Unnie Recommends: That Psychometric Guy

The ability to touch is a powerful sense part in parcel with how we function as human beings. The sensation or emotions that spring from a physical contact can even dictate our actions or sentiments towards a particular subject. But what if one touch can reveal so much more?

Current Impression

That Psychometric Guy is the newest kdrama from TVN: It has mystery, romance, tragedy, comedy, and murder — basically all the great makings of a great show (Don’t let me down midway!) 😜 Playing someone who can access someone or something’s memories when touched, Lee An is a gifted but troublemaking high school student who finds clues in dead bodies of victims to help identify culprits in crime cases. He first discovers his unique gift when he was a kid after both his parents died in an elevator caused by a fire incident. I like that the show didn’t go with “the secret power will be revealed much later” plot and that a number of important people actually know his ability already. He can only access pieces of memories and not the whole picture but who knows if he can develop his psychometric abilities even more.

Like many other korean dramas though, the story is rooted in childhood connections where a much larger destiny is laid out for the main characters. Lee An meets Yee Jae In, another troubled but very smart girl who he gets into a perverted misunderstanding when they first met. Although she hides the scars of her past, her true, bold, and defender personality shines through as she reluctantly gets to know Lee An to solve a problem. She learns about his psychometric ability pretty quickly which will most likely result inyo hilarious and bickering moments between them moving forward.

I admit that when I don’t know the actors/actresses playing the titular roles, I get skeptical of the kdrama’s quality but in this case, seeing is definitely believing and the 4 main protagonists are so far convincing & appealing to watch. I’m not sure how Lee An and the prosecutor, Kang Sung Mo (the guy pictured above) are related other than they have a brother like relationship but it seems as if he knows a lot more than he lets on.

It’s fresh, exciting, and stimulates our brains to think; if you’re looking to try a different kind of kdrama, That Psychometric Guy is indeed your guy 😜

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