Unnie Recommends: 3 Reasons to avidly watch Start-Up kdrama

It’s official: the kdrama drought has ended!😊 I’ve been recommending new shows for awhile now and it’s been great having to look forward to a new story and an ensemble of fresh characters every week. Here’s another one to liven up our quarantine lives as individuals compete for success and love as they follow their dreams in the ever-developing industry of technology and digital innovation in Start-up kdrama.

1. Suzy Bae and Nam Joo Hyuk are helming the show as Seo Dal Mi and Nam Do San — two up and coming adults surfing the ups and downs of being in their 20s.

The 2 superstars I mentioned above should be enough reason for you to watch the show, haha! Kidding aside, Start-up kdrama narrates the story of Seo Dal Mi (Suzy Bae), a hardworking woman who strives for a better life and is out to prove to her estranged sister, Won In Jae, that she is doing well despite not being well-endowed like the latter. They grew up separately when their parents divorced with Dal Mi choosing to stay with their dad and In Jae choosing their mom who got remarried to a rich man, hence the richer and more comfortable life.

Being a math genius when he was a kid, Nam Do San (Nam Joo Hyuk) hasn’t lead the most successful life as he is now a struggling developer eager for venture capitalists to invest in his start-up company. He’s determined to make his work the best it can be but needs more help and opportunities to further his cause. Thru an innocent ploy when she was younger, Dal Mi had a childhood pen pal who she believes is Do San and hopes to reconnect with him now. She’s still hung up over him after all this time and even tells In Jae that they’ll meet with her on a networking party.

2. Competition, romance, and one’s fair share of hardships programmed to make you relate, hate, and adore our character’s respective journeys.

I thought that Suzy Bae’s character would simply be an aspiring individual trying to make a name for herself in the digital landscape and that she’ll meet the other characters thru work. I didn’t expect that this korean drama would be riddled with a tear-jerking backstory and I’m pleasantly excited that each of the 4 main characters are somehow connected with each other. The tension between the 2 sisters is palpable and only time will tell who between Dal Mi or In Jae is truly happy with how their lives have turned out.

Rounding up the main cast is the actual pen pal of Dal Mi, a rough around the edges but also clever guy named Han Ji Pyeong, an orphan who her grandmother briefly took care of when they were just kids. He has made it big as a senior manager at a VC company now and reluctantly orchestrates a meeting between Dal Mi and Do San. Each character is fighting for their own form of achievements and is motivated by different reasons that when we put ourselves in their shoes, will make sense. No matter who you root for (As a favorite character or Dal Mi’s love interest, hihi), I’m certain we’ll learn a thing or two from everyone.

3. It’s a tale of perseverance and pursuing your passions no matter how many people or obstacles dissuade you from doing so. Get inspired and develop your distinct and bright future as well!

Having premiered this week, the first 2 episodes (Kdrama is available in Netflix) did a good job in retelling the past, establishing the current timeline, and setting up the lovely prospects that await our cast. I’m certain we’ve all experienced some form of setback whether it was about work, relationships, or our goals — let Start-up kdrama serve as an inspiration for us to not give up and believe that better things will come our way no matter what.

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