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Unnie Life Lessons: 4 Ways to Laugh and Live a Good, Mistake Filled Life from Welcome to Waikiki 2

Welcome to Waikiki 2 is fully booked and had a good run but it seems like the gang will be forever entangled with money problems, career struggles, and making mistakes. The show ended with everyone still trying to find success but the promise of them being all together for the ride is the heart of this show.

Honestly though the 1st season was perfect as the kdrama wrapped up each character’s story beautifully. Although there were open ended arcs and a few more details we could have been fed, there was no pressing curiosity that needed to be further explored. Welcome to Waikiki 2 wasn’t as good as the first one and I felt like they recycled some of the plot devices used previously as well. I felt that the last episode was rushed although kdramas naturally have a 16 episode run, this one felt premature.

Welcome to Waikiki 2 did a good job though like the first season in featuring the 6 characters lives individually and as a group. You get to know little by little who each person is and get to know their highs and woes equally. But if I have to be critical, the characters of Jung Eun and Soo Yeon weren’t really explored. I felt that the show focused Jung Eun liking Jun Ki only and although it showed that she was a good friend to him, her own character didn’t shine through. Soo Yeon had more emotions to show because of her father’s bankruptcy and romance with Woo Shik but she always had a doe eyed look and bland personality. But all in all, every chatacter got a chance to be seen and heard enough to support them in whatever emdeavor they embarked on.

It’s up to our imaginations to think of what kind of future life has in store for our beloved gang. For a brief overview of the show, please read my previous post to catch up.

Unnie Life Lessons

1. Pursuing something you love and having a hard time is worth the effort and hardships. At the end of the day, at least you know that you’re working towards a dream/goal that you truly are passionate about.

  • Jun Ki was telling Jung Eun that auditioning for minor roles and not knowing whether he’ll get the part is exhausting but he would rather keep trying than doing something else that he doesn’t love. Not everyone is lucky to do something they love for work or even just a hobby because of financial or physical hindrances. His character in this kdrama has always been sure of his love for acting, optimistic, and can endure humiliating and low key roles that it makes one root for him to succeed even more (Although he had already found success in the 1st season as he portrayed an important character in a kdrama but for story purposes, he’s still struggling in season 2).

  • Knowing what you want and actually taking action for it is admirable in itself as any endeavour takes sacrifice and money. There’s the added pressure of time too because as we grow older, it’s natural that we fear to take on more risks especially if our decisions can affect the lives of others. This may not be realistically probable for everyone but know that doing something you love, even if others may look down on you or disapprove, is okay ๐Ÿ™‚
  • You don’t need to have everything figured out because it takes time to sort out what you really want to do. If you’re someone who is pursuing something they really want to do but is having a tough time, don’t give up as your conviction for following your dreams will yield good results. For those who are working hard for a job that they don’t necessarily like (but have to) and have other interests, find the time to do it on your spare time. You never know what could happen if you allot even a few hours of your day doing something you love.

2. The famous quote in the movie Forrest Gump goes:

My mom always said life was like a box of chocolates. You’ll never know what you’re gonna get.

  • Ki Bong was let go in his baseball team because his shoulder injury had recurred again. He became obsessed with a box of chocolates that tasted so delicious to divert his attention elsewhere. Yu Ri told him that life isn’t comprised of good moments only but that there will be sad and bitter events too.
  • Each day is a surprise and we won’t know the wonderful things or struggles that will occur — if it happens, then it happens. I just felt bad for Ki Bong because he loved playing baseball ever since he was a kid so it is extremely difficult for him to go through this. Regardless though of how hard or manageable our life can get, we must pick ourselves up and not avoid the difficult times. A sweet chocolate will pop out soon enough.

3. Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you can forgive others or vice versa, have the courage to forgive yourself too and start over.

  • In the middle of this season, Jun Ki felt ashamed and guilty for accepting a role that his hoobae (Junior colleague) helped him get. He was berated by the fact that being righteous won’t get him far as an actor and using connections to get a role is no big deal. When Jun Ki saw the actual actor who auditioned & got the role before him beg the director for another chance, he decided to quit acting for good.
  • Jung Eun helped Jun Ki ask that same actor for forgiveness and in turn, he was able to cheer up and forgive himself too. We are often harder on ourselves than anyone else because we build certain expectations on ourselves or carry the blame of knowing we did something wrong to heart. Admitting our mistakes & accepting that fact to move forward should go hand in hand.

  • We are imperfect human beings. This is not an excuse to just give up and not try at all, it’s just that we can breathe a little easier knowing that when something we work hard for doesn’t work out, we don’t have to blame ourselves severely. We can get a fresh start, improve, and have a burden-free state of mind.

4. Life doesn’t always go the way we want it to, we will always make mistakes and have bad days. We can’t let the thought of failing stop us from living or taking chances to improve our lives.

  • Welcome to Waikiki 2 has no shortage when it comes to financial and career problems. Even in season 1, the balance in trying to run the guest house while pursuing their individual goals and getting into relationships showcased a realistic slice of life problem. But time and time again, the gang was able to continue with the flow of their lives and found reasons to smile despite their dilemmas.

  • We musn’t forget that we can seek comfort and advice from our family and friends when things get too tough for us to handle alone. Ki Bong helped Yu Ri open a food truck business, Soo Yeon got a chance to be a reporter with Jun Ki’s help, and Jung Eun was encouraged by Jun Ki to not quit acting altogether.

  • Living in this day and age will never be a smooth sailing journey but we can always bounce back from our hardships and move forward. We have to at least try and do something as to have no regrets.

As the guesthouse closes for a 2nd time around, I’m happy I got to watch this chapter filled with new tenants. If the Welcome to Waikiki series has proven anything, making mistakes is okay — learn from the experience and live to fight another day. In the immortal words of Jun Ki, “Kenchana, kenchana!” (It’s okay, it’s okay) ๐Ÿ˜Š

Unnie Life Lessons: Learnings from Romance is a Bonus Book

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” — this is the best way to describe Romance is a Bonus Book as a korean drama. I initially thought I wouldn’t like it and will just watch it because of Lee Jong Suk but as each episode progressed, it was impossible for me to stop watching this show. Honestly, I think it was because the first few episodes were brutal and it showed how miserable our main female lead, Kang Dan Yi, was trying to get her life back together. I’m glad that I stuck it out until the very end and watched my way to a happy yet believable ending.

I loved writing and reading books ever since I was a kid so this kdrama opened my eyes more to the world of publishing and criticism. It’s not easy creating content that other people will find interesting as you do or have your thoughts published for everyone to read, but seeing the process and effort that go into this industry is admirable. I loved seeing how the people at Gyeoroo Publishing (the publishing company where our characters work at) made the collective effort in marketing, editing, and designing a book — it solidifies my appreciation that I’d still buy and read a physical book rather than an e-book.

Before I delve into my realizations for this kdrama, I just have to air out my love hate relationship with Dan Yi. The main reason why I thought I wouldn’t love Romance is a Bonus Book is because of her! I love that she doesn’t give up easily even when the challenges are stacked against her, but her attitude in asking for help sucks. She needed a place to sleep, food to eat, the basic necessities to live — she sneaked around in Eun Ho’s house to do all that and I get that there was a comedic approach to it, but when Eun Ho finally caught her, she wasn’t even apologetic. It’s like she feels entitled to have ate and lived at his house because of her homeless situation. Why couldn’t she have just expressed her thankfulness instead? She’s a little rough around the edges, but that could be because of what she’s been through (Divorced, being a devoted housewife/mom who forgot to take care of herself in the process, no luck in finding a job for more than a year already), but why take it out on your best and only friend? I appreciate the fact that even though she’s 37 years old here, she’s still eager to try and work hard especially with her job. She didn’t conform to what was only asked of her (Clerical work), but she wanted to learn or rather, re-learn, an industry that she was good at before (She was an advertising executive before she quit work). I know I’d become cranky and moody when I put myself in her shoes but I wouldn’t direct it towards my closest friends if ever.

On the bright side, her character does get better and waaay more tolerable as her experience in going to work again peeled Dan Yi’s protective layers one by one to reveal her true, forgotten self. A kind, loyal, and brave woman who can admit to her mistakes, be compassionate, and fight for a good life that she deserves.

For a brief summary of this show, please check out my previous post to catch up! ๐Ÿ™‚

Unnie Life Lessons

1. We get cold feet or wonder if we actually get the very thing we want, would we actually live up to the expectations that such an opportunity entails? As long as we do our best and make an effort, everything will be okay. The end result doesn’t matter as much as the experience we get from taking risks/chances.

  • I can relate to this sentiment.. feeling ecstatic that I got something that I truly wanted (Ex. A job) but suddenly feeling scared because I might screw up such an opportunity because I lack in many ways. I agree with Dan Yi that if we decide to take a step forward, we’ll somehow find the strength to continue and enjoy the very thing we we’re afraid of in the first place. We can still be scared at times or go through challenges but we’ll find a way to deal with such matters because we already took the leap.
  • We can’t just sit around and do nothing with our life because we’re afraid of failing or making mistakes. We have to try, in any way, to achieve our goals and dreams even if it means facing some rejections and setbacks. It’s scary, believe me I know, but we can’t let these fears intimidate us from working hard and making an effort ๐Ÿ™‚

2. What we feel towards a particular person or experience years ago, months, or even yesterday can change. We see them in a new light because we have changed internally.

  • Dan Yi was telling Seo Jun (the 1/3 of the love triangle) about her feelings for Eun Ho thru a metaphor. She thought that she had him all figured out but lately, she realizes that the book she’s known and cherished for so long (Eun Ho) suddenly had new lines (Her noticing his romantic feelings & she realizing she has those feelings too) that she never read before. This is such a nice way to represent how people’s sentiments can change overtime even on something familiar.
  • Just like a past book that we reread years or even just a few months later, the words can impart a new & different meaning because we ourselves have changed. Change meaning we’ve been through more experiences and our opinions can differ from before and what we once felt for something can become the opposite. We feel upset or troubled because of a break-up, job rejection, or a family conflict at one point in time but when we go thru these again, it might not be as hard as the 1st time we experienced them. Or we find something uncomfortable that we didn’t want to do, even as simple as eating veggies (hee), enjoyable now.

The change of heart comes from within ourselves because our priorities have shifted. The reason could stem from external factors (People and experience). It means that our feelings have matured and this is not a bad thing — it just shows that we have a better grasp of what we truly desire in life. It’s okay to be a little apprehensive or cautious but don’t be afraid to embrace change if it feels right.

I learned a lot from Romance is a Bonus Book but the 2 main ones above are all I can list down. The rest is a general appreciation for a korean drama where we can find ourselves as the main character insomeone who is lost and desperate but can still find success and happiness with the help of our loved ones and determination to keep moving forward.

What started as a rough and tough few chapters ended up with the most beautiful pages a book can ever have. Dan Yi and Eun Ho were able to heal themselves with each other’s help and both were able to admit their long time buried feelings for each other. I thought their chemistry wouldn’t work but the support and mutual respect they have for each other proved that their relationship is indeed meant to be.

As we savour the last few sentences of Romance is a Bonus Book, I take a breath of relief and smile at the way the show ended. The middle up until the last few pages was much lighter and you’d get the feeling that despite a few more hiccups in our protagonists lives, they would be able to recover faster and better this time around. Even when we put a good book on a shelf because we have finished reading it, the fact that we can always take it out and revisit the story anytime is reassuring.

Unnie Life Lessons: 3 Things My Strange Hero Taught Me

It’s time to say farewell to our lovable and handsome Bok Su as My Strange Hero officially ended this week. I was happily educated and pleased with the life lessons and rooted for the growth of each character in the show. Strangely enough, I grew a fond attachment to Bok Su and his friends, from both periods that he went to high school, who sought out to correct its still corrupt and obviously discriminatory system.

The kdrama concluded with a happy ending, although not ideal for everyone involved, it was a nice to get a glimpse of Bok Su, Soo Jeong, their friends, and the teachers move forward to the next chapter of their lives. It wasn’t an easy journey despite the many comedic and heartwarming moments shared between our characters, but these lighthearted moments remind us that we can still smile despite facing problems.

For a brief overview of My Strange Hero, check out my previous post to catch up ๐Ÿ™‚

Unnie Life Lessons

1. Misunderstandings can be resolved if you make an effort to sort it out. It’s not easy to confront someone who you think betrayed you but, giving a chance for someone to explain their side can free you from unnecessary pain.

  • Son Seo Jeong never bothered to confront Bok Su about the fact that he wasn’t the one who had spread the news that she lived on food stamps and was not rich like her classmates assumed she was. It was a misunderstanding that both of them never bothered to fix when they were still high school students. Nine years later, she finally took a chance to ask and opened up about her painful memories of the same incident. She later finds out her mistake in doubting Bok Su and finds out the truth about what really went down that day between him and Oh Se Ho (One of the show’s main antagonists).
  • Their lives would have been completely different if only they had talked the matter out but given the context of their circumstances (They were high school students at the time), avoiding the issue and dealing with the consequences is a viable scenario. But I’m glad that Soo Jeong was humble enough to apologize to Bok Su profusely when she found out that he was truly innocent.

Let’s not be afraid to seek the truth or ask the hard questions when needed. Our pride or embarrassment can sway us against this but to confront reality is still 100% better than living in an uncertain version of “truth”.

2. You can’t blame your “situation” as an excuse to be a jerk and act high and mighty against others. Someone with an unfortunate background can still rise above the challenges and be a kind and loyal person.

  • This is probably the hardest to do and apply in our daily life. Bok Su had an unfortunate past but he didn’t grew up resentful of his life and managed to start a business with his friends. I know the story revolves around him getting revenge but this was only instigated when he was offered a chance to go back to school a 2nd time. I’m NOT saying that getting revenge is okay when it’s warranted (School corruption) but if he wasn’t given a chance to become a student again, he didn’t have a vengeful or cruel outlook in life regardless.
  • Bok Su was able to forgive Soo Jeong and got along well with the kids in his class as he stood up for them and encouraged them to be better. Having gone through his ordeal, you’d expect a person like that to be miserable or at least not extend a helping hand to other people as much. There are lots of people who didn’t come from a well-off family or who had to work hard for their accomplishments, yet they remain humble and nurturing despite their success or found happiness in their lives.

3. Life is about making mistakes. There’s no perfect formula to ensure that we succeed all the time and that’s okay. We can always learn from every experience and get another chance to do better.

  • In the latter episodes, Bok Su dissuades a student from attempting suicide (He was proven to have cheated on an exam because he had access to the answer sheet) and said a very important advice:
  • We feel upset, angry, or embarrassed when we make a mistake or do something that hurts someone else. The beauty in being human is that we are naturally imperfect — and there’s nothing wrong with that. We strive to be the perfect child/friend/lover or whatever occupation we work at because making a mistake is like admitting that we aren’t enough and our efforts come up short in accomplishing our desired goal. It’s not the end of the world. We can ALWAYS make up for our mistakes and do better next time!
  • My Strange Hero portrayed a lot of opportunities for our characters to redeem themselves and get a fresh start. It won’t be easy but if we acknowledge our shortcomings, learn from the experience, and try again, our breakthrough will come. Of course, having your family and friends by your side when you face such ordeals also lessens the struggles ๐Ÿ™‚

*Extra insight:

In the last episode, Oh Se Ho was able to forgive his mother (who was a bia*** until they very end) despite her cold and downright despicable treatment towards him. He said something touching for me which was:

I realized that healing doesn’t mean you need to hear the person who hurt you apologize or even show compassion towards you. It’s not Oh Se Ho’s fault that his mom treated him that way and it’s also not his fault that Bok Su was beloved by many (Oh Se Ho was jealous of him all this time). We can get better on our own, slowly but surely, if we live for ourselves. No need to please somebody else or convincing them of our self-worth, WE are ALL worthy to live a good and happy life. Though we cannot please everyone, as long as we aren’t hurting anyone with our actions, we’ll be okay.


Kang Bok Su not only fought for his own redemption, but also for the other students who were being belittled or bullied. Of course it started out as a revenge plan but, he was able to genuinely help a lot of people gain self confidence, trust in themselves, and embrace who they are as a person. In the process of helping others, he was able to forgive and reveled in his second chance at love, career path, and ever growing friendship with his peers.

All of us are heroes in our own way. We don’t need to perform grand gestures to become one though; the little, everyday things matter a lot — encouraging a friend, making an effort to study harder, and trying to live your life the best way you can despite hardships.. these acts are worthy achievements that anyone can be proud of.

Unnie Life Lessons: 3 Things I’ve learned from Fox Bride Star/Where Stars Land

Fresh off it’s hearty conclusion, Fox Bride Star/Where Stars Land has easily become one of my all time favorite shows to date. I think it was a number of things– the talented cast, a mysterious plot, the romance, but the most fascination I had with the show was the setting: an airport. It’s a place to meet, to depart from, to come home to– a border of sorts for all types of people to converge in. How do people in an airport operate on a daily basis? What are the different departments? What problems do they encounter and how do they ensure a passenger’s safety/convenience in an airport? The show wasn’t solid in terms of plot development and there were certainly missing storylines here and there but overall, Fox Bride Star captured this unnie’s heart.

For a brief summary and my impression of the show, please check out my previous post to catch up!

Unnie Life Lessons

1. Being normal is okay. You don’t have to strive to be extraordinary to make a difference, doing things regularly is impactful and enough.

  • Nowadays, I think our society dictates the need to be great and exceptional to succeed. But how about just doing well on what we need to do (Ex. Our job)? It’s nice to go above and beyond at times to help our loved ones or provide good service (with no ulterior motive) but there’s nothing wrong in just being ourselves and living life normally.
  • I found Han Yeo Reum annoying at first because she wanted to butter up to her superiors by being nosy and overly ambitious. She disregarded everyday tasks as menial and blamed other people (the male lead) for her misfortunes. But in episodes 3 and 4, she realized the impact she can make by just doing her job properly compared to her futile attempts to impress other people.

  • The scene above shows Yeo Reum able to prevent harm as she was able to catch a signage before it fell on a little child. She felt that reminding employees in airport stores that signages are not allowed to be displayed outside as meaningless. As it turns out, this task is important in ensuring a passenger’s safety.

We can feel that our lives are boring and monotonous if we don’t travel often or do something out of the ordinary. It’s okay to veer away from routine but there is also no harm in appreciating simple joys of life — drinking coffee, going for a walk outside, and being with family.

2. Hardships is always a part of life. How we react and handle any challenge is of our own free will, no matter the situation.

  • Yeo Reum suffered from a victim mentality state as episode 8 will reveal, she was apparently bullied badly in high school. She blamed other people for her own faults and was clearly defensive whenever something unfavorable happened, it took a bit more episodes before she owned up to her mistakes and fought for her rights correctly as an employee. We see the growth of her self esteem and development in her relationships as the show progressed.

  • We can’t control everything that happens to us, especially the bad things, but how we deal with the aftermath is a choice we can control. We hear success stories of people who overcame their personal struggles despite having a difficult background– this is exactly what we can aspire to be. We can’t blame our circumstances for the actions we take, if that were always the case, perhaps only a handful of people would be successful now.
  • Yeo Reum was able to stand up to the bully who tormented her and as I hoped, her character became more confident and lovable. I’m not saying that feeling bad is not okay, it’s perfectly fine to feel upset because of a crappy situation. I’m someone who confronts my emotions by wallowing in them first but I try my best to recover and not dwell in the situation itself afterwards.
  • 3. Giving someone ample time and space to open up to you (if ever they do) can be more helpful than wanting to know every detail or story they are hesitant to tell.

    • The male lead, Lee Seo Yeon, is wearing a special device that allows him to walk and move around his left arm like a normal person. He was in a freak accident chasing after his brother when he was a kid. He just wanted to blend in with the crowd and not attract any special attention from anyone but of course as the show progressed, people slowly took notice of him. There was one scene where he asked Yeo Reum why she didn’t ask about his arm and she replied that it must be hard for the person asked to narrate the answer.

      This is a big struggle for me because I’m always eager to know my loved ones’ problems or thoughts and if they don’t tell me immediately, I feel bad because it seems like they don’t trust me well enough to be honest. BUT what I fail to realize is that it’s not about me or because something is wrong with me, it’s just how they feel about sharing to someone else. It’s their personal opinions and struggles, if it’s hard for them to say, I shouldn’t be entitled to demand it from them just because for example, I’m family or a close friend. Lee Seo Yeon was able to share his secret to Yeo Reum eventually but even if for example, we never find out such a detail, it’s nothing against us.

    Just because we are not privy to every detail of someone else’s life does not diminish our relationship with them. Give the other person time and space, we can still be supportive and be a good friend/loved one despite not knowing everything.

    Fox Bride Star/Where Stars Land is not just about romance but it also imparts lessons that anyone can relate to. If you haven’t watched this yet, please put it in your must watch kdramas list! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Unnie Life Lessons: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

    One of my favorite kdrama’s ever is Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, a coming of age story about a female college student, Bok Joo, exploring her formative years as a weightlifter in training.

    Lead Roles:


    Lee Sung Kyung – Kim Bok Joo

    Source: Pinterest

    Nam Joo Hyuk – Jung Joon Hyung (Dreamboat๐Ÿ˜˜)

    I admit, I only watch Kdramas where I recognize the celebrities who would play the lead roles. I immediately recognized Lee Sung Kyung from her stint in “Doctors” where she played the misunderstood villain. That and of course the show’s premise has to be interesting or fun to watch for me. How can I resist the show’s adorable poster?


    Brief Summary:

    Kim Bok Joo is an aspiring weightlifter who hopes to be part of the national olympic team. She eats, sleeps, and breath weightlifting coupled with some misadventures together with her 2 friends (Sun Ok and Nan Hee). She meets her childhood classmate, Joon Hyung, who happens to be studying at the same university but is into swimming.

    Swaaag (Expression used by Bok Joo and her friends when they find something cool)

    Joon Hyung and Bok Joo slowly become friends mostly due to him teasing Bok Joo (Calling her “Chubs” fondly as she was a big kid back then) and wanting to be around her just for fun. It was Joon Hyung who falls in love with Bok Joo first, realizing that he cared for her much more than a friend should despite her having a crush on his older brother/cousin (Jae-Yi).

    She became self conscious when Jae-Yi watched one of her competitions. Feeling embarassed and also being subtly rejected by big bro, she lost her weightlifting mojo and began to question if this what she really wanted to do for the rest of her life. After Joon Hyung confessed his love for Bok Joo and she did some soul searching, she realized how much she cared for him too. They started dating (kyeopta heart heart) initially hiding it from their friends and Bok Joo’s dad.

    In the end, Bok Joo realized weightlifting was indeed her true passion and she got into the olympic team. Although she and Joon Hyung were briefly separated as she had to train with the team, the flash forward to their graduation showed that Joon Hyung had also made it to the national team. They have a sweet moment in the end where Joon Hyung semi proposes that he can sustain their future as athletes get great retirement benefits and they kiss on the field with the promise of a brighter tomorrow๐Ÿ’•

    Source: Dramabeans

    *Kyeopta – means “cute”

    *Heart heart – means “love love” (LOL)

    I wish I could delve into the story more but that’s the best and shortest synopsis I can think of!

    Unnie Thoughts/Lessons:

    1. It’s okay to lose your way sometimes. Our path is not 100% clearcut, so we take a break or veer away from our routine. Recharge and recover, we’ll get to where we need to be.

    • When Bok Joo felt depressed and questioned herself on what she really wanted to do (Is it really weightlifting?), she took a job lifting/transporting boxes. She took piano lessons as well just for a change. Even for someone young, feeling lost is normal. I used to think this feeling could only be valid when one is working already but college is a time where we meet new people, where we get to think about what we want to do with our lives, and is probably the first rite of passage into adulthood.

    Explore while you still can. Shifting careers, finding a new job, hanging out with new friends, travelling. We can make mistakes and not have to live a perfect life all the time.


    2. Loving someone else can mean being there for them when they need it the most. No expectations, no return of favors.

      I love doing things for my partner and when he needs me, I will be there for him. But there’s a creeping thought at the back of my mind saying “What about me? How come I come running but he doesn’t do the same for me?” A sincere relationship will always require effort from both ends to make it work. We set ridiculous expectations that we think the other needs to fulfill but they don’t expect anything from us.
      Joon Hyung supported Bok Joo when she felt lost and even hid her secret of liking his cousin. He didn’t do those things hoping to get something in return but it’s because he truly just wanted to help her. I was glad that she showed her support when Joon Hyung was sad about finding the truth about his mom. She comforted him but wasn’t afraid to let him know that he was also at fault and how lucky he is to still have his mom to talk to.

    Don’t compare the efforts you or your partner have made. Being together means working and helping each other achieve desired goals. Somehow, someway, an act or conversation that seemed nothing before will turn into a realization that “effort” exists.

    *This can also apply to friendships and family๐Ÿ˜Š If we truly love them, we should be happy giving our time and caring for them.

    3. Life is NOT a competition. We all grow and discover things at our own time. You and I have our own unique identity, let’s love ourselves for who we are.

      Ironic as it may seem when the lead characters are competing, but this is where our mental health stands. With social media depicting what our life could be like (Travel galore, going to fancy events, eating out at the newest opened restaurants), it’s easy to get discouraged about how we live our own life. I admit I get insecure when I see another person’s Instagram feed filled with fun posts, I get jealous and immediately wish to be like them.
      I know my self worth and it’s not like I’m not living a good life. I have travelled to a lot of places already (Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, etc) and consider myself a foodie as I get to try newly opened restos frequently too. Bok Joo never hid who true self — an awkward, loud, but fun-loving girl who spoke her mind. Joon Hyung loved her for who she is and he in turn, learned to appreciate his family (he was living with his aunt & uncle because his mom had another family in Canada) and forgive his mom.

    My life is different from anyone else’s. Stop comparing and focus on yourself! Learn to appreciate what you have and work hard for your own achievements. There are people and experiences to be thankful for in your own life.

    What I love about Korean dramas that although the plot is “normal” — a student finding love and growing a career, it’s the details and progression of each episode that makes it so enjoyable to watch. It takes me back to my own college days when I would eat lunch with my friends at the cafeteria, questioning my choice of course (I studied Management), cutting class, and the inside jokes we shared about our dreams for our life ahead. It’s the essence of youth– energy, vibrance, and knowing that the world is ours for the taking!

    Whether we can relate (Did it happen to you too?) or not, a TV show that makes us think, feel, or even just smile for a bit, is a success.