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WTU: What the Unnie?!

Borrowing from the Korean language, “Unnie” means sister or a term you can call to a close friend that is a girl. Watching Kdramas have familiarized me with a lot of Korean words and there are times when I can even guess the next words or expressions a character might say next.

It was 3 years ago when I started to watch Korean dramas again because my officemate was watching one at work. It was Ha Ji Won’s “The Time I did Not Love You” and it reminded me of how endearing and realistic the plot can be. Not going into too much detail, it was about 2 mid 30’s individuals who find themselves falling in love after being best friends for a long time. It’s not a new or extraordinary story but there’s just something about how each episode can invoke a thought, like, would I also do the same thing if that happened to me?, that makes me addicted to watching more.

It’s a fun kind of distraction, watching how other people go about their life in the dramas, and I, as a spectator, just observing and learning their endless mistakes or redemption. Like, hey, that’s what I’m going through! Or.. damn, working a corporate job is hard and I also just want to take a break!

I am no expert in analzying each teeny detail or can explain why certain turn of events happened the way it did but if I have opinions or musings about a lead character’s decision or rants about an actor/actress, I’m your unnie! A girl (well, woman, I am turning 30 in a few months) who is just trying to navigate this life as best as they can.