Unnie Recap: Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung (Episodes 11 & 12)

With tensions high from Hae Ryung’s deed, she gets help from an unexpected source to deal with the consequences. Who would’ve thought that once an arch enemy can become a close ally? Perhaps even closer…❣️

Episode 11

Hae Ryung thanks Prince Lee Rim for giving her time and space to be alone. He feigns ignorance that he was just reading anyway and just like a kid who makes jokes to his girl crush, he teases her that she can cry in his room anytime because she looked ugly in doing so.

Her troubles are far from over as she finds out that the assistant clerks asked for time off as a sign of protest due to the petition she submitted. Officer Min forbids anyone from helping Hae Ryung finish the tasks of the assistant clerks since it’s her fault that all of this happened. As she works late into the night alone, she falls asleep from the many tasks that she had to do and still need to complete.

The next morning, Hae Ryung wakes up and upon checking, she wonders how she could have finished all the tasks. Her friends went to check on her and notice that a Chinese character (“Sparrow”) is written on her face and she quickly washes it off. A shadow figure was shown just when she fell asleep and of course it was Prince Lee Rim who came to her rescue. He is exhausted from having done the work for her and is anxious to see her again the next day. He decides to see for himself where she is by going to the Office of Royal Decrees. He is mistaken to be a clerk sent from the Royal Secretariat to help out with the many tasks left by the assistant clerks’ absence.

Prince Lee Rim is excited about getting to spend time with Hae Ryung and also experience what it’s like working. He says that it could be used for research purposes and has a positive disposition about his predicament. They are sent to work outside the palace and it is painstakingly obvious that the Prince has no filter in dealing with people in the marketplace. Hae Ryung has to put out the fires he keeps innocently causing, hee, but it’s nice that they didn’t prolong the awkwardness of her finding out that he is of royalty. Instead, they are progressing with their friendship quite well.

At night, men ordered by the Second State Councilor went to Mo Hwa’s residence. Jae Kyung, who taken on the Third Inspector position, was able to dissuade them from checking inside. It’s not a friendly sight for Mo Hwa however as she threatens to kill him the next time she sees him.

Episode 12

Hae Ryung and Prince Lee Rim notice too late that it is actually curfew already but they are still walking around outside. To avoid getting punished by police constables, they fake being lovers and pretend that they are engaged in a make-out session, hahaha! The Prince looked stunned, like he just got hugged from a woman for the first time (I think this is the case) but I’m sure it didn’t help that it was his crush who got intimate with him😏

Since it’s too dangerous for him to go back to the palace, Hae Ryung takes him to sleep at her place for the night. Jae Kyung reminisces about his past with Mo Hwa. He is in deep regret with tears in his eyes as he continues to drink his thoughts away. The maid sees the Prince and gets excited seeing such a handsome man with Hae Ryung, she makes up an excuse so that she and the Prince have to sleep in one room. So sneaky, I love her! And I bet so does Prince Lee Rim, hehehe😈

Both of them can’t sleep well but the Prince ultimately decides to sleep outside so she can be at ease. Before he leaves the room, he calls her a sparrow and she realizes that he was the one who helped her out the other night. She smiles and blushes from their close encounter awhile ago, mirroring the Prince’s happiness of their memories too.

To appease the assistant clerks, Officer Min and Hae Ryung treat them to food and drinks at a kisaeng parlor. They play hardball at first, criticizing that the food is not enough but that they’ll make do with the spread anyway. Them demanding Hae Ryung to get on her knees and apologize was their mistake though as it prompted Officer Min to defend her. He slams a book down on the table saying that it contains a record of the illegal activities of the assistant clerks.

They finally shut up and agree to go back to work with the evidence being burned. Hae Ryung is surprised that Officer Min knew how to bluff as the alleged book had nothing written on it. He explains that he does know about their illegal activities in his head and that she did nothing wrong. I’m not sure if this is a potential set-up for a love triangle between them but they’d make a great pair too, just saying!

Hae Ryung visits Prince Lee Rim and thanks him for all his help. He indirectly tells her that he is forbidden to write anything anymore and jests that she must be happy, since she isn’t a fan of his novels. She expresses her sadness over this saying that she now understands that he lost something important with his craft. She asks the Prince to write something for her instead.

Being the hopeless romantic that he is, he writes a few lines that he says he copied from a poem but we all know he thought of it himself. He is reluctant to give it to her as it is a confession of his feelings for her. As Hae Ryung and Prince Lee Rim fight to get the paper, the King suddenly barges in on them.


I know I said that I wanted Prince Lee Rim to grow up but his innocence in this episode, especially when he was tagging along with Hae Ryung without complaint and just eager to explore, is a side that I hope he doesn’t grow out of. Having a bright and curious attitude can be infectious and I think it helped Hae Ryung get through the mountain of work that she had to finish.

Episodes 11 & 12 were more about building the romance and I honestly don’t mind😊 I feel like the show is doing a good job of balancing the progress of the story and the relationships of the characters. I can’t say for sure though if Hae Ryung is growing at this point because it could just be her personality that she knows how to be accountable for her actions (Ex. Taking the work of the clerks). I know that her intentions were pure but like the others pointed out, the issue of the stipend corruption is much bigger than her. She should have considered the ramifications that such an action can affect other innocent people as well. I still love her character though and hope for better experiences to go her way🎉

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