Unnie Recommends: Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

Everyone finds comfort in different things. Whether it’d be eating good food, reading books, or listening to music, we all have an affinity to a certain thing or activity that soothes our soul. Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol will be your comfort kdrama as the show belts out a charming story of fresh starts, making new connections, and finding one’s self in the midst of adversity🌸

I’m personally not a big fan of Go Ara because of all the kdramas that I watch her starred in (Hwarang, Black, Miss Hammurabi), I always found her character annoying, haha! Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol korean drama could be the one show to break that record as I actually like her character here😏

Current Impression

Portraying a rich but innocent pianist, she stars as Gu Ra Ra, a cheerful woman who is about to have her picture perfect life go out of tune. To say that she’s naive is an understatement though as she has no real experience of what it’s like to work for a living and be faced with financial problems that plagued her dad. In the first 2 episodes alone, she loses her dad, is abandoned by her soon-to-be husband, and is conned into an apartment scheme and lost all her money. Despite this, she’s still beaming with smiles and looks at the brighter side of things. She’s not in denial, but it was just how she was raised in a loving and carefree environment that she beams a good-willed aura.

Ra Ra embarks on a trip to the City of Eunpo as she is intrigued by a social media handle named Dodosolsollasol geotagged in that area. She gets into an accident and is rescued by Sunwoo Jun, a man that she had a brief encounter with previously at her supposed wedding day. I’ve always been a fan of Lee Jae Wook ever since he starred as Baek Kyung in Extraordinary You. I developed a second lead syndrome for him in that kdrama as the hotheaded but secretly caring guy harboring feelings for his predestined leading lady. Jun is an aloof guy and tends to himself, but he was smitten in meeting Ra Ra the 1st time that seeing her in danger now compelled him more than ever to help her. He has his own secret past which he managed to escape when he moved to Eunpo too. Despite acting like it’s a nuisance for him being at her beck and call at the hospital, Jun enjoys spending time and taking care of her. Having no one to turn to, Ra Ra leans on him for support as well.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the show (Being a lighthearted & comforting watch) is also what I criticize about it as well. I know that kdramas are fictional stories (Though if you’ve lived out a hero/heroine’s journey, good for you!) and though it’s nice to imagine ourselves in their shoes, it’s still the most part not an accurate reflection of reality. Ra Ra’s downhill momentum is balanced out with Jun’s kindness and attraction, not to mention a growing interest from another potential leading man in Dr. Cha (Her attending doctor at the hospital). It’s a romanticized version of the riches to rags tale where the damsel in distress is lent a helping hand by kindhearted prince charmings. Nevertheless, I am still eager to watch the story unfold until the end. Good people attract good energy, let’s go with that!😜

Enjoy the easygoing feels and colorful melodies of friendship and love that Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol kdrama has to offer. It’s available in Netflix so it’s an accessible show for you. Oh, and if you’re curious on why the title of the show is such, all you have do is watch and find out!🎼

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