Unnie Recommends: The King: Eternal Monarch

What if Korea still had a King or Crown Prince ruling its government today? Better yet, what if that world actually exists but it’s located in a parallel universe? The King: Eternal Monarch reimagines modern history with its own web of fantasy and romance, spinning the hearts of many as Lee Min Ho (We all know him😍) makes his acting comeback in this kdrama.

The hype for this show is justified as the same writer for other successful korean dramas (The Heirs, Descendants of the Sun, and Goblin), Kim Eun Sook, penned this tale. I’ve watched all 3 shows and I can say for certain that this kdrama will be different from the rest. Any story with parallel worlds/multiverse can be confusing so it’s important that you listen to the conversations and observe the surroundings to understand the plot.

Current Impression

There are 2 worlds that subsists in this universe: Republic of Korea (ROK) and Kingdom of Corea (KOC). Lee Min Ho stars as Lee Gon, the son of the late King of KOC, who was murdered by his stepbrother (Lee Lim) in the quest to acquire a flute with mysterious powers. As a kid, Lee Gon witnessed his father’s death in the hands of his uncle Lee Lim and they were both able to absorb the flute’s power due to pieces of the item piercing their skin. Lee Lim escapes the world of KOC and finds salvation in the country that we know today as the Republic of Korea. Lee Gon was saved by a mysterious figure and managed to get an item belonging to the person, an ID card, but he faints from his wounds and doesn’t meet his savior.

After 25 years, a grown-up Lee Gon is a beloved King in KOC. Like his uncle, he ends up entering the same portal in a bamboo forest and finds himself in the parallel world. He meets the kdrama’s female lead, Lieutenant Jeong Tae Eul, a hardworking detective working for the Violent Crimes Unit. It is revealed that the person who saved Lee Gon as a child was her as the ID shows her picture along with her name. This is one of the focal mysteries of the kdrama as it seems like it was another version of Tae Eul that saved him because the ID he got shows that she was an adult already at that time. Tae Eul in this world is also roughly the same age (30 years old) so either time travel was involved or another secret holds the key to what happened.

To be honest, I’m not too convinced of their chemistry yet because, at least for the first 2 episodes, it seems like their forcing Lee Gon to already be smitten with Tae Eul. He doesn’t know a thing about her and he just travelled to another world, yet he’s pretty calm about his situation. Gazing at someone intently even with a handsome face such as his does not equate to getting weak in the knees automatically🙈 I like that Tae Eul is immune to his obvious charm because he is a stranger so he has to try harder to get on her good side. Maybe it’s a comedic approach or his character in general, hoping that their chemistry gets better in the future episodes!

The King: Eternal Monarch is off to a good start with its interesting story and unanswered puzzles that’ll definitely leave viewers wanting more. Aside from the romance, look forward to the the twists & turns between the royal family, the rules governing the parallel worlds, and the ensuing decisions the King will have to make to protect his loved ones👑

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