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Unnie Life Lessons: 3 Ways to Live a Colorful Life by Her Private Life

I’ll forever be a fan girl of this korean drama🙋🏻‍♀️ Once again, true love has prevailed over pettiness and past mistakes proving that we can get a picture perfect happy ending if we work for it. As Her Private Life showcased its last episode with flying colors, we’ll forever have an etch of this kdrama’s best and heartwarming moments.

Our titular fan girl (Played by Park Min Young) was a delight to watch here. And for Kim Jae Wook to play his first leading role in a romcom, he was very charismatic and of course, unbelievably handsome😂 I liked the flow of the story and how natural the love between Deok Mi and Ryan developed, although they could be in a “honeymoon” phase, how they supported and gave ample space and time for one another to deal with their respective problems is a trait that any couple can aspire to. I especially adored Ryan when he smiled and slyly observed Deok Mi with her fangirling ways, this is a man who is truly intrigued and interested with his potential partner’s interests.

I honestly didn’t want a childhood connection between Ryan and Deok Mi because this story didn’t need that kind of plot device to work. Them falling in love as 2 random adults who got to know each other is more epic for me because in today’s world, dating can be messy. The predicament that Deok Mi’s mom was actually the one who left Ryan for adoption did add more drama and depth to the show which lead to further character growth for the characters involved. But even if this wasn’t the case, the show would still be a masterpiece.

For a brief recap of Her Private Life, please check out my previous post to catch up.

Unnie Life Lessons

1. No matter how hard your day can get, you are still a living, breathing, dynamic human being. Your work, although to some extent describes you, it does not define who you are.

  • Deok Mi had a hard day at work and although she loves being a curator at an art gallery, the presence of bad days and unfair judgement never escapes work life. It’s easy to say these words but actually doing something about it is a very different and difficult matter but try.
  • This life lesson is not meant to mock art or any other profession but it’s no secret that we value our jobs as a standard of our worth. We can be a loyal and loving person who enjoys listening to music and exercise. We enjoy the company of our friends over coffee or hanging out at a party and still be diligent enough to budget and make the monthly rent — such aspects and characteristics are what make you a worthy person, regardless of work or life problems.
  • Let go of the worries and blames (if there are) and know that there is a next time for you to further improve and do better! You can’t beat yourself up on making a mistake at work or plunge into a “victim mentality” state of mind as both are unhealthy. Just like Deok Mi, believe in your worth and live a good life💫

2. Let your loved ones know you care about them whenever you can. Declare it in words, show it thru your actions, or a simple conversation is enough to show someone that they matter to you.

  • Deok Mi and Ryan were upset about a painting that was damaged and ended up in a storage center. She urged him that they shouldn’t end up like that and encouraged them to adore and take interest in each other.
  • We can show our loved ones that we care for them in many ways. One doesn’t need to be overly affectionate or use social media to declare their care (not that there’s anything wrong with this), but small everyday acts such as informing your parents about your plans or a question about your friend’s life eventually leading to a conversation is enough to show that their presence matters to you.
  • We can get caught up in our own turmoil & misery that sometimes we forget to think of others. Although there’s nothing wrong in taking care of ourselves first, remember that your family and friends are people you can lean on to for help or just have a random chat with. Take a breather and show someone their importance in your life; time is fleeting, don’t let the days take away your opportunity to be there for others.

3. Everyone has a unique perspective on things. A setback for someone can be seen as an opportunity for someone else, as a problem can be approached by anger/fear or compassion/calmness, there’s always a choice to look and act on things differently.

  • Just because we interpret events or circumstances in a distinct manner doesn’t mean that another person’s thoughts are wrong. Ryan viewed the paintings of bubbles above as sad and ready to burst at any moment but Deok Mi saw these as a symbol of hope that can fly up at the sky instead. We ought to respect how other people view things even if it is a grim or sadder approach, we don’t know the root of such thoughts but there must be a valid reason for their way of thinking. But personally, I think it’s okay to encourage people like them (If you are one yourself) to try and look at events in their lives with a more positive outlook. 
  • Positive doesn’t mean ignoring the emotions of hardships to focus on happier thoughts but rather trying our best to not stay in a place of fear and worry. Being sad is okay, it means that we are aware of the unpredictability of life and that not everything goes the way we want it to happen. Give them (or yourself) time to process their own emotions and even if you still don’t see things eye to eye, you are still unique individuals who respect each other’s thoughts and enjoy one another’s company. 

  • The life lesson above also applies to Ryan respecting Deok Mi’s fangirl devotion. He may not fully understand her passion for Cha Shi An (A kpop star who happens to be his stepbrother), but he never once let her feel humiliated or belittled because of this. We may not comprehend another person’s interests but we can learn to appreciate & respect these because our loved one’s admiration for it. 


Deviating from our main couple, Her Private Life also highlighted the importance of forgiveness. I think Ryan tops the ranks for apologizing in this kdrama as he was never prideful to not say sorry when it was needed. I was surprised given how his character was set up to be high and mighty especially when it came to critiquing different artworks.

Saying sorry is a hard thing to do because you’re admitting to your mistakes but Ryan didn’t hesitate to say it. If he can forgive his real mom for years of abandonment and Deok Mi’s mom for giving him up for adoption, we certainly can learn a thing or two from him.


Her Private Life has all the makings of a romantic comedy with great leads, an equally talented supporting cast, humorous scenes, heartfelt moments, and that hint of drama to spice up the story. Our lives are filled with different and contrasting colors: Some shine bright while others have little light, but when painted together, it emanates a beautiful and unique entity that makes you, YOU👩🏻‍🎨

Unnie Recommends: 3 Reasons to Watch Her Private Life

“The more you hate, the more you love” — Whether this is something you believe in or not, Her Private Life is the newest kdrama that represents this saying perfectly. Romantic comedies always tickle my fancy and yes, we’ve seen maybe hundreds of love stories unfold already.. but why is it we can’t get enough of them?

Current Impression

Tvn’s latest offering is a testament that romcoms never get outdated and that if you paint a picture even with the same subject, theme, and setting; the details such as colors and perspective that can make a difference.

1. Male (Kim Jae Wook) and Female Lead (Park Min Young) are a fresh and talented pair to watch– Her Private Life features the character Sung Deok Mi who lives a double life as she is employed as an art curator by day but at night, is a devoted fangirl who worships an idol of a kpop group. Park Min Young shows more range here as she goes through silly and more comedic moments that differentiate her character from her most recent successful kdrama (What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim). She goes through great lengths to hide the fact that she is a fangirl and is also a passionate and hardworking employee who loves her craft.

On his first romcom kdrama as the leading man, Kim Jae Wook portrays Ryan Gold, a former artist turned art gallery director. Did I mention that he is very handsome and has a chiseled face that literally, and I would say this every time I see him, he has looks that can kill?😂 I first saw him act at the kdrama “Voice” (Season 1) where he portrayed a murderer and damn, he does indeed look the part. This time around, he plays the icy and unforgiving male lead which he is doing a very good job at. It’s a cat and dog type of relationship for them as their first few meetings weren’t the best impressions of each other. What would a kdrama be without its conflicts and exasperated sighs am I right?😜

2. The story explores an industry or phenomenon that is not commonly portrayed in today’s dramaland – I’m an avid fan of kdramas and enjoy listening to korean music but I’m not an invested fangirl for any Kpop bands or singers. The first 2 episodes enlightens “muggles” on how a true fangirl/boy devotes their time to their favorite idols. It’s also interesting to see and explore the inner workings of how an art gallery operates since both of them work in one.

Even if it’s not a new kind of love story (Enemies becoming lovers), our leading characters’ jobs and hobbies is surely an unexplored and unique part of the show. Deok Mi is a fanpage manager and is obsessed with her idol, Shi An, that she attends concerts and takes snapshots of him to post on a website.

3. It’s a feel good show but it isn’t afraid to delve into sad or slice of life realities – Romcoms can inject heartwrenching backstories or unfortunate circumstances as a way to humanize protagonists. Deok Mi’s family seems to have unresolved tensions between them and Ryan has to deal with the issue of suddenly being unable to paint along with a traumatic childhood seen via flashback. I hope that his personality though is not a result of his past but that he is who he is regardless. I’d like to see Deok Mi fall in love with this version of Ryan, not a man who is secretly kinder and more humble but just needed to resolve his internal problems first.

I am intrigued on how Ryan will fall in love with Deok Mi because his character is so closed off and seems uninterested in love. With the icy stare and the way Ryan carries himself, I’m excited to see how he’ll open his heart to someone else.

Life is not all rainbows and happy endings as we need to resolve problems and overcome hurdles to grow into better and stronger versions of ourselves. Her Private Life has laid out the begginings of its unfinished picture and only the future episodes will tell how colorful, out of the box, and satisfying their journey will be!