Unnie Recommends: The Light in Your Eyes

If you had the power to alter an important event in your life, would you take it knowing that the costs will hurt you? To go back and change a certain aspect in our lives is tempting and from what we’ll see in this kdrama, there are consequences involved in making any decision.

The Light in Your Eyes leans toward a more melodrama type of show than comedic and/or romantic😁 If you can tolerate something serious and still laugh at funny scenes on a whim, this kdrama is something for you!

Current Impression

The Light in Your Eyes stars Han Ji Min (Familiar Wife) and Nam Joo Hyuk (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo) as two people living the harsh realities of adulthood. Her character, Kim Hye Ja, dreams of becoming a news anchor due to a nonchalant comment her brother’s friend said when she was young. If you’re wondering why an ahjumma (Older lady in Korean) is in the kdrama poster, it’s because the story involves a time travel aspect. I’m interested to see the rules and mechanics of time travel in this show but as the first 2 episodes have shown, the consequences are tiresome.

I found a disconnect at the start though because I felt like they introduced her “ability” to time travel rather too quickly and the rest of the episode didn’t tackle the subject until the end which made me feel like that magical aspect (Time travel) was not as special as it should have been. She found a gold watch at the beach when she was a kid that magically turned back time when she winded the watch. This scene was shown less than 10 minutes in the 1st episode. A montage of her using the watch to her advantage as she grew up was shown next but because her physical appearance aged more quickly as a consequence, she decided to stop using the watch altogether. The story just went back to showing Hye Ja’s struggles in finding a job and her daily life as an adult. I’m probably just being too critical but even I’m sure the magic of the watch will dazzle me with surprises later on.

Nam Joo Hyuk’s character here, Lee Joon Ha, is in the broadcasting industry already who wants to become a reporter someday. I thought he would be more fortunate than Hye Ja but it seems like they are stuck in the same boat of misery — with the latter having no job and wants to give up on being a news anchor while Joon Ha deals with family and financial problems. They become unlikely friends due to a misunderstanding and Hye Ja has developed a crush on him already. They do have chemistry but I’d rather they grow into happier versions of themselves first without needing the other person’s affection to validate their self worth.

I realize that I’m describing the plot on the grim side but I promise you that the lighthearted moments and Hye Ja’s antics will balance out the serious tone of this korean drama. I’m sensing that the romance will play a part in their journey of life but I hope that it’s significance plays out as an effect rather than a cause for self fulfillment.

The Light in Your Eyes deals with the importance of time and how we use it, whether we do nothing or use it to our full advantage, each action entails a consequence that we must live with. We can never get our time back; we just have to deal with the aftermath of our choices and move forward with our lives.

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