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Unnie Recommends: Oh My Baby

It isn’t easy being a woman. Whether as a career-driven individual, a doting housewife, or a supermom, any path is filled with different but equally challenging life hurdles💃🏻 Oh My Baby focuses on a 39 year old woman, Jang Ha Ri, who is a successful manager in her workplace but is not so lucky when it comes to her love life. With age not on her side, she is pressured more than ever to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a mother.

I didn’t think the show would tug at my emotional heartstrings but it has tearjerker moments that can hit you hard, especially when you can relate or even just empathize with Ha Ri’s situation. Oh My Baby still provides lots of laughter and good times between our main cast so expect the unexpected!🤗

Current Impression

Ha Ri works at a media company, specifically for the baby magazine department, but it must be hard for her to work on a topic that she loves but can’t necessarily have yet. She’s hardworking, spunky, and is open to the idea of finding a man even if it’s on her own initiative. I know I almost always say this, but I just like how romcoms portray their female leads to be likeable and you’ll end up rooting for them in just the 1st episode, hee.

Leading men from left: Han Yi Sang, Yoon Jae Young, Choi Kang Eu Ddeum

Ha Ri is teased to have 3 guys romantically linked to her (Potential baby daddies!) but whoever she ends up with, I hope they can depict well the guy’s feelings and response to Ha Ri’s needs of wanting a baby ASAP. Just because she wants a kid doesn’t mean her leading man will like it too, there are lots of ways to explore this topic so I hope both parties will come out happy in the end.

Yi Sang is a photographer who she has an awkward past with. They meet again a few years later, a little more mature, and have a cat and mouse relationship. They have the most chemistry and I’m excited to see their relationship progress into something special. Jae Young is Ha Ri’s friend who recently got divorced and is living in her family’s house with his daughter. At least until episode 2 they seem like just friends but who knows what we’ll uncover in the succeeding episodes! Eu Ddeum is her junior coworker and feels like to me the lowest probability that they’ll end up together but he is a jolly guy that I think could offer her a fresh outlook on life based on a younger generation’s perspective.

I feel bad for Ha Ri as someone who wants to have kids but can’t because she’s single and is nearing an age where getting pregnant is difficult. This is a sensitive topic for women but it’s refreshing to see a kdrama tackle this growing phenomena of women either still single, marrying, or getting pregnant in their late 30’s. I’m all for independent women being happy on their own but I don’t think it’s bad to wish for love in one’s life right?💞 If anything, I hope Oh My Baby serves as a testament that things will work out for the better no matter where you are in life✨

Unnie Life Lessons: Mama Knows Best by Hi, Bye, Mama!

Is there a limit to what you can do for the ones you love? Putting them first, sacrificing your own needs and wants, letting them go to have the life they want to live? Cha Yu-ri, the main protagonist of Hi, Bye, Mama!, shows us that love is truly unconditional — not just as a parent, but also as a daughter, sibling, friend, and even as a ghostly spirit.

With the ongoing covid 19 pandemic paralyzing our daily lifestyle, it’s become common for us to slow down and have more time to reflect on what we’ve done so far in our x years of existence. Life is short, oh we know, but to someone like Yu-ri who died abruptly and was given a chance to start anew — she realized so much more than the living can adhere to.

Start watching or check out my Hi, Bye, Mama! recaps to get to know more about this kdrama!💃🏻

Mama’s Tips

1. Eating good food, going out or being able to hug your loved ones are actions that we can take for granted because we can do it anytime, easily. Learn to appreciate these simple acts of living and be thankful for every chance that you can do these.

  • No one in the world can predict their own death. Although we are told by quotes, reminded by a friend or older relative, and so on that we shouldn’t take things for granted, we can’t help but give little meaning to eating out, working, or being able to talk with friends because it’s easy. Let’s take a conscious effort to slow down and reflect on these beautiful acts of love and care.
  • I’ve read advice expressing that the everyday, mundane parts of life are all you need to live a good life. Let’s not wait until the certainty of these experiences become fractured — relish these moments now.

2. Even if it’s not in your presence anymore, letting your loved ones go and allowing them to find their own source of strength and hope is the best kind of love you can give.

  • Gang-hwa remarrying was never an issue for Yu-ri, either when she was a ghost or when she reincarnated, because she knew that she couldn’t console him any longer when she died. Seeing him get better and move on with Min Jeong was something that she will always be grateful for. Even if it meant the love of her life found somebody new, as long as he wasn’t in pain, she accepted it well.
  • It’s natural to think of ourselves first whenever we make decisions. But at the end of the day, it’s still easier for us to give way to someone we love because seeing them happy trumps the knowledge of them being miserable. Even to her own daughter (Seo Woo), Yu-ri never coveted the position of being her mom because she was thankful that Min Jeong took care of Seo Woo. Yu-ri was content in being able to spend time with her and know that Seo Woo liked her company as well.

3. Time can heal wounds. How long or how short can’t be determined but as long as you try, beautiful memories will replace the painful ones. Moving on with your life is something that you should strive to do when you need to.

  • Losing Yu-ri was a tragedy but five years gone, the people closest to Yu-ri were moving on with their lives without her. Although her mom did pray to see her once more, she still carried on with her everyday life without her eldest daughter. The unending pain that you feel will slowly dissipate with time, don’t give up. As long as you exert an effort to process the wounds, even as small as eating a meal or as big as trying to work or date again, better days will bless your presence.
  • As pointed out by Yu-ri, she didn’t want her loved ones to feel guilty in moving forward with their lives. We may forget about deceased family members, good friends we lost touch with through the years, or fun experiences, but we’ll never truly lose such memories because the impact they made in our lives are too significant.

Hi, Bye, Mama! kdrama was an emotional rollercoaster for me and though it had its depressing moments, the overall mood of the show aims to uplift our spirits with hope and healing. This post is long overdue, but it’s been a struggle for me to write about something positive when I myself have been feeling the ups and downs of being in quarantine.

There is no perfect formula on how to cope and move on but we can always try. Let’s be gentle with ourselves and never forget that:

Life is unpredictable. Live yours to the fullest — make sacrifices, learn from mistakes, cry, laugh to your heart’s content! It’s a wild but fulfilling journey, don’t worry, you’ll get through it😊

Unnie Recommends: The King: Eternal Monarch

What if Korea still had a King or Crown Prince ruling its government today? Better yet, what if that world actually exists but it’s located in a parallel universe? The King: Eternal Monarch reimagines modern history with its own web of fantasy and romance, spinning the hearts of many as Lee Min Ho (We all know him😍) makes his acting comeback in this kdrama.

The hype for this show is justified as the same writer for other successful korean dramas (The Heirs, Descendants of the Sun, and Goblin), Kim Eun Sook, penned this tale. I’ve watched all 3 shows and I can say for certain that this kdrama will be different from the rest. Any story with parallel worlds/multiverse can be confusing so it’s important that you listen to the conversations and observe the surroundings to understand the plot.

Current Impression

There are 2 worlds that subsists in this universe: Republic of Korea (ROK) and Kingdom of Corea (KOC). Lee Min Ho stars as Lee Gon, the son of the late King of KOC, who was murdered by his stepbrother (Lee Lim) in the quest to acquire a flute with mysterious powers. As a kid, Lee Gon witnessed his father’s death in the hands of his uncle Lee Lim and they were both able to absorb the flute’s power due to pieces of the item piercing their skin. Lee Lim escapes the world of KOC and finds salvation in the country that we know today as the Republic of Korea. Lee Gon was saved by a mysterious figure and managed to get an item belonging to the person, an ID card, but he faints from his wounds and doesn’t meet his savior.

After 25 years, a grown-up Lee Gon is a beloved King in KOC. Like his uncle, he ends up entering the same portal in a bamboo forest and finds himself in the parallel world. He meets the kdrama’s female lead, Lieutenant Jeong Tae Eul, a hardworking detective working for the Violent Crimes Unit. It is revealed that the person who saved Lee Gon as a child was her as the ID shows her picture along with her name. This is one of the focal mysteries of the kdrama as it seems like it was another version of Tae Eul that saved him because the ID he got shows that she was an adult already at that time. Tae Eul in this world is also roughly the same age (30 years old) so either time travel was involved or another secret holds the key to what happened.

To be honest, I’m not too convinced of their chemistry yet because, at least for the first 2 episodes, it seems like their forcing Lee Gon to already be smitten with Tae Eul. He doesn’t know a thing about her and he just travelled to another world, yet he’s pretty calm about his situation. Gazing at someone intently even with a handsome face such as his does not equate to getting weak in the knees automatically🙈 I like that Tae Eul is immune to his obvious charm because he is a stranger so he has to try harder to get on her good side. Maybe it’s a comedic approach or his character in general, hoping that their chemistry gets better in the future episodes!

The King: Eternal Monarch is off to a good start with its interesting story and unanswered puzzles that’ll definitely leave viewers wanting more. Aside from the romance, look forward to the the twists & turns between the royal family, the rules governing the parallel worlds, and the ensuing decisions the King will have to make to protect his loved ones👑