk (While you were Sleeping, W), a renown author, university professor, and chief editor of a publishing company. I like the fact that they are long time friends who already know each other’s lives and it’s not a boy meets girl type of story.

Current Impression

It’s such a common theme in kdramas that one of the leads is trying hard to find a job because getting employed is a brutal process. With such a competitive work force, the lead is always burdened in balancing 2 – 3 part time jobs until he/she gets a lucky break as directed by the plot. I do feel that the theme is overused but it does depict the real life situation in Korea, or at least from what I’ve read (Hell Joseon), and it’s always nice to watch a slice of life show that I can learn something from. It imparts the value of patience and hard work, even if we get rejected numerous times, our right timing will always come.

The show is a bit quirky with a song and dance number introduced at the beginning and animated text messages being shown when Eun Ho and Dan Yi communicate. Though the plot seems like an ordinary love story between two friends along with the classic love triangle trope, the nuances in Eun Ho and Dan Yi’s relationship gives a unique spin to the story. She isn’t as open as she could be to him, although this may be due to her pride, but they seem to have an unspoken wall between them. I found it weird as well that Eun Ho was baffled and refused to believe that Dan Yi is looking for a job (he didn’t know she got divorced). I think it’s because they already have romantic feelings towards each other but they both had to bury it somewhere deep since Dan Yi got married already. Anyway, it’s interesting to see how their relationship will progress as more episodes are released.

I’m not sold on this show’s OTP (One True Pair) chemistry though but hopefully I warm up to them soon. Aside from their layered friendship, I think it’s because Dan Yi is not a likeable character. She’s strong willed and persistent but she showed some annoying traits (in the present timeline) that make me feel like she doesn’t deserve Eun Ho. I don’t wan’t to spoil anything but given his considerate treatment towards her, she definitely doesn’t seem too considerate of him.

I am looking forward to seeing each character’s backstories and how the show will progress further. Dan Yi will get a contract job at Eun Ho’s company and how their personal and professional lives will intertwine will surely lead them closer to each other. Even if I’m not a fan of their love team just yet, I can at least root for Dan Yi to get her life back together.

A new year can mean a chance to start anew, just like a plot twist or an unforeseen development, anyone can get a fresh start for a shot at their happy ending. Gaining self fulfilment and getting back on your feet is always a good story but getting a second chance to fall in love is a nice bonus too.

2 thoughts on “Unnie Recommends: Romance is a Bonus Book

  1. The plot and characters are awesome😁 I’m not a fan of Dan Yi though, hehe, but any kdrama with Lee Jong Suk is a sure hit for me!

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