Unnie Recommends: Welcome to Waikiki 2

Get ready for another season of laughter and misadventures as the surprisingly popular and very well received kdrama, Welcome to Waikiki, comes back with its 2nd season this 2019. This time though, only 1 character from the original cast came back and I’m happy that it’s Lee Yi Kyung, the breakout star in my opinion of the show, as he portrays Lee Jun Ki, a struggling actor trying to make it big in the Korean entertainment industry. Welcome to Waikiki circles around a group of friends who run a guesthouse while also trying to achieve their respective dreams/goals in life. It’s the same plot this time but Jun Ki enlists the help of his high school friends to run the business. 

Current Impression

Watching the first few episodes brought me to a place of nostalgia as I remembered the antics and craziness of the show’s first season. It feels like I’m part of an inside joke as some elements present now such as the background music, certain characters, Rebecca (Jun Ki’s car), and his expressions all stem from the glory of season one 🙂 I highly recommend watching the 1st season of the show as the characters and story were so good, but even if you haven’t and you want to watch this first, you’ll still have a great time.

The guesthouse is still struggling to have guests and money problems still haunt the group. The other 2 men that make up the inevitable trio lead are Cha Woo Shik (Played by Kim Sun Ho) and Kook Ki Bong (Played by Shin Hyun Soo). The former is an aspiring musician while the latter is a minor league baseball player. They have another guest staying with them, Kim Jung Eun (Played by Ahn So Hee) and eventually meets their first high school love, Han Soo Yeon (Played by Moon Ga Young) who’ll end up staying with them due to her family going bankrupt. The comedy is not over the top and the predicaments they get themselves into (E.g. Unable to pee while acting in a scene for Jun Ki, Woo Shik dating their landlady to temporarily avoid being kicked out of the guesthouse) are genuinely hilarious to watch. The jokes are not forced and how they continue to push through life despite their sometimes unrealistic but still true to life rotten luck just makes you root for them even more.

Romance was also a big part of this kdrama but I’m hoping that Jun Ki doesn’t get a love life here because he and Seo Jin (in season 1) were perfect for each other. For the other 2 boys, I feel like something will be brewed for them as the story progresses. What makes Welcome to Waikiki worth the watch was the friendship and support the group of friends had for each other, even when they were seriously already annoyed with each other. I can see that dynamic between the 3 high school friends so I know the chemistry of the new cast is gold.

I hope that in the future episodes the former cast would guest star somehow, perhaps not at the same time in 1 episode, but I’d love to see their character growth now. We do get a glimpse of their lives (all are very successful) via a short introduction from the landlady:

Welcome to Waikiki 2 is following in its predecessor’s footsteps in providing a feel good yet slice of life korean drama. I don’t know if I’m hoping for a 3rd season just like the Let’s Eat series as I’m not sure who I want to see lead the guesthouse next time. But for the meantime, relax, enjoy the view, and have a wonderful stay at Waikiki!

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