Unnie Recommends: Mystic Pop-up Bar

If dreams are thoughts and images that exist only in our sleep, can events in one still influence us to change in real life? Can ideas actually manifest and be brought to reality?💡 Mystic Pop-up Bar kdrama narrates the story of Weol Ju, a woman who has the special abilities to enter one’s dreams and solve a person’s problems while in slumber.

What promises to be a fun and adventure-filled kdrama is just what we need to brighten our days with laughter and good anticipation in these uncertain times. We all need a little magic in our lives right now yes?✨

Current Impression

Weol Ju was was born with her gift but due to an unfortunate incident, she ends up committing suicide and swearing revenge in those who have wronged her. Instead of burning in the fiery depths of hell, she is tasked with helping 100,000 people with their problems thru the dream world. In present times, she runs a pop-up bar (pojangmacha) with the help of another being, Manager Gwi, hoping that her customers spill their woes with her so she could help them, and in turn achieve her goal.

Business isn’t doing so well and as Weol Ju points out, people aren’t so easy in sharing their troubles like before. She meets a young man, Han Kang Bae, who also possesses a mysterious ability that when physically touched, they instinctively confess their problems to him. She enlists his help to accomplish her goal faster and he asks that she aids him in getting rid of his power. Kang Bae has had a tough life being an outcast because of his ability and doesn’t seem to have a family (At least until episode 2 because he lives alone).

The female lead character reminds me of Jang Man Weol in Hotel del Luna because they both have a short and bad temper (haha), they are being punished because of their past actions and have to atone for their mistakes, and are reluctantly helping out people (or ghosts for Man Weol) for the better. I like the premise that Weol Ju helps out people in their dreams and people take action in reality — it’s these moments coming from a random source that we need sometimes to snap ourselves back to reality⚡️

It’s been awhile since I’ve watched a kdrama without romance involved and I appreciate that Mystic Pop-up Bar korean drama seems to focus on self-love and a familial/friendship-based relationship instead. Ultimately, I hope that Weol Ju and Kang Bae get to solve their issues and inner conflicts along the way. Dreams are great and all, but an equally enchanting power is to heal from the help of your loved ones.

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