Unnie Recommends: The School Nurse Files

I think this is the first time I’m quite unsure on how to describe a korean drama!😅 Produced by Netflix, The School Nurse Files kdrama follows the misadventures of a woman fighting off jelly monsters that have inhabited the school that she’s working at using plastic toys. Yes, jelly monsters and toys.

If you prefer an easygoing watch, I suggest steering clear of this one. But if you like a more unique show and don’t mind having to connect the dots on what’s happening, dive right into this kdrama!😊

Current Impression

The School Nurse Files main protagonist is Ahn Eun Young, the school nurse who possesses an extraordinary ability to see “jellies” — monsters made out of a jelly-like substance containing traces of human desires excreted by living beings. Despite this being a one-woman job, she seems more than capable of fighting them off and tries her best to help the students as well. An incident will kickstart her journey to discovering that the world she knew is not just privy to her as the school a breeding ground for more mayhem!

Nurse Ahn meets another teacher, Hong In Pyo, a Chinese characters teacher who she sees with a forcefield protecting him from the jellies. The incident I mentioned above is accidentally caused by him where Nurse Ahn ends up fighting a huuuge jelly monster threatening to eat the students alive! With the help of Mr. Hong’s aura and her plastic toy gun, she unleashes a powerful shot causing the monster to explode into myriads of jelly hearts. You see what I mean why I’m not sure how to properly describe this show🤣 They team up to stop any further incidents from happening to the students and form an unlikely bond with each other.

The humor is sometimes dry yet there’s a silly appeal to how the plot develops that keeps me interested enough to want to know what happens next. I like the concept of “jellies” being our desires and that the toxic ones are what Nurse Ahn fights to eliminate. Storytelling is not this show’s strongest suit as new characters and mini arcs are introduced without warning. Mr. Hong and some students don’t even doubt Nurse Ahn when he finds out about the jellies and just helps her, no questions asked. You have to pay attention to the dialogues and scenes to figure out the details (Maybe that’s why this show has only 6 episodes, haha!).

The School Nurse Files kdrama is quirky and fun as the whole plot is just meant to baffle your mind and you’re just going to have to accept that. Given everything that’s been going on in 2020, this show is a welcome treat in my world😜

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