Unnie Recommends: Hospital Playlist

Looking for a new show to tune into? If you’ve run out of kdramas to watch, I suggest trying out Hospital Playlist and taking a breather from all the pandemic nightmare going around the world😜 Ironic since the setting is in a hospital but at least in this case, no virus has infected their four walls🙊

Hospital Playlist kdrama centers around a group of 5 doctors who have been friends since medical school despite being in different classes. They all work in the same hospital, Yulje Medical Center, and they set aside a time where they can bond and play songs as a band. This show is a once a week treat with new episodes released every Thursday in Netflix. As of this writing, 5 episodes have been released already.

Meet the gang!

It’s a feel good show that explores the lives of these doctors in and out (but mostly in) of the hospital. They are all very competent in their jobs and everyone has a great personality that it makes the characters a bit unrealistic somehow, but I do appreciate the good energy and aura each of them portray throughout the episodes.

(From top left clockwise):

  1. Ahn Jeong Won (Pediatric Surgeon) – Passionate, thoughtful, wants to become a priest
  2. Chae Song Hwa (Neurosurgeon) – Smart, beautiful, loves camping
  3. Kim Jun Wan (Cardiothoracic Surgeon) – Grouchy but understanding, eats very quickly
  4. Yang Seok Hyeong (Obgynecologist) – Keeps to himself, loves his mom, doesn’t express his feelings too much
  5. Lee Ik Jun (General Surgeon) – Goofball, loving father, considerate

Unlike other medical korean dramas, the show doesn’t have an overarching villain trying to use the hospital for their own gain nor are there dark scandals or a traumatic past that the protagonist tries to overcome. It serenades viewers with how the friends deal with day-to-day cases that arise from their respective fields, trying to have a work-life balance, and squeezing in a little bit of romance in between their hectic schedules. There are plenty of other characters in the show so expect a few supporting ones that’ll make an impact in our gang’s lives as well😊

While they do tend to life and death situations and encounter personal problems, watching Hospital Playlist is by no means dramatic. It’s a slice-of-life kdrama that you can jam out to and feel that everything will turn out for the best no matter what happens🎵

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