Unnie Recommends: Record of Youth

How are you kdrama world?😊 It’s been a few months since my last post here and I have been itching to write a new entry ever since. There’s always that gap in between anticipated shows and dramas that I don’t find interesting enough to watch, I find myself having that timeframe of weeks (or months in this case) not indulging on anything new.

What better way to end the hiatus with a new kdrama recommendation? Adult career crises, shifting life perspectives, and possible sparks of romance, Record of Youth kdrama illustrates the rocky but memorable road trip one must take to achieve their destination of dreams🌈

Current Impression

You know I’m a sucker for slice of life kdramas and Record of Youth hits all the right spots for me. Park Bo Gum (Love in the Moonlight, Boyfriend) takes centerstage as he tackles the role of Sa Hye Jun, a successful model turned struggling actor who is trying to find success in a different field of the entertainment industry. Hye Jun is a noble guy who strives to get roles thru his own hard work, kind-hearted, and independent. He is at odds with his father and older brother who find his choice in a career impractical and just want him to get a real job. He instead shares a special bond with his grandfather who shares his good looks and outlook in life, but couldn’t provide for his family back in the day too.

A self-declared fangirl of Hye Jun, Park So Dam (Parasite) stars as An Jeong Ha, an aspiring make-up artist also pursuing her dreams after quitting her office job. She meets Hye Jun at a fashion show and they become unlikely friends afterwards. For someone who just met her idol, you’d think she’d be more awkward around him, but her unexpectedly cool and confident charisma towards him is refreshing. Her backstory has yet to be revealed in detail but we know that she lives alone without her family in a house she made a long-term loan for.

Rounding up the main cast is Hye Jun’s best friend, Won Hae Hyo, a co-model but more successful actor whose own family supports him to the moon and back with his career. Hye Jun comes from an average family while Hae Hyo is richer and although it’s just been 2 episodes, their friendship has that delicate balance because Hye Jun doesn’t like comparing himself to Hae Hyo while the latter tries to help out the former with work gigs thru his connections. Like all other kdramas that preceded this, I’m sure a love triangle will brew between our trio of leads but I hope it only lasts for awhile. I like that the first 2 episodes emphasized Hye Jun and Jeong Ha’s personal struggles so it’s not all about the romance for this show!

Park Bo Gum is such an exceptional actor as his facial expressions convey his words with so much depth. You can feel his heavy frustrations for his dad but at the same time be compassionate towards his grandpa; he also tries hard to be a good person despite lots of temptations for him to stoop to a lower level. I’m excited to see his destined ascension in becoming a must-cast actor and how this will affect his relationships with his family and his friendship with Hae Hyo.

Our lives at a certain point in time, whether in our 20’s, 30’s or 40’s, will always have that sweet and bitter blend of experiences. With the help of technology and social media, imprinting our memories with pictures, videos, or notes is a great way to look back and reminisce on these formative years of learning and growing. Have you made your own Record of Youth yet?📝

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