Unnie Recommends: Crash Landing on You

Often or not, the path to true happiness isn’t always smooth sailing. You encounter unpleasant bumps with other people, go thru turbulence before achieving your goals, and sometimes crash hard on problems that you never saw coming. But the most fulfilling experiences come from the collisions that bring out the best version of yourself💥

With North and South Korea in unification, Crash Landing on You is such a timely kdrama to show a wider audience how the people in the former live out their everyday lives. The premise of the show is ridiculous (A woman is caught in a paragliding accident that whisks her all the way to North Korea) but it’s a refreshing change to the usual romcom story arc. It still applies the normal formula of star-crossed lovers falling in love but at least the details are different, hee💞

Current Impression

Our titular crash landed person is Yoon Se Ri (Portrayed by Son Ye Jin) — a confident and smart character who although is the CEO/ladyboss of her own company, she exudes a playful and warmhearted aura. Poised to take over her dad’s position in their (estranged) family business, she unfortunately encounters a paragliding accident and has to navigate her way in North Korea. This is where she meets her Prince charming, clad in green uniform and a stern expression.

Falling (literally) on Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok (Played by Hyun Bin), he is unable to capture her as she is able to run away from him as he had stepped on a landmine. When Se Ri doesn’t follow his advice, she ends up in the nearby village and he luckily takes her in his care. Jeong Hyeok is a by the book kind of man and although seems aloof, he actually listens and is considerate of Se Ri’s plight. It was an eye opening sequence of scenes as Se Ri witnesses old school methods used by Jeong Hyeok and his unit to cook, store food/ingredients, and have no technological equipment like a cellphone to communicate.

An added conflict to the story is Jeong Hyeok’s higher in command comrades who support underhanded activities (Ex. Tomb Raiding) and since he is harboring a potential spy, he and his unit will certainly get into a lot of trouble. Each episode also features an epilogue where previous scenes or a new one is shown to further develop the story, I like it as it adds more depth and color to the show. I already like Se Ri and Jeong Hyeok’s individual personalities and I can’t wait to watch how the former deals with her existence (and eventually escape!) in North Korea and how the latter will fight against his bosses and uphold his principles.

Crash Landing on You soared to great heights in establishing interest and romcom feels with its first 2 episodes. I’m excited for the journey that Se Ri and Jeong Hyeok will take together and how they heal their wounds moving forward. Plus the fact that both the leads are rumored to be dating in real life is also a nice extra treat❤️

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