Unnie Recap: Hi, Bye, Mama! (Episodes 11 – 12)

No rest for the weary as both the human and ghostly community deal with their respective problems. Will Yu-ri’s own family and Gang-hwa figure out the secret she’s been hiding before they never see her again? How will the ghosts deal with the threat of the man in black in their midst? Only a few episodes left for Hi, Bye, Mama! but a lot of things need to be settled first before anyone can get their happy ending.

Episode 11

Out to buy salt for the daycare, Yu-ri witnesses an incoming motorcycle hurtling right towards an elderly grandmother getting out of a cab. Instinctively, she protects the grandma by hugging and spinning her away from the supposed collision. When she comes to a few seconds after bumping into the cab’s door, she sees the motorcycle driver bleeding on the ground and worried about the grandma. This is when Gang-hwa gets the dreaded phone call from Yu-ri.

Once at the emergency room, nobody sees what Yu-ri is seeing which is the elderly’s soul fighting in and out of her body. As Gang-hwa races to see her, she forcefully persuades him to check on the grandma’s well-being. He does so and orders a nurse to take an x-ray and contact the Cardiology department ASAP. Once calmed down, Gang-hwa asks Yu-ri how she could have known about the grandma’s condition when the doctors themselves couldn’t see any physical manifestations of her pain. Yu-ri dodges the question and says that it was just a gut feeling. He doesn’t sound too convinced but can’t do anything to get any other answer out from her.

Turns out that the man in black is an exorcist (Still can be interpreted as a Grim Reaper, hee). He is famous in his line of work and has a 99.9% success rate of exterminating ghosts. Mi Dong is nervous about his presence and talks about her low performance of only being able to send 2 ghosts up after 10 years. When he mentions Yu-ri and Seo Woo, she grows even more anxious and tells him that she’ll take care of them. Uh oh, what does this mean?

We get a rare glimpse of Yu-ri’s sister, Yeon Ji, outside the house so to know that she works at an optometry shop (I always thought she was unemployed, sorry!) is good. Before heading home, she notices a nice dress on a window display and buys it for Yu-ri. Little does she know that Yu-ri did the same thing, buying the exact same dress, earlier that day as well. They chuckle and realize in unison their thoughtful deed for one another, remembering a past memory where they fought over wearing each other’s clothes. Even Yu-ri’s dad gets a tender moment with her alone as he cries from seeing her sleep. Yu-ri hugs him tight and they weep together.

Things are looking grim (hee) for our family of ghosts in the crematorium as they are huddled together while nervously observing the exorcist choosing his first target. He wishes to send up those who committed suicide first and there are 2 ghosts who did that: a girl named Hye Jin and Kang Bin. The exorcist clarified that the latter did not commit suicide after all finally clearing up that part of his death. Keun Sang was right all along but what foul play could have conspired that led to Kang Bin’s wrongful demise?

The head b*atch of the nosy moms group intends to send a message to her possé, spreading the news that Min Jeong is going ahead with the divorce and that Hyeon Jeong’s husband, Keun Sang, got their car egged for misdiagnosing Kang Bin. She mistakenly sends it to the whole daycare mom group instead so Hyeon Jeong and Min Jeong were able to read it! An equally angry Yu-ri goes to find Hyeon Jeong because she also had a nasty encounter with the nosy moms, saying that Seo Woo is slower than most kids and inciting gossip, earlier that day. Min Jeong has had enough as well and finds both ladies at Hyeon Jeong’s restaurant wanting to take action. Excuse the happy cursing everyone🙂

Our 3 musketeers join forces and pick a fight with the nosy moms group once and for all. Dressed in black, donning on killer shades, and performing a probably unrehearsed synchronized strut, the 3 ladies seek out the nosy moms in a kids café. Hair pulling, spraying with water, and using a toy bat to beat the moms respectively, it’s an all-out fight fest between the the 6 women. Scratch that, it’s a massacre for the 3 musketeers as the nosy moms couldn’t even fight back, hahaha!😵

Finally getting their much awaited and needed revenge, they celebrate their victory over samgyupsal and alcohol. When Yu-ri excuses herself to use the restroom, Hyeon Jeong gets the courage to ask Min Jeong about the divorce. She answers that she’s not planning to get a divorce anymore. She explains that she did have a hard time marrying into a relationship that felt like she had to rebuild, alluding to Yu-ri’s death as the 1st wife, and that made her weary. In the end though, she admits to loving Gang-hwa too much to push thru. It must be killing Hyeon Jeong to hear this, not only because it squashes the chance for Yu-ri to live, but she possibly feels guilty thinking of the divorce as well becuase Min Jeong is her friend now too😓

Back at home, Gang-hwa plays with Seo Woo. He hands her a sticker of a girl and Seo Woo takes a framed picture of the Cho family to the table. She places the sticker on the picture and calls the girl, Cha Yu-ri. In a flashback (Yu-ri as a ghost), Seo Woo remembers her mom’s name because the Jang family called for her and Yu-ri was observing Seo Woo playing at the playground that time. Gang-hwa doesn’t know what to make of this discovery.

Episode 12

Late into the night, Gang-hwa and Yu-ri meet up so the former can tell the latter about Seo Woo saying her name. Yu-ri realizes that Seo Woo has been seeing her far longer than she initially thought and starts weeping uncontrollably. Gang-hwa hesitates to give her a pat on her back but eventually does so to try and comfort her. Gang-hwa starts getting fed up for our mama’s insistence to hide her identity from Min Jeong and Seo Woo. In a ball of sobs, she sounds regretful but remains tight-lipped about the truth.

A standoff erupts between Mi Dong and the exorcist (Named Guk-bong) when the latter finally meets and confronts Yu-ri. Mi Dong saves her from his clutches and explains that he is here to take Seo Woo under his wing to become either a shaman or an exorcist. The question on everyone’s mind pops up again about Yu-ri taking her rightful place and she still gives a decisive “no”. She professes to Mi Dong that Seo Woo’s favorite person is her mom, Min Jeong, and that she can never replace her. This is by far the most heartbreaking scene for me because it solidifies who Yu-ri truly is: a person that has so much love to give that even though her own child pushed her away to run towards Min Jeong, she still chooses to let her go and just care for her in the sidelines. With this answer, Mi Dong finally gives in and instructs her to protect Seo Woo until the end.

At the hospital, Gang-hwa and Keun Sang speculate how Yu-ri seeminly knows Min Jeong and about the grandma’s severe condition despite showing no physical signs of harm. Keun Sang recounts Hyeon Jeong becoming unhinged last night as she got drunk and kept spewing nonsense (At least to him) about divorce, saving Yu-ri, and loving each other (Min Jeong and Gang-hwa). The boys have a talk with Hyeon Jeong that night and Gang-hwa discloses his doubts on Yu-ri. No words, only tears come out from Hyeon Jeong as she is also speechless on what to do to make things better for her best friend.

Back at Mi-Dong’s house, the ghosts decide to stay with her afraid of the exorcist. Hye Jin is not with them and is told that she’s probably hiding since she’s the 1st one supposedly who’ll go up. She was bullied at work and couldn’t stand the agony so she committed suicide. Kang Bin says that she could have just quit her job but she didn’t think that that was an option then. The moment she killed herself was the same time she regretted what she just did.

Devising a plan to have Seo Woo spend the day with Yu-ri and her family, Gang-hwa pretends needing to do something and drops off our little girl at the Cha household. Seeing the family fawn all over Seo Woo was just what they needed after a long time of restraining themselves from seeing her. Gang-hwa told Min Jeong that he and Keun Sang would take the kids out for the day but when she meets Hyeon Jeong on the street, Ha Jun is with her. Hyeon Jeong wasn’t informed of the boys’ plan and this makes Min Jeong a bit suspicious.

On the way home for the day, Gang-hwa and Seo Woo stop and wait to cross the street. Guk-bong calls for the child but Gang-hwa catches her in time before he could take her away. Suddenly, the scene shifts to Gang-hwa running again. The exorcist proclaims Yu-ri’s existence as a ghost for the last 5 years and that she’s been with them all this time. He goes to see Yu-ri and he stops in front of her trying to catch his breath. Unable to look at her, he utters how she could have endured it all. With his head down, a mixture of guilt and pain surrounds him as he recalls all those times that Yu-ri must have witnessed him moving on with Min Jeong — stealing glances at her, laughing with her, getting married, and of course forming a new family with Seo Woo. Aww man, when can anyone catch a break here?😭


I realize that I’ve been focusing on Yu-ri’s married life family and not her primary family’s feelings on her 2nd chance at life. I don’t know how they’ll take the news of her 49 day rule but I’m pretty sure if she’s not upfront with them about it, this 2nd loss will be more devastating for them. I think the best gift Yu-ri can present with them (If she doesn’t become fully human) is the truth so that they’ll be prepared and come to terms with her possibly leaving them again.

Episode 12 is Gang-hwa’s breaking point — to feel ashamed and remorseful because you were able to move on from your wife’s death but knowing that she witnessed it all… man, that can seriously mess up a person. This is a non-issue to Yu-ri already and she needs to tell him that so he knows that he didn’t do anything wrong. I don’t know if Guk-bong also revealed her 49 days status but I’m guessing not yet. This has to stir up some kind of feelings for him but don’ worry, I’m at the acceptance stage already🥺 I’m sure he’ll always love Yu-ri in his heart… but I honestly believe that he’ll choose to stay with Min Jeong until the very end.

Now that we know an exorcist wants to take Seo Woo under their wing, it’s going to be one hell of a fight for our mama to keep her daughter safe. I have 2 scenarios in mind: One is that Yu-ri choosing to go up despite getting a second chance at life will be enough for the deity to spare Seo Woo in seeing ghosts. That was her judgment and she will pass the test. The other is more unlikely and the opposite of my 1st theory above. Since Yu-ri is seflessly sacrificing her chance to stay on Earth, the deity actually makes her into a full-fledged human being and ends up protecting Seo Woo herself. For her love life, I think a cameo by her real life husband, Rain, should happen and the possibility of them getting together is teased😍 A girl can dream right? Haha!

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