Unnie Recommends: When the Weather is Fine

Don’t you just love fresh starts? Moving on from what feels like a long standing time of enduring pain and suffering. Seeking a quieter mindset and resetting your life away from the people or experiences that have hurt you. When the Weather is Fine kdrama is a melancholy tale of love and healing as it narrates the life of a woman, Mok Hae Won, in need of a fresh start.

Starring Park Min Young (What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?) as Hae Won and Seo Kang Joon (The Third Charm) as Im Eun Seop, the former quits her job at Seoul and returns to her hometown where the latter works at a bookstore. I felt like peering into an already unfolding story as we are introduced to Hae Won already back in the village and Eun Seop recognizing her from afar in the first few minutes of the opening scene. I like that it feels we’re in the middle of something progressing because it leaves me wanting more, and the only way to know is to keep watching.

Current Impression

When the Weather is Fine reflects a slow and deliberate pacing, with each scene aptly conveying Hae Won or Eun Seop’s feelings through their facial expressions and voiceover. In contrast with the flashbacks and non linear style of storytelling is the simplicity and details that the first 2 episodes emanates. We can immediately deduce that Hae Won came home because she was fed up with her life and job at Seoul as a cello teacher and that Eun Seop has had a long time crush on her. You can also feel Hae Won’s sadness and eagerness to keep her mind off things in disparity with Eun Seop being content in writing his blog and running a non busy bookstore.

Aside from our main protagonists, we also get to know their family and friends (Baek Kyung is here! hee). Just how much influence other people will have on them and whether or not it’ll help them further is something we must wait and see. Aside from the obvious romance that will bloom between Hae Won and Eun Seop, I hope that the former goes through self healing first and bounces back from her past. I can see this story being Eun Seop just waiting for Hae Won to recognize him as she overcomes her struggles and falls in love with him.

I think When the Weather is Fine kdrama’s strength lies in its ordinary story and character backstories. Ordinary meaning relatable because there are people like Hae Won who need a break or Eun Seop who is just happy where he is at his life. We could even be both of them at one point in our lives as well. The kdrama is not flashy in terms of its cinematography nor will it give overly complicated problems that dramas are known for — it’s a quiet and comforting show that can console your wounds or be with you on an uneventful yet good day.

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