Unnie Recommends: Memorist

Put on your conspiracy thinking hats and flex those sleuthing muscles of yours as TVN’s newest show, Memorist, will be a worthy addition to your weekly korean drama sessions! I don’t think I’ve been this excited for a crime/police thriller since watching Voice 3 last year. Expect a less brutal show as Memorist kdrama still applies a comedic and toned down mood in contrast to its dark web of criminal tales and race against time moments.

Current Impression

Just like any police/crime drama show, I’m hoping that while there is an overall bad guy for the entire season, we’ll also get treated to other individual cases that would last for 2 – 3 episodes. Yoo Seung Ho (My Strange Hero, I’m not a Robot) stars as Dong Baek, the titular protagonist who can view a person’s memories just by touching them. He became a detective and is very successful in his career. Dong Baek uses his abilities to solve crimes and while he has legions of fans behind him, others are not too keen about him violating human privacy rights.

With the first 2 episodes premiering, the story introduces its first serial killer case with women getting kidnapped by an unknown assailant. If you watched the Voice series, the female lead there is in charge of a team called the Golden Time team wherein they solve emergency cases within a specific time range to get the best possible results/outcome of a case. The female lead here, Han Sun Mi, plays a similar role as a senior superintendent running a golden time team of her own as she finds clues and tries to solve the abduction. Though Dong Baek and her are dealing with the same case, they are not on the same team and try to find the culprit separately. I’m sure they’ll work together at some point so it’s nice to see their individual characters shine first. They are both smart, stubborn, and will even go against the rules to solve a case.

If you’re looking for something to tickle your brain cells and challenge your deduction skills, then Memorist is the kdrama for you. Although I love shows where you don’t need much attention to understand the story, tuning in and analyzing the clues with our protagonists is fun and a nice change of pace. I guarantee you’ll love the adrenaline and excitement of this korean drama, especially when our leads bring the bad guys to justice!🤛🏻

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