Unnie Recommends: Touch Your Heart

If Sunny and Grim Reaper (Watch “Goblin”) were given another chance at love, this would be their next life together. The two leads in TVN’s newest kdrama, Touch Your Heart, stars two of the hottest love teams to have ever graced the screens of korean drama land. I’m so glad (and I’m sure many other fans) that these two were paired up again but this time the setting is more fun, lighthearted, and no vengeful ghost or messy I-killed-your-brother past is going to get in the way… at least in this story.

Current Impression

Starring Yoo In Na, her character is an actress here, known not for her talent but more on her looks, she plays the naive and innocent Oh Yoon Seo, trying to make a career comeback as a past drug scandal impeded her growth to further stardom. She is assigned to be actor Lee Dong Wook’s assistant, playing an elite lawyer name Kwon Jung Rok, so she could be knowledgable in the field of law for her upcoming TV project.

I like her character here although she’s a bit ditzy (She thought 30 pills was the recommended vitamin dosage instead of this being the number of pills in a bottle), she has a good heart and is grounded in her current situation of being a “has been” actress. At first I thought she was deflecting the negativity but, her way of moving past these moments of insecurities by accepting the gossips and not being confrontational says a lot about her patience and self confidence.

There were numerous moments when she was trying to convince Jung Rok of her popularity by suddenly portraying the past commercials or advertisements she had and she just looks so beautiful yet still comical, hee. Yoon Seo is such a happy go lucky person here and I can’t imagine any other actress to play this role like her.

Based from the first 2 episodes, the love story is going for the love hate relationship style as both leads were bickering like cats and dogs BUT I was surprised at how the hate part is quickly being quashed already. Jung Rok is the typical, icy, and seemingly insensitive male lead (but come on, we all know he has a heart of gold filled with love deep down) but I hope there are more layers behind his character of being a star lawyer. He’s starting to take notice of her presence already and has been recalling her likes and dislikes, although this was made known to him because she isn’t shy to share, it’s so kyeopta (cute) to see how their interactions drastically changed from annoyance to mutual respect. And soon, of course, love ❤️

Touch Your Heart is a light, funny, and feel good korean drama that you can watch to turn a crappy day into a better one instantly. This kdrama has certainly touched this unnie’s heart already, and I hope it makes a mark on yours too! 😊

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