Unnie Recap: Hi, Bye, Mama! (Episodes 3 – 4)

With Yu-ri having no choice but to confront seeing Gang-hwa, how will she proceed with her newfound second chance? It’s just a matter of time until she’s caught by her loved ones so I hope Yu-ri makes up her mind if she wants to stay as a human or just live out her borrowed time to the fullest.

Episode 3

On a rush to get out of the playground, Gang-hwa stops Yu-ri from running away from him. After taking Seo Woo to Min Jeong, he and Yu-ri go to a coffee shop to talk. She contemplates on whether or not she should tell the truth to Gang-hwa about her sudden reincarnation. She decides to say that she has no memories of why this happened and explained that this could be a 49 day reward for her granted by God. She tries to run away from Gang-hwa to avoid any further questions but he catches her again and they come to an agreement of Yu-ri staying at a hotel for the meantime.

In a frantic and babbling state, Gang-hwa goes to Hyeon Jeong’s restaurant to talk to someone about what just happened. He confesses to her that Yu-ri is alive but she doesn’t believe him and says that a lot of people look alike. He won’t get the validation he needs from anyone at this point and so he is still distracted when he gets home. He gives a flimsy excuse to Min Jeong about his friend picking up Seo Woo from daycare and though she doesn’t look convinced, she doesn’t probe any further.

One of the first things that a person would probably miss after becoming a ghost is the ability to eat delicious, hot, greasy food. This is exactly what Yu-ri does as she orders a multitude of takeout food and feasts on fried chicken, noodles, pizza, etc. with a side of beer cans to drink. A flashback takes us to a night where Yu-ri as a ghost gets jealous and drools all over herself watching Gang-hwa and Min Jeong eating fried chicken and beer as they watch the news. Yu-ri is on a mission now as she happily gorges on the food and binge watches on the TV the entire night. She deserves it, after all that she’s been through, hehe😊

The trio family of ghosts (Jang family) continue to stalk Yu-ri and they happen to run into her at her hotel. They implore her help to give tissue paper to their son who is in the comfort room with a bad stomach. This father, mother, and elder sister trio died due to an unfortunate accident before and left behind their son/little brother, Pil Seung, who was only 9 years old then but is now a mature adult. At least not in their eyes😼 She does help them out and confesses to the family that she is human for at least 49 days. She refuses to do them any favors and ends up running away from a mob of other ghosts who overhears their conversation about her being able to see ghosts even as a human being.

Without realizing it, Yu-ri accidentally sees her mother buying groceries in the market after successfully hiding from the mob of ghosts chasing her. She witnesses her mom from afar and sees her aching with pain from the knees and feels bad. This prompts her to buy some health supplements and leaves it outside their house. Gang-hwa sees the purchase on his credit card and informs Yu-ri’s younger sister, Yeon Ji, that they should be prepared for something eventful to happen. Thinking that Yu-ri might be planning to reveal herself to her family, Gang-hwa rushes over to their house but confirms that Yu-ri only left the medicine and doesn’t say anything to her sister.

Yu-ri goes back to the daycare to check on Seo Woo and the ghost kid but ends up getting caught by one of the teachers again. Quick on her feet, Yu-ri says that she’s applying for the kitchen assistant position she notices posted on the front door. This gives her more time to explore the school and overhears other mothers talking about Seo Woo’s strange behavior. Yu-ri is startled when Seo Woo actually grabs her hand and smiles at her. Aww🥰

Even Min Jeong has a handful of her own to mull about as a lawyer tells her that her reason for separation is not enough to warrant a divorce. She learns about Gang-hwa being subject to the disciplinary committee and looks torn on whether or not she should bring up the subject matter of divorce now. She goes to the daycare to pick Seo Woo up and messages Gang-hwa of this plan. She doesn’t know that Gang-hwa was just at the daycare a few moments ago, even seeing Yu-ri playing with Seo Woo through a window, so he calls Min Jeong to tell her that he’ll pick Seo Woo up instead. Min Jeong doesn’t relent and replies that she’s already near the daycare. Gang-hwa suddenly remembers that Min Jeong saw a picture of Yu-ri before so she knows what she looks like!

It’s a race to see who arrives at the daycare first as Gang-hwa runs for his life to get there first. Seo Woo instinctively goes outside even as she is playing with Yu-ri when she hears the sliding door open. She runs outside and hugs Min Jeong upon seeing her. Yu-ri goes outside to chase after Seo Woo and both women are shocked to see each other. Gang-hwa eventually arrives at the school but is too late as he sees his ex-wife and current wife face to face, standing only a few meters apart.

Episode 4

Going back to 2015, Yu-ri is very pregnant and goes out of the apartment to fulfill a work request. Although Gang-hwa is hesitant for her to go, she insists on doing so because she’s a professional. Little did they know that this would be the day Yu-ri gets into an accident and ends up getting killed.

Back to the present, Min Jeong continues to stare at Yu-ri as the latter excuses herself to do the kitchen assistant interview. Addressing the elephant in the room once they left the school, Min Jeong casually mentions that the woman they saw at the daycare (Yu-ri) looks a lot like Yu-ri, oh boy! Gang-hwa stammers and responds nonchalantly and she doesn’t ask any more questions. He notices that Min Jeong was carrying a bag and she becomes flustered one as she hides her bag to keep the divorce papers from showing.

On the same night, Gang-hwa goes to Yu-ri’s hotel to try and explain about his marital status. She reassures him that she’s not mad about him being married again and that she knows Min Jeong is a nursing junior in his school. She gives a lame excuse that she just happened to find out and doesn’t give away that she really doesn’t have memory loss.

Even ghosts have the privilege of attending a counseling session and Mi Dong is the therapist. Even after listening to the excuses the countless ghosts have for choosing not to go up to heaven and be judged yet, Mi Dong grants them permission to still stay. Yu-ri is able to sneak in and talk with her. She asks her for a strong talisman to be used on the ghost kid in the daycare but she isn’t sure if it’ll work since he’s still young.

On her first day as a kitchen assistant, Yu-ri does her best to slice, peel, and chop various vegetables much to her despair, haha! Eager to see Seo Woo already, Yu-ri finds the ghost kid again beside her child. He runs away and hides in the kitchen freezer where Yu-ri discovers that the talisman doesn’t work on him. The young boy just laughs and haves fun as Yu-ri also tries throwing red beans at him (which will hurt if you’re a ghost) but since he’s just a kid, it doesn’t have an effect on him either. Yu-ri is upset when she learns that other mothers in the daycare wanted to move Seo Woo to a younger class afraid that her quiet ways would affect their kids development.

After serving lunch to the kids, Yu-ri sees a picture of the young boy, Hyeok Jin, posted on the daycare’s bulletin board and realizes that he was a student of this daycare too. Being young, he probably doesn’t understand his death yet and is sad when he sees his classmates one by one being picked up by their own moms. Yu-ri comforts him realizing that he’s just waiting for his own mother to pick him up. She seeks advice from Mi Dong and is told that he will to to heaven immediately once he gets what he wants.

With Yu-ri’s suggestion, Hyeok Jin’s mom is called over so the school director can return their family picture to her. When he sees her face on the monitor, he runs outside of the classroom towards her. Seo Woo also runs out and gives Hyeok Jin’s toy car to his mom and the latter cries from the gesture. Yu-ri sees Hyeok Jin following his mom as they both walk away from the school, he finally gets to go home🤗 Yu-ri also finds out that she’s the mom who was adamant to move Seo Woo to another class. When Min Jeong runs into her on the street, Hyeok Jin’s mom apologizes to her and tells her to thank Seo Woo for her.

As Yu-ri goes home herself, she comes face to face with Hyeon Jeong unexpectedly. The latter is shocked to say the least… this is also the same time that Keun Sang checks the restaurant’s CCTV and is in disbelief from seeing Yu-ri on the screen.


With Gang-hwa confused on how to deal with Yu-ri knowing about him being remarried, he could have realized that she is lying about not remembering anything about suddenly being alive. I mean if he really thought about it, how did she find out about Min Jeong and how does she know what Seo Woo looks like when she’s technically never supposed to have seen her? Clearly, they have things to figure out with each other and I feel bad for the 3 of them (Gang-hwa, Yu-ri, and Min Jeong) because they can’t be completely honest about their feelings for one another. Hoping that one of them steps up and just confesses how they feel, no matter if it’s good or bad, to start the path to having an honest conversation.

Obviously, Gang-hwa and Min Jeong are not the affectionate or expressive couple compared to the former’s relationship with Yu-ri but it doesn’t mean that they don’t care about one another. To what extent their love stands (Is it romantic, companionship?) can’t really be judged this early. More than the lack of romance, I feel like Min Jeong feels she lost her identity as a person, as a woman, and that’s why she wants a divorce. I’d like to think that maybe Min Jeong and Gang-hwa separating has been a long time coming and Yu-ri shouldn’t feel guilty about possibly finding her place back with her husband and daughter.

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