Unnie Recommends: Oh My Baby

It isn’t easy being a woman. Whether as a career-driven individual, a doting housewife, or a supermom, any path is filled with different but equally challenging life hurdles💃🏻 Oh My Baby focuses on a 39 year old woman, Jang Ha Ri, who is a successful manager in her workplace but is not so lucky when it comes to her love life. With age not on her side, she is pressured more than ever to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a mother.

I didn’t think the show would tug at my emotional heartstrings but it has tearjerker moments that can hit you hard, especially when you can relate or even just empathize with Ha Ri’s situation. Oh My Baby still provides lots of laughter and good times between our main cast so expect the unexpected!🤗

Current Impression

Ha Ri works at a media company, specifically for the baby magazine department, but it must be hard for her to work on a topic that she loves but can’t necessarily have yet. She’s hardworking, spunky, and is open to the idea of finding a man even if it’s on her own initiative. I know I almost always say this, but I just like how romcoms portray their female leads to be likeable and you’ll end up rooting for them in just the 1st episode, hee.

Leading men from left: Han Yi Sang, Yoon Jae Young, Choi Kang Eu Ddeum

Ha Ri is teased to have 3 guys romantically linked to her (Potential baby daddies!) but whoever she ends up with, I hope they can depict well the guy’s feelings and response to Ha Ri’s needs of wanting a baby ASAP. Just because she wants a kid doesn’t mean her leading man will like it too, there are lots of ways to explore this topic so I hope both parties will come out happy in the end.

Yi Sang is a photographer who she has an awkward past with. They meet again a few years later, a little more mature, and have a cat and mouse relationship. They have the most chemistry and I’m excited to see their relationship progress into something special. Jae Young is Ha Ri’s friend who recently got divorced and is living in her family’s house with his daughter. At least until episode 2 they seem like just friends but who knows what we’ll uncover in the succeeding episodes! Eu Ddeum is her junior coworker and feels like to me the lowest probability that they’ll end up together but he is a jolly guy that I think could offer her a fresh outlook on life based on a younger generation’s perspective.

I feel bad for Ha Ri as someone who wants to have kids but can’t because she’s single and is nearing an age where getting pregnant is difficult. This is a sensitive topic for women but it’s refreshing to see a kdrama tackle this growing phenomena of women either still single, marrying, or getting pregnant in their late 30’s. I’m all for independent women being happy on their own but I don’t think it’s bad to wish for love in one’s life right?💞 If anything, I hope Oh My Baby serves as a testament that things will work out for the better no matter where you are in life✨

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