Unnie Recommends: Itaewon Class

With so many slice of life kdramas, I’ve learned that hardships is always a companion of any leading man/woman’s life. That sinking feeling that tells you something is wrong and antagonists always breathing down your neck making the world just a little more unfair with their power and influence. But if hardship is a constant, then so is hard work and good karma. What you put out in the world will surely go back to you✨

Park Seo Joon is back as the leading man of Itaewon Class where he plays Park Sae Ro Yi, a no nonsense guy who goes about on his own and abides by his values system to a tee. A series of events leads him to losing his father and opening up his own restaurant in Itaewon a few years later.

Current Impression

The first 2 episodes establishes the beginning of Sae Ro Yi’s journey as a student who moves to a new high school due to his father’s new job. He gets into trouble in school when he helps his fellow classmate who was being bullied by another classmate, Jang Geun Won, who just happens to be the son of a powerful CEO conglomerate. Coincidentally, Sae Ro Yi’s dad, Park Sung Yeol, works for Geun Won’s father and this prompts the former to quit and start his own restaurant business. Geun Won accidentally kills Sung Yeol and Sae Ro Yi ends up going to prison for having assaulted Geun Won at the hospital.

I like Park Seo Joon’s character here because he is essentially a good person — stands up to bullies, sticks to his beliefs, and is apologetic or expresses regret when he’s made a mistake. I do think it’s an idealistic character since it’s hard to be “good” all the time but he’s certainly a kdrama character we can aspire to be. Sae Ro Yi isn’t lonely with regard to matters of the heart as well as he is attracted to Oh Soo A, a classmate and orphan at an orphanage where his father frequents. Though it wasn’t love at first sight for them, they eventually grow to like each other after spending some time together. It was actually Soo A who gives Sae Ro Yi an idea of Itaewon and the latter falls in love with the neighborhood, enough to put up his own restaurant there. Any woman you put together with Park Seo Joon and I swear instant chemistry sizzles between them😍

It’s been awhile since cooking was an integral theme of a kdrama so I’m glad that they’re exploring the craft here. Itaewon Class may have started out on the dramatic side but expect lighter scenes and romcom feels once the show progresses! I’m excited to see from being a lone wolf, how Sae Ro Yi will meet and get to have his own loyal pack of friends, fall in love, and ultimately fight back against Geun Won and his father’s evil ways.

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