Unnie Recap: Interpreting My Absolute Boyfriend’s Ending

This is officially my 1st post about a (semi) recap for a kdrama that recently concluded: My Absolute Boyfriend. Well actually, it’s more of a rant because I was typing away too many thoughts and realized that I was deviating from the main point of another post😅 So I decided to dedicate a separate entry for this altogether. If you’re interested in watching this kdrama, check out my first impressions post to familiarize yourself with the story.

Maybe this is the future we’re looking at given the progress of AI and technology today but I’d still prefer a human being as a lifelong partner. Watching the first few episodes of My Absolute Boyfriend gave me hope that perhaps this kdrama would be different. Boy was I wrong😂

An Absolute Choice

Da Da realized that she was truly in love with Zero Nine despite Wang Joon’s best (and a little questionable) efforts, he only ended up being friends with Da Da. Ironically though, Zero Nine was having a meltdown since developing human emotions is too much for his metal state. He ran out of power holding onto the memories he shared with the people he learned to love. Our lead female was heartbroken but she continued to live her life the best way she can. Da Da’s special effects make-up company grew bigger and she and Wang Joon are good friends.

It’s not that the story itself wasn’t compelling or that the cast was bad, but the character development could have been better and the potential for deeper reflections on having a robot vs. human boyfriend could have been further explored. Da Da was just persistent that she liked Zero Nine but does she really like him or is it just convenient that he was able to give her the time and attention she never got from Wang Joon? I hated the fact that they didn’t prolong her struggle of choosing between Wang Joon and Zero Nine since she shared so much history with the former.

In defense of Zero Nine

I disagree with the notion that being with a robot is having perfect love. It’s imperfect in a sense that issues and conflicts still need to be addressed when you’re in such a relationship. Think about all the backlash and raised eyebrows if other people knew you were dating a robot but even if you got past that, what about the fact that you can’t raise a family or grow old together? I do appreciate the fact that Da Da probably thought of these issues and decided that she would be okay with having no kids or having an unaging husband while she grew older. They had their share of arguments like jealousy, missing out on plans, and even a looming break-up just like any normal relationship.


Zero Nine is a love robot programmed to be the perfect boyfriend to its owner. It’s hard to see that his actions are genuinely sincere towards her because it’s his very essence to be a loyal, caring, and unselfish partner. Even if the show did feature an episode where he told his friend that he wanted to receive love from Da Da (which is not programmed in him), he always has her best interests at heart.

It makes me think that she is sticking with him until the end because getting hurt would be of less impact compared to a human. Zero Nine can’t really hurt Da Da because he is hotwired to be her perfect boyfriend.

An Annoying Female Lead

I’m not the biggest fan of Da Da’s character because even if Wang Joon broke up with her and their relationship ran its course, I was so frustrated that the kdrama only showed Wang Joon’s faults and how he was more exhausted of their secret relationship. They were together for 7 years but she agreed to end it too without putting up much of a fight. She didn’t even show half the amount of effort and persistence she had with Zero Nine to make their relationship work. Yes, she was neglected and put to the side by Wang Joon because of his acting career but he could have called her out on not saying anything and also feeling exhausted of all the secrecy.

A relationship takes 2 to tango and I wish that they showed Da Da’s share of mistakes in their relationship too. Instead she meets a person who fulfilled the very things she wanted in a relationship without giving her past a second thought.

An Absolute Ending?

My Absolute Boyfriend’s ending kind of left it open for interpretation (at least for me). In the last episode, Wang Joon visited Da Da to tell her that he had been cast in a hollywood movie and asked her to go with him as his make-up artist. She declined (of course, you foolish girl!) his offer and I thought that this was really the end… but a green umbrella was shown inside his car as he was ready to leave her home. The final scene showed Da Da running into someone holding a green umbrella and wearing a brown coat as she smiles at the person. I mean, WHAT?!

Logic tells me that it’s Zero Nine, who magically came back to power and reliving their iconic under the rain scene in the earlier episodes. Except that I can’t imagine Zero Nine wearing such an attire and why even show Wang Joon having the same umbrella? I know it’s a pre-produced kdrama so there was no chance they could change the ending last minute but if I had to pick, the person standing before her is Wang Joon.

I know it makes little sense after building up the robot and girl but maybe it’s a message of hope that after losing a great love, you can find another one. Wang Joon remains vocal about his feelings for Da Da until the last episode so it’s not a far stretch for him to still try and make things work for them. Zero Nine did ask Wang Joon to take care of Da Da in his absence so this could be the manifestation of his last wish.

Wang Joon + Da Da Forever❤️

Wang Joon’s character was flawed and he showed it evidently when he publicly announced that he loved Da Da without her consent and tried to dissuade her from Zero Nine without trying to understand the situation from her perspective. But let’s be real, wouldn’t you flip out too if the person you love was dating a robot? But he showed his true colors with an honest heart and even helped her fix Zero Nine when he was malfunctioning. His love, like Zero Nine’s, became selfless and geared towards Da Da’s happiness. He reflected and learned to be a better person — an organic growth stemmed from making human mistakes.

If I could give an alternate ending/epilogue to My Absolute Boyfriend, it would be flash forward to a few years after Wang Joon has returned to Korea after becoming a top star overseas. He’ll go to the beach where he and Da Da took a trip to before. Coincidentally, Da Da will be there too. They’ll smile in recognition and walk towards each other as the scene zooms out to reveal an absolute, perfect sunset🌅

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  1. I assumed it was Wang Joon because she just smiled without surprise…but if your dead robot lover came back unexpectedly wouldn’t you be more dramatic? It really wasn’t a strong or clear ending..is this how the Japanese version ended?

  2. I was surprised they left it open ended but maybe they wanted to be different compared to the other adaptations😅 Didn’t watch the Japanese one but I read that it ended with the main girl cherishing the memories she has with the robot (since he had a meltdown too).

  3. I couldn’t continue watching after episode 32. I loved Ma Wang Joon as the flawed kind of dense ex. The logic was too off the wall for me in this one, even by magical fictional standards. I really appreciate your description here. I like your ending better. I can’t believe I won’t be watching the end of a k-drama but I knew it was headed this way. I didn’t want to see her with the robot. Hoping for a better project for Hong Jong Hyun next.

  4. There were numerous times that I wanted to stop watching but I was still hoping for a different ending! I’d understand if Da Da felt confused on her love for Zero Nine and Wang Joon but nope, she easily chose Zero Nine over him. Waste of villain potential for Diana as well and what Zero Ten could have been!😒 Hoping that for his next project, Hong Jong Hyun will be the leading man😎

  5. Great review!
    Here are some points to consider about the show:

    My absolute boyfriend is the Korean version of a manga series with the same name. There were two more adaptations before it: a Japanese and a Taiwanese.

    In the original manga story and in both tv adaptations before this one, the characters have different names and jobs, but, in the end, Zero nine really dies, and Da Da stays with her human boyfriend.

    This must tell us who was holding the green umbrella in the end… BUT, since the producers decided to give an opening ending for the Korean show (with made it so much better), we can also imagine that zero nine has came back, since his finger has moved after Da Da’s kiss. (I truly prefer this possibility)

    So, it was an ending made for the fans, so we can choose who we want to be the one holding the umbrella, although we already know who it truly is, considering the true ending.

    Sorry for the mistakes in English.
    Cheers from Brazil.

  6. Thanks for the feedback 🙂 Based from what I read about the adaptations and also this kdrama, Da Da in the end remains in love with the robot. It’s bittersweet if she stays with her human boyfriend knowing this fact but I suppose we can imagine that on some level, she also still cares for Wang Joon romantically. This was the 1st love triangle that I couldn’t predict who she’ll end up with because until the end, Wang Joon was showcased as a strong contender 🙂

  7. I thought that as Zero 9 held the stickers and moved symbolized the memories he had left In the end.
    I think the snow symbolized a year gone back, and wang joon returned deform making his movie in the Us.
    Umbrella symbolizes lessons of love he learned from Zero 9.

  8. That’s a very nice interpretation, I never thought of it that way!😊 I think Wang Joon learned a lot from Zero Nine and his break-up with Da Da, he’s one of my strongest 2nd lead syndrome characters to date🥰

  9. my opinion is, after Wang Joon goes to Da Da house, there is mint umbrella in Wang Joon car, so I assumed it’s Wang Joon in the end…but..yeah…this is just my opinion

  10. I feel like it was supposed to be Zero Nine showing up, because she looked to not have expected who showed up to be there. She just looked up tenderly and surprised but she also looked a little wary probably from happiness 🤷🏻‍♀️. Wang Joon on the other hand the way they showed them together like to purposely say that they still aren’t perusing a relationship together and for him to even be told to move on made it definitely seem that there was nothing left for them. Also what other purpose would they have for making Zero Nines finger move..

  11. I disagree completely with your point of view, yet respectfully. First of all your entire rant seems biased because it is clear you have a preference for human ex Wang joon. I really liked the drama, yeah it had A LOT of faults but in the end I understood where they wanted to go with it. Love isn’t perfect not even if a perfect robot is created for it. Literally, Yeong Goo in the end was found to be so IMPERFECT in his own “perfection” this is something he learned the hard way, but with the hardships he faced with Eom Da Da despite everything was supposed to be perfect it is something that the audience learned as well. I understand the preference with Wang Joon because I like him more too, but at the end of the day Wang Joon was just an arrogant, entitled asshole who was tired of Da Da which he admitted in a conversation with his manager after the break up, and it just seems like he had complete disinterest in treating Da Da how she deserved and she was just serving him like he thought everyone was supposed too just because he’s famous actor Wang Joon. Honestly Wang Joon’s infatuation with Da Da didnt seem like true selfless unwavering love, it seemed more to me like someone took his favorite toy that he was tired of playing with away, and when he saw someone else with it, he decided he wanted it back. I loved Da Da, her strong unwavering character and giving herself her place as a woman who gave it all and was treated like crap. I mean calling her a stalker in front of everyone and letting her go to the police department just so their “secret relationship” wouldnt be discovered by anyone ????? Talk about HARSH!!! That’s awful even if he was threatened to not expose their relationship I mean damn even I wouldnt have wanted anything to do with him after that. At the end of the day I dont know about you guys but seeing a female lead stand her ground and most importantly know what she deserves and not settle for less THATS REFRESHING. Tired of the same old dramas with toxic one sided relationships that call it love when in reality someone is being treated poorly. Mind you Da Da wasnt too keen of Yeong Goo in the beginning either she was very mean to him and still very much in love with Wang Joon but Yeong Goo EARNED her love and gave his all to win her over, even if he was a robot made for that, that’s why Da Da deserved since the very beginning. So yeah I see so much negativity surrounding the drama and so many people missing the main point of self love with Eom Da Da, and pure real selfless love with Yeong Goo. Even he knew his place and demanded love from Da Da back. Love is giving and receiving, not just giving. I saw one post talk about “how disgusting it is to imagine a relationship with metal and kissing metal” 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ as if we arent stuck to our phones 24/7 and talking 24/7 what’s the difference lol? At least the robot is realistic and human like. That’s my opinion, I respect everyone else’s also. But after finishing it and seeing so much negativity I decided I needed to rant too. Lol. Have a good one everybody!!

  12. Also with Wang Joon we learned how to cherish things and not take them for granted. One day youre on top and have everything you want and need, the next you lose something you thought wasnt important and your entire perception is changed. Let’s not forget he got THREATENED AFTER telling Da Da he was tired of their secret relationship not before, key points !!

  13. I mentioned in my post that I too agreed that being with a robot is imperfect 🙂 Yes, I am biased with Wang Joon but I honestly felt that he learned from his mistakes. Not everyone can imagine being with a robot romantically (even me) and for Da Da to consider all the consequences/possibilities, her choosing to love him unconditionally will always be something I admire about her. I don’t understand it but if that’s how she feels, then by all means 🙂 I also stand by what I wrote and hope that in some alternate universe, Da Da and Wang Joon ended up together.

  14. Finally! I read a post agreeing with my sentiments. I have watched other robot-themed kdrama but for me, Absolute Boyfriend did not hit the spot. I agree with your insight on Da Da’s mistakes not being pointed out because she had her fair share in the relationship. It’s like she threw seven years worth of memories for someone who can’t be with her all through out. I don’t have anything against loving a robot stories but realistically speaking, it just can’t happen. I like how Wang Joon still showed his love for Da Da but maybe a little bit push on his story line would make them realize that Wang Joon is the perfect guy for Da Da.

    If i were to suggest on the story, It would have been better (for me) if Wang Joon and Da Da ended up together having Zero Nine teach them what love is. He was made to show love and he could have taught them what love should be. It may not be the perfect kind of love but a love that is pure and trusting.

  15. Thank you for this! 🙂 I did want that kind of ending too, where through Zero Nine, Da Da and Wang Joon ends up back together. Zero Nine would also learn how to love not only romantically, but also a general kind of love for humankind 🙂 I know that he’s already a kind robot but it’d be nice for him to learn and get through heartaches and find a reason to live other than having a girlfriend.

  16. Oh , please , stop making up excuses for her good for nothing ex boyfriend,people. have some back bone ..and what’s wrong with loving a machine , we are machines ourselves- carbon based organic ones , just because the idea of ‘synthetic’ Artificial intelligence is alien to you does not mean it is less real than you or me ..why humans think they are somehow better or special ,or maybe you are just obsessed with reproduction ?? having babies ? like it’s the end of the world when you don’t squeeze one out or something?? haha sorry.seriously don’t get it, had my fair share of disappointment with my fellow human beings, cunning, double faced , cheating etc. call me anytime when they come up with AI companions , sick and tired of organic ones prone to betrayal and back stabbing ,thanks a lot. AI is based on active learning , it basically works like our brains in infancy ,there’s not much difference and all involves chemistry , all creation …

  17. if the guy at the end really wang joon then what happen to zero nine after he wakes up? do dada’s final choice is to go with wang joon to the hollywood? cause she bring a big bag when she meet the guy behind the umbrella

  18. At my first glance I thought it was Wang Joon who was holding the umbrella, as that was the kinda outfit he would wear. I changed my mind and strongly believed it was Yong Goo after going back again and again looking for clues.

    First of all Wang Joon drove a blue car, the car parked beside them was black. A lot of you seem to think that black car belonged to Wang Joon, but he was driving the same blue car to Da Da’s house telling her he would go to Hollywood.

    Second, if Da Da was to go to Hollywood with Wang Joon, would he not pick her up at her house? My assumption was Da Da was probably coming back home from work and it wasn’t the first time Da Da and Yong Goo met. She was just surprised that Yong Goo came to bring her home again, just like first time he picked her up outside the studio. The last scene was the 3rd time “umbrella” was brought up. If you remember, the 2nd time we saw “umbrella” was Da Da picking Yong Goo up when he was supposed to leave with Bo Wan, also pouring like crazy. Umbrella was always the one thing that brought them together, I can’t see how Wang Joon became the person under the umbrella when it was so obvious that umbrella symbolized their love.

    Just my thoughts =)

  19. I actually also think that throughout the drama, if they had just texted one another more instead of calling (and no one picking up) or rushing down in person, a lot heartbreak could have been avoided

    That being said, I am team Yeong Goo but I like your ending too! Either way, there’s no way out of this story without some bittersweets. I both regret and loved that I watched this. Regret because I knew it wasn’t going to end well right from the start and love it because my heartstrings are pulled like nobody’s business. 😂

  20. I love this Kdrama!!! It breaks my heart for Ma Wong Joon as well and was thinking if Zero Nine did survived then he will see Da-Da get older and die of old age.. and they will never have kids too.. But the love between Zero Nine and Da-Da was so strong.. I also felt so sad when Zero Nine melted down. Felt the extreme sadness of Da-da, her heartbreak! Even most will say that it should be Ma Wong Joon, we cannot change change the fact that Da-da really fell deeply in-love with Zero Nine.. regardless of years or time together. It was true love for her. Thanks for this ending conclusion.. I was also thinking who’s the man in the umbrella.. I also saw the green umbrella on Ma Wong Joon’s car… And the fact that Zero Nine’s hands moved abit when kissed by Dada.. So there are 2 possibilities indeed..
    1. Ma Wong Joon decided to stay with Da-Da instead of going to the USA to keep his promise with Zero Nine. And the finger movement of Zero Nine just means he heard what Da-Da said..
    2. Zero Nine did came back for her after the miraculous kiss. Maybe Ma Wong Joon left behind the green umbrella and Zero Nine took it? Haha.

    However, who’s black car it is? The one parked beside them? Is it from Kronos that Zero Nine have ridden to go there? Either way, it is much better to think of 2 possible endings so I won’t feel sorry for the other. 🙈
    Lastly, I am so sad that SBS rating for this in S.Korea is very low as recorded?! The actors are all good! I just think it is wrong timing for time slot aired. But I am sure this will be a good hit in other countries worldwide!!!! 💖💞

  21. By physical evidence, the one in the ending is zero nine (assuming the only choice is MWJ or zero nine). Since both character wears practically flat shoes, it is zero nine since the character’s chin is below eom da da’s eyes. In the theme park where the crowd was egging MWJ and Eom da da to hug each other, MWJ chin is nearly above Eom da da’s eyebrow.

  22. The one in the end was not Wang Joon. In the amusement park where the crowd was egging Wang Joon and Da Da to hug each other, Wang Joon’s Chin is slightly above Da Da’s eyebrow. This is not the case in the ending scene where the one holding the umbrella has his chin below Da Da’s eyes. Aside from Yeong Gu’s finger moving, there are several hints in the end and these are (1)The falling snow (Yeong Gu’s hope of having the snow fall while his nail is colored) (2) The umbrella was always a sign of Yeong Gu’s care for Da Da (3) No Bo Won and Mr. Ko said that they will “Try harder to make the world Yeong Gu and Da Da dreamed of” (4)While it was shown that the umbrella was on Wang Joon’s car it was not show that he drove off with it, since it belong to Yeong Gu he might have left it before driving off. Note: The Japanese Version had the robot revived after 3 years. Since 3 years had passed and Da Da was still not married it is very probable that Yeong Gu and Da Da was reunited.

  23. I highly recommend you guys watching the japanese version. so much better in my opinion. The robot left her with the other guy because he knew that he loves her and will take care of her once he dies. there was a movie tho where he was revived after years. The girl and the other guy was already together. The girl did get swayed again by the robot but in the end, she still went to the other guy and the robot died again.

  24. The ending for this korean version of this drama is open, up to audience to decide.

    But for me, i will prefer it to be zero nine.

    And i think it is so because of the black car besides them at the last scene. Wang Joon’s car was blue. The car that kronos heaven’s manager Ko drove to Da Da’s house previously was a black car…

    And also that smile of Da Da at the end, it seems like a smile with tears of joy…

    Haha. Anyway, thanks for the post 🙂

  25. For some reason I was expecting the real owner of Yeong Gu’s face.

    In the scene where the rich girl is looking at the tablet with his face on it and he walks by her car with Da Da, she mentions if he “insert name” looks like this as an adult. She apparently used the image of a kid she knew and they did the age progression thing to create Yeong Gu’s face. She also obviously held some resentment towards this “Ken” persona which is why she wanted to destroy Yeong Gu.

    In the ending I imagine she meets this guy who looks a little bit like Yeong Gu, but it’s not him, and starts something new.

    The whole drama is full of psychological issues in almost all of the main and supporting characters. They did show most of them “healing” but it was overplayed with too many antagonistic characters, which they brought back to apologize for some reason.

    I think, going off of the a above, what they “wanted” to portray was Da Da’s developing maturity from a clumsy nobody who stayed in the background intimidated and overshadowed by her famous boyfriend to waking up to the fact (with Yeong Gu’s help to pull her out of the depression) that she does not need to be loved by anyone else in order to take good care of and love herself.

  26. This was the ending I was hoping for: When Diana left the REAL house for the last time, she knew Zero Nine was lying. She then realized what she had done and because of the therapy she was getting, she turned over a new leaf. In this new state of mind, she used her money and resources to build a new heart cooler, even though the original inventor had past away(anything is possible when you have unlimited money). It took sometime, but after 3 years someone perfected it and Diana Rushed over and gave it to Nam Bo-Won before Zero Nine was shipped off.

    This was playing in the back of my head the whole time, so this open ended ending in quite a disappointment. In the end though, it wouldn’t really make sense if Um Da Da stayed with a robot.

  27. In episode 3, it was shown that the reason why Wang Joon agreed to break-up is because of the threats he received against Da Da. He opened a box of their pictures where Da Da’s face were ruined by fans I assume. The break-up was actually a self-less act on Wang Joon’s end.

  28. Young-Gu is the man under the umbrella. Just observe the height. Ma Wang Joon is too tall for Eom Da Da.

    Base on height, Eom Da Da’s forehead is about Young-Gu’s nose; and Ma Wang Joon’s lips.

    I hope I can reply here with screenshots of scenes with Eom Da Da and Young-Gu; and Eom Da Da and Ma Wang Joon to tell the big differences of their heights and to clarify that it was Young-Gu/Zero Nine.

  29. Yeah but there was an episode where Da Da mentioned that despite that, it seems like Wang Joon still wanted to break up with her and he didn’t deny it. Still believe that he and Da Da should end up together!😊

  30. for everyone saying zero nine wont grow old.. he can just cahange skin and whats wrong with a love machine eh? why we humans feel we are so special ? if the robot really had feeling then its his right too ..and as for babies and stuff he could just engineer a sperm with genes resembling his physical characteristics and done there comes out a human baby then they make a robot brother and thats settled too ..they can just copy the ai of the kid and move it to a older body and they will be just like any pair of siblings

  31. I think it’s zero nine cuz lastly he move his fingers that might say that he has waken up and also she reject to go with Wang joon so I think it’s zero nine.

  32. Shades of Battlestar Galactica!! As for her growing old and dying and he doesn’t, so what? I’d sure die happy if I was her! What a choice to make!!

  33. I’ve read the manga a long long time ago back when there was no Taiwanese or Korean adaptation of this yet. I haven’t watched the Japanese live-action series though but it is the same as the original story in the manga. The robot did die. I feel so sorry for him and the girl ended up with her officemate. I feel like reading it again since I’ve forgotten some details of the ending. I read all the comments. There’s a movie of this where the robot was revived and died again?! Like where?! Give me a link.
    Anyway, I hope it’s Zero Nine at the ending holding that green umbrella. I think it’s him. I mean… What’s the purpose of his fingers moving while holding his precious sticker? Ugh… Goodbyes are always sad. For the win, I have this white candleholder from IKEA the same thing from the Kdrama as seen in Da Da’s house. Everytime I see it, it reminds me of My Absolute Boyfriend… But wait! There’s more! I have a mint green umbrella… Had it years before this kdrama. Gosh! My heartstrings! And this is the manga that made me cry sooooo hard. Don’t expect a season 2, folks, because the manga ends there. Still my favorite manga and now… Kdrama. I just developed a crush on Yeo Jin Goo. He’s so cute. He smile is so pure. He smiles like my friend. Oh, no! I’m in love. Hahaha!

  34. Great 4 pointers Mr Sonny that it is Yeong-gu in the last scene. . That “try harder to make the world Yeong-gu and Dada dreamed of” is the clincher.. This leads to 5th point.. Yoeng-gu was not disposed right after meltdown… Kron wants to further study and revive Yoeng-gu as he was.. It took them 3 years to do it.. The 6th point… Yoeng-gu was returned to Dada after Bo-won and Dr Ko heard Dada in the the laboratory that she still love Yeong-gu after those 3 years of lonliness…

  35. Standing at her side with the umbrella was ma wang joon. I compared both scenes that she has with the umbrellas with them and the height the upper back the skin color and the body shape tells , that is him at the end nect tp her.

  36. Oh my gosh hahahaha. As soon as I finished watching this Kdrama I searched for whoever was under the umbrella with Um Da-da. Though I wanted to believe that it is Zero Nine, I absolutely agree with your ending interpretation, it does actually make sense. Well thank you for this I really love this one.

  37. So disappointing & absurd ending 😑.. When DA Da visited zero nine, she kissed him & after they left Zoro Nine’s finger was moving. & after that scene it was snow fall time that means director indicating Zero Nine’s love will come true because of the red nail in his little finger. He said once Da Da in the park that his love will come true. & also the colour of the umbrella. But why the f***k that umbrella was shown in Ma wang jun’s car. That’s the most disturbing puzzle. 😖

  38. Your point of view is really toxic😔🥺
    You r just like the people who reacted negatively after knowing he is a robot..😔

  39. Just watched the full 40 episodes, not sure why I didn’t quit this disappointing drama except I had to know if she ended would really end up married to a machine. Surprised at how many people convinced themselves that Zero Nine came back to “life”and it was him at the end. Everything suggests otherwise.

    Da Da does not get over him for three years because she has no closure. She leaves him to get an umbrella and he “dies” while she is gone, robbing her of the chance to saygoodbye and things she planned to say. She can’t get back with MWJ because she can’t move on. Seeing him before he’s shipped off and saying what she did gives her that closure.
    The clinic tells Da Da that Zero Nine is “still in severe condition” so he’s not completely broken, thus his little finger still moves. I took that to mean he heard her.

    Time passing is often shown by weather change, so it’s snowing when we next see Da Da. She’s had at least a season to cope with her loss after getting closure. And MWJ has had the usual number of weeks to film a movie and return to Korea. It appears she didn’t know he was returning when he comes to meet her with the umbrella we know he was in possession of. He has learned to love her as she wanted to be loved, and because she has healed enough, she is ready to move forward with him.


  41. hi! i really like your review and yes i do agree with the fact that wang joon was an asshole and then he became a better person… i mean he accepted yeong goo and even helped to save him even though it was heartbreaking for him. that is not the person he was in the beginning of the drama and he shows character development. but i disagree with you about yeong goo being engineered to be the perfect boyfriend so any arguments about him being awesome is nullified. yes yeong goo was built to give unconditional love. BUT HERE IS THE DIFFERENCE. HE WAS SUPPOSED TO GIVE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE TO ANY PERSON WHO KISSED HIS LIPS. BUT BECAUSE HE DEVELOPED HUMAN FEELINGS, HE CHOSE DA DA. Remember the scene where diana asks him if he would have loved her the way he loved da da if she had kissed him first? yeong goo chose da da and that choice is what is important about their love. the point of the drama is not who da da would pick, but what it means to be human, and what is different about human love, from the kind of love robots can be programmed to feel. human love stands even when the love itself is the reason you’re being destroyed. the scene where yeong goo cries for the first time is proof of this irony. he wanted to be human which is why he refused to get rid of his emotion and memories and in the end this destruction made him human by bringing tears into his robotic eyes (the coolant that was malfunctioning). so no i do not think yeong goo was any less of a contender for da da’s hand than wang joon, he taught da da what it meant to fight for someone you love which wang joon didnt. in the end it’s up to each viewer to decide who the person under the umbrella was. i think it’s wang joon because da da was living with a lot of regret which she was able to let out because of her final meeting with yeong goo in the lab. maybe yeong goo’s hand moved because in that destroyed state he still remembered da da’s touch which is what it means to be human. acoording to the philosopher heidegger: we exist in space because we have a body and we exist in time because we have memories. da da’s love made yeong goo want to remember, want to exist and live as a human. in the end da da decides to feel happy and lucky that she was able to find a love like yeong goo just like her father did (here is a similiarity between da da’s parents’s love which was highlighted in some episodes, when da da asked her dad if he regreted marrying a sick woman, he had said no because this kind of love comes only once in life.) so da da perhaps decides to go to hollywood after all, and her smile was probably a smile of ‘im going to be happy just like i promised yeong goo’.

  42. I will always be biased and will prefer YJGoo human or not. I wouldn’t have watched this if it wasn’t for him🥰🤩
    I’d say let the umbrella guy be YJGoo!!

  43. I will always be biased and will prefer YJGoo human or not. I wouldn’t have watched this if it wasn’t for him🥰🤩
    I’d say let the umbrella guy be YJGoo!!

  44. Better late than never comment lol.
    I agree. It’s logical that it’s Wang Joo. 09 was way beyond repair and love does not magically fix fried circuits. He smile is telling too. If my boyfriend came back to life I wouldn’t have that “comfortable” smile. It was Wang Joon.

  45. I enlarged her face and tried to see the reflection of the umbrella owner on her eyes, unfortunately nothing. This is a sci-fi, fairy tale story. The princess kissed the happy prince and he woke up (remember the twitching of his right hand). They made the female lead a very astute woman. She knew that she would always be 2nd to the Hollywood star’s career. Surprisingly, they made the Hollywood star appear immature/shallow compared to the robot.

  46. So I just finished watching this and my question is… why didnt they just make an exact replica of Zero Nine with the ability to store more data AND transfer his old data to the new Robot? I mean they made a whole new wang joon robot? Lol I wanted to tell them the idea I had so bad, but it’s just a drama in the end lol

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