Unnie Recommends: A Piece of Your Mind

Let me declare a new kind of kdrama genre: “Quirky Melo”. It’s a show with a slow-paced and offbeat aura, where the characters’ thoughts are deeply emphasized and their backstories are seemingly portrayed to be devastatingly tragic than it should be. This is how I feel watching a current airing kdrama, When the Weather is Fine, and I knew from the trailers for A Piece of Your Mind that this was going to have a similar feel to it.

I usually don’t want to discourage anyone from watching kdramas but this isn’t your run-of-the-mill lighthearted show to binge watch. If you can get past the heavy undertone of the plot and don’t mind having to really listen to the characters conversations to understand their state of mind, then please open your hearts and spare a portion of your time to tune into A Piece of Your Mind kdrama😌

Current Impression

Seo Woo and Ha Won

Helming this show are 2 rising stars in the Korean entertainment industry: Chae Soo Bin (Fox Bride Star/Where Stars Land, I’m not a Robot) plays a woman named Han Seo Woo, a classical music recording engineer who meets Jung Hae In’s (One Spring Night, While You We’re Sleeping) AI programmer character, Ha Won, randomly one day. Ha Won hires Seo Woo to record the voice of his first love, Kim Ji Soo, who he has lost touch with. We don’t really get a sense of the actual conflict between Ha Won and Ji Soo other than the latter married another man. Ha Won is still in love with Ji Soo after all this time that they haven’t communicated with each other.

Ji Soo and Ha Won

Ha Won is currently working on a project where he programmed a device to possess his personality (Similar to Siri but on a personal level). When Ha Won and his co-worker asks the device questions about his life, the responses ought to be how he would answer in real life. He is still fine-tuning the accuracy of the responses and is startled when the device responds to Seo Woo asking it questions.

Seo Woo just happened to get tangled with their unfortunate love story and she finds herself getting attached to both people. I’m looking forward to see how Ha Won will possibly fall in love with Seo Woo and how this will change his life since he’s always been in love with another woman most of his life. I’m always a fan of seeing how someone realizes that they don’t need to feel scarred anymore and that an unexpected miracle such as a newfound love can bring about better days in one’s life. For Seo Woo as well who has abandonment issues but still believes in the purity of love, I hope that she gets the care that she’s been craving for all her life.

It’s a weird premiere for me to be honest because although the story just started, it feels like we’ve already been through a lot with these characters!😅 Despite the heaviness of this quirky melo (hehe) show, I do feel a wave of comfort watching the scenes unfold. It’s like people watching where you enjoy a state of calmness just observing other individuals go about their own lives and you don’t have to think about yours too much. In a busy and ever changing world such as ours right now, feeling just a glimmer of peace can sustain us for a long time✨

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