Unnie Recommends: Hi, Bye, Mama!

With Crash Landing on You kdrama being the talk of the town or what I figured is the new Descendants of the Sun, don’t worry about having a gaping hole in your weekly kdrama habit just because it ended. I decided to try the show that replaced our North/South Korean romance a couple of days ago and now I’m hooked!😁 If you haven’t tried Hi, Bye, Mama! korean drama, get ready with a box of tissues and to laugh to your heart’s content because this show will leave you smiling, crying, and being thankful all in a bundle of emotional explosions.

Current Impression

This is Kim Tae Hee’s comeback drama after getting married to Rain and having 2 kids. Though I personally haven’t watched her previous kdramas, I know that she’s a popular and beautiful actress. She stars as Cha Yu-ri, a woman who died due to a freak accident and is now roaming the world as a ghost. She was pregnant at the time but her child, Seo Woo, was fortunately saved. Yu-ri hangs out often at her and husband’s apartment, Cho Gang-hwa, is a cardiothoracic surgeon who has since remarried.

I honestly didn’t expect a lot of humor with the episodes and I appreciated it as a nice contrast to the otherwise heartbreaking aspect of the show’s plot. Hi, Bye, Mama! establishes the rules of its own supernatural setting with ghosts getting to decide if they want to move on to a better place, the concept of reincarnation, and the 49 day rule as a timeline to accomplish whatever it is you need to do before something eventful happens next.

Five years since her death and becoming a ghost, Yu-ri miraculously becomes a human being again and if she finds her rightful place in the world (Going back to her family as a wife & mother), she gets to stay human for the remainder of her existence. With 4 episodes in, we see how each character involved with Yu-ri (Gang-hwa, her own family, her best friend) is living their life but still carries the pain of losing her. Although Yu-ri is happy to be able to spend time with her child but she doesn’t want to cause complications between Gang-hwa and his now wife, Oh Min Jung, as she is a good person and takes care of Seo Woo too. Not to mention the emotional and mental impact her temporary presence will bring to her family and best friend when they find out that she’s alive!

Hi Bye, Mama! drama explores a life taken unexpectedly along with the realizations and consequences that come from knowing or being related to such a person. I’m confident that this show will give justice to Yu-ri’s 2nd chance and instill in us to live our precious life to the fullest✨

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