About Unnie

Unnie to the Rescue is a personal blog dedicated to recommending the best of the latest korean dramas being shown today. Since 2015, I’ve been watching kdramas avidly and have enjoyed the interesting plots shown through each and every setting, character, and story. I’ve realized as well the valuable life lessons I’ve learned from each show and wanted to share my thoughts about it. Of course applying these learnings is another thing altogether (hee) but, I’m doing my best to take to heart everything I’ve learned and share to anyone the wisdom and realizations imparted by each story.

Not all kdramas are created equal. I’m here to rescue you from having to watch those mundane & messy shows and save you the best & most fruitful korean dramas.

I’m a 30 year old unnie living in the Philippines🇵🇭


Email: stephaniefae@yahoo.com

Instagram: panyingg_