Unnie Recommends: 3 Rules for Survival in 365: Repeat the Year

Cheating death — the age old premise that no matter how many times you think you’ve outsmarted or escaped the end of your lifeline, a dark force will always comes back full circle to collect your soul☠️ Whether you like it or not, you just unknowingly pressed the start button to a game that you just can’t lose.

Think of 365: Repeat the Year like the movie Final Destination where a group of random people escape death, but one by one mysteriously meet their demise sooner or later. The show’s plot is more farfetched though because our main characters experience this “death by fate” kind of game when they travelled back through time a year prior to the present. This is made possible by a psychiatrist named Lee Shin who claims to have found a gap in the time space continuum to achieve this feat. Little do the participants know the deadly consequences that await them for wanting to reset their lives.

Top pictures: Before Reset; Bottom pictures: In the Reset Year

Join at your own risk!

1. Find the patterns and uncover the rules on how each target is chosen.

The 2 main leads of the show (Refer to the pic above) are a detective named Ji Hyung Joo and a popular webtoon artist named Shin Ga Hyun. The former agrees to do the reset because his senior teammate/friend died due to a set-up by a criminal who Hyung Joo previously arrested but has since served his time. Ga Hyun on the other hand is a hit-and-run victim and has to go undergo therapy sessions to learn to walk again. She uses a wheelchair before the reset.

The people who joined the experiment are picked apart one by one too and start dying a few days after they’ve started living again in the reset year. Whether their enemy is a supernatural force (Death itself) or themselves (The people who involved in the experiment) is something we’ll have to figure out or wait and see! I honestly think it’s a mixture of both like the consequences of escaping death or in this case, cheating time, will always catch up with you. It’s also possible that someone in the group can cause a chain reaction of paranoia and the people within end up hurting one another.

2. One’s choice can produce a butterfly effect that can affect other innocent people’s lives for the better or worse.

Ga Hyeon avoided her fate of getting hit by a car which ultimately led to her friend, Joo Young, taking her place in the reset year. The consequences now are much tragic because her friend dies from the accident. Ga Hyeon is able to figure out who the culprit is and finds out that the participants may not have been randomly picked at all💡

Hyung Joo was more fortunate because he was able to save his friend by capturing the criminal in the reset year and nobody got hurt this time. Since we’re only on episode 4, I feel like his action of saving his friend will cost someone else their life. For others, it turns out that the things you want to avoid is still meant to happen no matter how hard you run away from it.

3. Whatever happens, try not to die.

There are still a lot of hidden rules and clues to the game and the psychiatrist Lee Shin is the most suspicious of them all. She’s definitely concealing valuable information and her statement above about having another reset implies that she could have done this with another set of people before already. Could she be the devil disguised in human form..?😈

Those who work together to solve the mystery are more often than not the last men/women standing so we can expect our 2 leads to fight their destiny until the very end. But kdramas can be unpredictable so I can’t wait to watch what happens to our group moving forward! Unlike a game where you can start over, 365: Repeat the Year kdrama is a high stakes, cat and mouse hunt that leaves no room for error because you only get 1 chance at life.

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