Unnie Recommends: The Uncanny Counter

If you love watching awesome fight scenes and unraveling an interesting mystery, The Uncanny Counter kdrama is for you!🤜🏻 Watch the misadventures of a group of distinct individuals as they go up against supernatural spirits that threaten to disrupt the balance of humanity. But like any superhero before them, with great power, comes great responsibility — will their abilities prove to be too much for them to handle or will it push them further to become better people?

Current Impression

An unfortunate accident takes place in the first few minutes of the opening scene as we see a little boy lose his parents in a car crash. Having his leg crushed in the accident, the now teenage boy, So Mun, walks using a cane and lives with his grandparents. He and his friends visit a very popular noodle shop run by a seemingly mismatched group of people: A kindhearted middle-aged lady (Chu Mae Ok), a tough looking man (Ga Mo Tak), and an aloof young woman (Do Ha Na). The show wastes no time in delving into the plot as the 3 run out to capture an evil spirit and show off their powers.

Known as a “Counter”, the noodle shop employees are gifted with supernatural abilities who take down evil spirits that possess human beings. Aside from being stronger than the average person, each one of them possesses a special ability unique only to themselves. Ms. Chu can heal people and Ha Na can sense an evil spirit’s presence from miles away. Although Mun is initially reluctant to join them for fear of hurting his loved ones, he is enticed by a Counter’s purpose and gains the strength to fight off bullies at his school. As Ms. Chu heals his leg to normal, he eventually joins forces with the trio.

Of course, every show with magical powers have rules and limitations for the protagonists. To become a Counter, a person must be in a coma for a good spirit (Wigen) to contact them. So Mun doesn’t fit that criteria as he is a living, breathing human when Wigen came into contact with his body. Evil spirits are categorized by levels where the higher the number (Ex. Lvl. 2 vs Lvl. 1), the more wicked and powerful they are. I’m excited to know why So Mun is a special case and getting to know more of the other Counters’ backstories.

It’s not all fists and fights as a little bit of comedy, potential romance (So Mun and Ha Na), and undiscovered secrets regarding the spirit world will leave you wanting more of The Uncanny Counter korean drama! Life sometimes throws us a curveball and mysterious events just happen. We must find a way to rise above these uncertainties and adapt with the uncanny of it all😁

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