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Unnie Recap: Ending on a High but Squeaky Note (Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’s Finale Explained)

How can something start so strong and then suddenly swerve into a mediocre, weird conclusion? If you watched the ending of Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol korean drama, I’m sure you had your frustrations as well with what transpired in the last 2 episodes. I had such a good feeling watching the show as the mood was always easygoing with Ra Ra’s bright and optimistic personality dazzling our screens. With an equally cheerful and supportive cast of friends in Eunpo, there was no shortage of good vibes with this korean drama.

There was no real villain or conflict except for the stalker angle, but that I understood was meant to further the storyline. Even the misdirect that Mr. Moon, Rara’s father’s secretary, was made to look like he could have been involved with their family business going under but it turned out to be a false presumption. The ending was a happy one, but the way they went about it was just unnecessary. If you’d rather not judge and try watching yourself, please read my Do Do Sol Sol La Sol korean drama first impressions post. I still love the show, but I’ll probably just remember the good moments that happened before the last episodes😅

*Spoilers below and rants ahead*

Out of Tune Finish

In exchange for buying the building so La La Land Piano Academy and Jin’s Salon can stay, Jun was urged by his mom to pursue medicine for his studies. It seemed like a long distance relationship was in the works to separate our couple but lo and behold, a sudden twist of fate makes LDR not even the slightest threat at all. Turns out Jun has leukemia and needs to be treated right away in the United States. I mean, WHAAATT?? I was perfectly contented with this show not having a serious conflict and then you add this last minute sickness trope?😒 Come on! Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol kdrama didn’t need this, the show was doing well being lighthearted and didn’t bank upon drama to make you watch it.

I also didn’t like the part where Jun told Ra Ra that he’ll be busy studying for college and that he might just settle down in the US, yet they apparently talked everyday on the phone while he was there getting treatment (Unbeknownst to Ra Ra of course). His character was always kind and considerate towards Ra Ra so for him to utter those words to her, even if it was to discourage her from him because he was sick, it just didn’t make sense!🤷‍♀️ Ra Ra didn’t even have time to process that Jun was being mean to her as she just humbly accepted the fact that he was going away and that they may or may not be continuing their relationship. Jun would never be that selfish and it’s disappointing that his sudden leukemia, which never manifested even in small hints throughout the show, tainted his character a bit.

The last episode breaks the news that Jun had presumably passed away because he couldn’t go back to South Korea after promising Ra Ra that he would visit for the holidays. His mom broke the news to her, adorned in all black, with grief painted all over her face. Jun’s death would have been a colossal waste of his character but… I would have been okay with it. Perhaps the writer wanted to convey that unexpected events happen, no matter how unfortunate, one can still recover and move forward with their life.

BUT 5 years later, after Ra Ra pieced her life back together and is living well in Eunpo with her friends, Jun comes back in the last few minutes of the last episode ALIVE! WHAAATTT?!🤦🏻‍♀️ At first I thought it was just her imagination, but he proves to be real as they talk and he kisses her. He explains that he wanted to be fully recovered before going to see her again. So for five years, you cut communication with the woman you love because you weren’t sure if you were going to make it, and then just randomly show up in her life one day? What if Ra Ra found someone new and actually settled down by then? The ending seemed rushed and just put together awkwardly that it makes me feel bad because the show was already great without this last minute twist.

I’m happy that Jun is alive after all but his sickness angle just felt forced, it was like they added that just to spice up the story. His mom was devastated when she talked to Ra Ra at the time, was that just a preemptive mourning then? If you wanted to make the story more “interesting”, stick with the shock factor and let Jun rest in peace. Don’t do a misdirect and have him show up, a miracle of life, when you left everyone thinking that you already died just to have a “happy ending”.

A Melody Unexplored

If I was given the chance to rewrite the last 2 episodes, I would scrap Jun having leukemia (Of course!) but have him still study for college abroad. He and Ra Ra would spend every waking moment they have left together, along with their friends at Eunpo before he left for the States. Ra Ra makes a cute face and nags at Jun to contact her immediately when his plane lands. He gives a grin and scoffs, reassuring her that she’ll be the 1st person he calls. They both smile intently at each other before the camera pans out and a bright light fades them both into the background.

Five years later…

A wedding is taking place. The TWD women are dressed up and talking about how lovely the bride looks. Ha Young boasts that she made the bride looked stunning and excitedly tells Seung Gi to not mess up the live vlog like he did last time. He replies with a stern “Yeah” and is all giddy with how beautiful the church looks. Music plays from a piano and the church doors open to reveal a bride awaiting her cue to walk down the aisle.

The bride’s back is seen walking towards the groom. Everyone is all smiles as the groom’s back is shown, a silhouette of a white gown inching closer to the altar. A vision of Ra Ra’s face is seen looking teary-eyed yet content, excited for what’s to come. The groom, with his back still facing the camera, slowly lifts up the bride’s veil and it is revealed to be Ms. Jin!😆 It turns out that she and Chu Min Su are getting married, haha! Friends and family gather for the dinner reception as Ra Ra plays the piano to serenade the ongoing merriment.

A silhouette of a man will be seen walking towards Ra Ra as she plays a song. With his face hidden behind a bouquet of flowers, Ra Ra’s heart beats faster as Jun reveals himself to her. Her eyes go wide in shock and doesn’t say anything until they are left alone to talk outside. Before a conversation begins between them, a quick flashback montage and voiceover of both Jun & Ra Ra will reveal what happened to them the last few years. Simply put, he had fun being in college: Studying hard, meeting new people, and genuinely enjoying being a young adult embarking on a new adventure. Eventually, he and Ra Ra would lose touch as she also got busier running her piano academy and becoming more independent without Jun by her side. They tried to make it work but the time apart just led them to separate.

Jun confesses that he wanted to make something of himself before he met her again. He apologizes to her and Ra Ra will accept him because she understands that Jun was growing up and needed to be on his own. After everything that he’s done for her, she doesn’t have any ill feeling towards him and she embraces him tight. They seal their reunion with a kiss and plan their future together.


My Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol korean drama ending seems cliché, I know, since a lot of korean dramas already do the time gap then meeting again in the future plot. But it’s realistic and appropriate for this instance since Jun was still just a high school senior and had plenty of untapped opportunities for him to explore. I imagined Ra Ra picking up the pieces of her life without her dad and then Jun, but finds solace that if ever she stumbled, she had a piano academy to tend to and a home to go back to. No matter what you thought on how the show should’ve wrapped up, I know that we all just hoped for a happy ending for everyone!🎵