Unnie Recommends: Dinner Mate’s 3-course must-watch meal

Have you ever felt that it’s sometimes easier to talk to strangers about our problems? When you think about it though, aren’t all connections start from meeting a new person, a stranger, then you become friends or something more in the process? Dinner Mate kdrama relishes on this premise and serves a delicious treat of 2 random people who connect with each other through eating and sharing their personal stories with each other.

I know I’m really late in recommending this but it took awhile for me to start this korean drama. It’s already halfway in its run as of this week and I just bingewatched all the episodes in 2 days, haha. Without further ado, how about we join our titular characters for a meal as well?🍽

Appetizer – Side salad of coincidences and a creamed romcom soup

Accidentally meeting in Jeju Island, an online content producer named Woo Do Hee (Played by Seo Ji Hye) and a famous psychiatrist Kim Hae Kyung (Played by Song Seung Heon), end up having a meal together. Do Hee had just dumped her boyfriend who was cheating on her while Hae Kyung was there to meet with a patient.

Like any classic romcom formula, our unlikely duo end up meeting each other in random circumstances back in Seoul. Oblivious of each other’s personal identities, Do Hee and Hae Kyung decide to become meal buddies only by meeting up and having a meal together once in awhile. They can talk about their interests or problems if they wanted to share it with each other, but both are not privy to the other’s basic information such as their name, occupation, etc.

Main Course – Filet mignon served with heartwarming garlic mashed potato and roasted plot twists veggies

Eating a meal is integral to Do Hee and Hae Kyung as the former enjoys her own way of eating food while the latter views having a meal with someone else as a gesture that he/she is important to you. As they try to navigate their relationship being careful to not cross any boundaries (which of course they will), things get more complicated as their first loves want to get back together with them respectively.

I love both Do Hee and Hae Kyung’s characters, especially Do Hee, who is relatable in many ways. I like that she can be sloppy and frazzled at times but is confident on what she wants such as her eating habits and passion for work. I appreciate that Hae Kyung is considerate but not overbearing in his gentleman ways. Both their characters are cool and strong-willed; they balance each other’s quirks well that it’s so satisfying watching them get closer to each other❤️

Dessert – Slice-of-life Chocolate cake with mixed bittersweet fruits

Along with the romantic sparks that shine between Do Hee and Hae Kyung, bits and pieces of life lessons further enhance the show’s charm. How they will grow from being meal buddies to something more was such a slow burn, the pacing was not too fast as they organically got to know each other only by eating together. Dinner Mate serves up a tale of healing and fills our palates with hope that things will work out for us in the most unexpected of ways✨

Bonus Freebie – For all CLOY (Crash Landing on You kdrama) fans🥰

We’re treated to an imaginary epilogue for Seo Ji Hye’s character in Crash Landing on You, Seo Dan, as Do Hee tries a past regression hypnotism video at work. She dreams of being in a field and takes on a North Korean accent as she waits for a man in uniform, who happens to be Hae Kyung, walking towards her. This was such a nice nugget for fans of the show (Like me) who grew to love the feisty Seo Dan as her would-be lover passed away, but she was content in not having a partner in the end. Now can someone do a spin-off kdrama for Seo Dan and Hae Kyung’s military officer character next time?!😍

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