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Unnie Recommends: Mr. Queen

Get ready to laugh your hearts out and root for a different kind of romance as Mr. Queen korean drama establishes a royally fun & new kind of must-watch weekly programming!🎎

Of course no Joseon kdrama will be complete without a power struggle between two sides and the King, despite supposedly being the most powerful man in the country, is merely a puppet to his royal advisors. It’s a classic plot that no matter how you spin it, these aspects are always going to be predictable in a period show. Mr. Queen kdrama manages to inject new life into the classics though by having a body switching magic enchant viewers as the soul of a 21st century male chef inhabit the Queen’s body. To be honest, I was skeptical at first on whether or not I’d like the show but it’s turning out to be such a delight to watch, hehe!

Current Impression

The show is already halfway in its run but I’ll try not to give away too much spoilers. A renowned male chef, Jang Bo Hwan, has been fired from his job and falsely accused of shipping illegal ingredients. He tries to buy himself some time from police who requests his presence at the precinct but ends up falling into a swimming pool from his hotel room balcony. When he wakes up, he bizarrely finds himself not just in a new body, but also in a completely different year (Hello Joseon era)! His soul has somehow possessed the body of the upcoming Queen to the throne, Kim So Yong, and he tries his best to survive the cutthroat world of deceit and corruption that plagues any period dynasty.

As he tells the King or his (her) husband, King Cheoljong, that everything is not what it seems, Chef Jang learns that history books also didn’t record the whole truth of who he was and gets caught in the midst of a palpable tension between two opposing sides of power: Kim vs. Jo family. Mr. Queen korean drama is quirky and fun with Chef Jang portraying Kim So Yong as the opposite of how a Queen ought to act — casual, rebellious, spewing out English words, and unladylike, haha! He uses his knowledge of this period to curry the favor of the Grand Queen Dowager by cooking for her while at the same time figuring out a way to go back to his own time and body. The King is actually seeking revenge for his family who the Kim’s killed in the past and at first despises the Queen but with Chef Jang possessing her body, Cheoljong finds himself drawn to her (or him, haha) and gives her the benefit of the doubt.

I don’t know how to feel about the Chef possessing Kim So Yong because it’s him acting in an unpredictable manner and unknowingly making the King like her, haha! It’s still not truly Kim So Yong who is making the decisions and acting differently, I would have preferred if both of their souls (Chef Jang & Queen So Yong) were struggling inside her body😅 That way, she’d still have an influence in the new & wacky attitude that she is showing to the King. It’s like the King is falling in love with Chef Jang so if her soul goes back to her body, I doubt she’ll act like how Chef has been acting. The only fix that I can think of is that the latter is the Queen’s incarnation in another life. It’s a stretch but I can accept that because their romance is quite funny and heartwarming to watch, hehe.

Aside from the scheming, plotting, and identity crisis (haha) occurring in the show, Mr. Queen korean drama is one of the more unique period shows I’ve watched in awhile. Shin Hye Sun is doing such a fantastic job as Kim So Yong who is a man trapped inside a woman’s body. I love how I don’t have any idea how the show can wrap things up because it’s such an unpredictable plot and I wouldn’t have it any other way!😁

Unnie Recommends: Run On

Sometimes in the midst of what’s going on in our lives, random encounters mean more than what they start out to be. We veer off course from what we know and find ourselves in a track that we never thought we’d set out to take, whatever the results may be, we might just realize that the new path we’re running on is exactly where we need to be🏃🏻

Run On kdrama is headlined by Shin Se Kyung starring as Oh Mi Joo, a smart and spunky translator who works converting English into Korean subtitles for movies. She also gets part-time gigs as an interpreter and happens to meet Ki Seon Gyeom, a national athlete for the running team. A one time coincidence turns into a possible string of fate as Mi Joo becomes Seon Gyeom’s interpreter for events and functions as he also works for an agency.

Current Impression

The show reminds me of an American movie for some reason with its cinematography and pleasing color aesthetics. The 1st episode’s opening scene is reminiscent of how a movie would introduce its main characters in parallel of each other, even the soundtracks used were great. I had such a good feeling with the premiere episodes because it refreshed my memory of why I love watching kdramas — to be immersed in another person’s life, root for their achievements, and learn a thing or two when I reflect their experiences with my own life.

I like how it’s the guy who is offbeat and quirky this time because I feel like women are mostly portrayed like that😅 Seon Gyeom seems oblivious to things happening around him and answers questions matter-of-factly that he comes off as a serious person but in reality, he’s just wired that way. I like Shin Se Kyung’s portrayal of Mi Joo here as a sassy woman who won’t stand for unfair treatment but when left with no choice, backs off and apologizes to get out of a sticky situation, haha! Mi Joo develops a crush on Seon Gyeom quickly despite his lack of conversational skills (haha) and a drunken kiss will surely stir more sparks or trouble between them.

Romantic comedies make you feel good watching them and without paying too much attention, it’s easy to understand the flow of the story. To me, Run On korean drama leans on its dialogues for you to appreciate its storytelling and characters; especially with Seon Gyeom’s manner of speaking, you have to listen to the their banters and quips with each other to appreciate them. There’s more to him than meets the eye though as he is a good listener and cares about making things right.

In my opinion, there’s nothing special about Run On kdrama’s story but rather, I think it’s your run-of-the-mill slice-of-life, romantic comedy. But every extraordinary moment in our lives, whether it’d be meeting friends, getting a job, finding the love of our lives — don’t these start out as ordinary occurrences as well?❤️

Unnie Recommends: True Beauty

We are all born with unique features and looks with a beauty like no other. It’s hard to be self-confident though when other people define it otherwise; but real beauty is skin deep, and this will always shine brighter than someone with just a pretty face.

True Beauty korean drama revolves around Im Ju Kyung, a high school student who is constantly bullied for being ugly. She turns to make-up to hide her blemishes and transform into a “different” person physically. She is given the chance to start anew when she transfers schools and everyone is in awe of how beautiful she is. On top of making sure that her dual identity stays a secret, she’ll be caught up with two male classmates who’ll either drive her crazy or make her heart flutter♥️

Current Impression

It’s safe to expect a straightforward story where Ju Kyung will try her best to maintain her pretty face but high school, infused with the twists and turns of a kdrama, will eventually wear her down and she’ll have to confront her insecurities sooner or later. The first 2 episodes were funny and entertaining but it also showed how lonely Ju Kyung is at first for being picked on because of her physical features. She’ll experience a different kind of attention though when she meets 2 potential love interests at her new school😏

Stopping Ju Kyung from supposedly jumping off a building, she meets Lee Soo Ho (Top left guy), an aloof and nonchalant guy who happens to know her real, no make-up look identity. He doesn’t care what she looks like and they’ve (sort of) hung out with each other already. He doesn’t recognize her being the same person as the new girl in school (yet) so Ju Kyung is confused if he’s just playing dumb or not. Her other suitor comes in the form of a bad boy named Han Seo Joon (Middle left guy), who she accidentally encounters in her pretty face persona. I feel like a second lead syndrome here because I already like Seo Joon’s character more than the leading man, haha! Even if he hasn’t said much yet or anything, I already like the charisma he is exuding😍 I really wanted his character in 18 Again kdrama to have gotten the girl but from a story standpoint, I understood why he didn’t. Both men know one of her opposing looks each so it’ll be interesting to see how they’ll react when they find out her secret.

The show is a romantic comedy at heart but it deals with serious issues such as bullying and possible mental health problems. I don’t want to be a killjoy fan here because it is a fictional show, but I’m pretty sure this plot also happens in reality too. Ju Kyung is portrayed as an innocent and nerdy teenager who went from being the bullied loner to gaining instant popularity and friends in a span of 1 episode. It’s not that convenient in real life to just start fresh and seemingly solve your problems with cosmetic products😅 Mental health is an essential aspect of our lives and I just hope that True Beauty kdrama can inspire us to take care of ours.

I hope Ju Kyung’s make-up look builds her confidence and helps her stand up not just for herself, but for other kids who are treated the same way as her. Her pretty face might have paved the way for her to gain friends and adoration, but it’s her personality & goodwill that will aid her to become truly loved. I’m rooting for Ju Kyung to realize that her face, without being dolled up, is enough for people to accept and love her✨