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Unnie Life Lessons: Mama Knows Best by Hi, Bye, Mama!

Is there a limit to what you can do for the ones you love? Putting them first, sacrificing your own needs and wants, letting them go to have the life they want to live? Cha Yu-ri, the main protagonist of Hi, Bye, Mama!, shows us that love is truly unconditional — not just as a parent, but also as a daughter, sibling, friend, and even as a ghostly spirit.

With the ongoing covid 19 pandemic paralyzing our daily lifestyle, it’s become common for us to slow down and have more time to reflect on what we’ve done so far in our x years of existence. Life is short, oh we know, but to someone like Yu-ri who died abruptly and was given a chance to start anew — she realized so much more than the living can adhere to.

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Mama’s Tips

1. Eating good food, going out or being able to hug your loved ones are actions that we can take for granted because we can do it anytime, easily. Learn to appreciate these simple acts of living and be thankful for every chance that you can do these.

  • No one in the world can predict their own death. Although we are told by quotes, reminded by a friend or older relative, and so on that we shouldn’t take things for granted, we can’t help but give little meaning to eating out, working, or being able to talk with friends because it’s easy. Let’s take a conscious effort to slow down and reflect on these beautiful acts of love and care.
  • I’ve read advice expressing that the everyday, mundane parts of life are all you need to live a good life. Let’s not wait until the certainty of these experiences become fractured — relish these moments now.

2. Even if it’s not in your presence anymore, letting your loved ones go and allowing them to find their own source of strength and hope is the best kind of love you can give.

  • Gang-hwa remarrying was never an issue for Yu-ri, either when she was a ghost or when she reincarnated, because she knew that she couldn’t console him any longer when she died. Seeing him get better and move on with Min Jeong was something that she will always be grateful for. Even if it meant the love of her life found somebody new, as long as he wasn’t in pain, she accepted it well.
  • It’s natural to think of ourselves first whenever we make decisions. But at the end of the day, it’s still easier for us to give way to someone we love because seeing them happy trumps the knowledge of them being miserable. Even to her own daughter (Seo Woo), Yu-ri never coveted the position of being her mom because she was thankful that Min Jeong took care of Seo Woo. Yu-ri was content in being able to spend time with her and know that Seo Woo liked her company as well.

3. Time can heal wounds. How long or how short can’t be determined but as long as you try, beautiful memories will replace the painful ones. Moving on with your life is something that you should strive to do when you need to.

  • Losing Yu-ri was a tragedy but five years gone, the people closest to Yu-ri were moving on with their lives without her. Although her mom did pray to see her once more, she still carried on with her everyday life without her eldest daughter. The unending pain that you feel will slowly dissipate with time, don’t give up. As long as you exert an effort to process the wounds, even as small as eating a meal or as big as trying to work or date again, better days will bless your presence.
  • As pointed out by Yu-ri, she didn’t want her loved ones to feel guilty in moving forward with their lives. We may forget about deceased family members, good friends we lost touch with through the years, or fun experiences, but we’ll never truly lose such memories because the impact they made in our lives are too significant.

Hi, Bye, Mama! kdrama was an emotional rollercoaster for me and though it had its depressing moments, the overall mood of the show aims to uplift our spirits with hope and healing. This post is long overdue, but it’s been a struggle for me to write about something positive when I myself have been feeling the ups and downs of being in quarantine.

There is no perfect formula on how to cope and move on but we can always try. Let’s be gentle with ourselves and never forget that:

Life is unpredictable. Live yours to the fullest — make sacrifices, learn from mistakes, cry, laugh to your heart’s content! It’s a wild but fulfilling journey, don’t worry, you’ll get through it😊

Unnie Recap: Hi, Bye, Mama! (Episodes 13 – 14)

After a 1 week hiatus, Hi, Bye, Mama! is back on its last week before the finale. One’s time on Earth can teach us a lot of experience about our capacities and emotions as humans but it’s death and the loss of connections that can truly change our perspective on a lot of things. Yu-ri has always thought of other people’s needs before herself, but perhaps taking care of herself first is what she needs to make her loved ones happy.

Episode 13

Our OG couple talk on a bench in the park as Yu-ri tells Gang-hwa that it did hurt seeing him move on with someone else. She clarified though that it hurt so much more seeing him be all alone and in pain after her loss. Moving forward with his life was what she wanted for him the most and she gives him her blessing to let her go. Yu-ri is aghast when she learns that Gang-hwa learned about the truth from Guk-bong. She comes clean about the freezer incident being her fault since she stayed with them all this time, Seo Woo is able to see ghosts.

Hiding the truth, no matter how farfetched it is, is always going to be wrong. Gang-hwa doesn’t disclose to Min Jeong any details about what he had just heard and it pains me to see her torn up about confronting him about it. He loves her, yes, but bottling up the truth and the accompanying emotions along with it is just a recipe for marital discord. I hope she also finally hears the truth from him even if it’ll hurt like crazy.

Another day passes and our trio friends hang out at Hyeon Jeong’s restaurant and Min Jeong fondly asks Yu-ri and Hyeon Jeong if they’re really friends. She radiated such a bright smile when both women confirm this. She happily purchases friendship bracelets for the 3 of them when she leaves the restaurant that it breaks my heart that she still doesn’t know the complete story about Yu-ri’s true identity💔 Hyeon Jeong declares that there must be a way to have her best friend live again and she apologizes for encouraging Gang-hwa to date back then. Yu-ri assures her that it was the right thing to do but sadly admits that the people she cares about are suffering now because of her. She cries because of this and Hyeon Jeong, although in despair, says nothing back.

Yu-ri’s dad gets to play with Seo Woo at the park that afternoon but is taken aback when he finds her gone. Yu-ri happened to be buying drinks at the time and her dad was helping out a grandma that nobody noticed Seo Woo following a group of kids out of curiosity. Gang-hwa and Min Jeong race to the park to help find Seo Woo too. When it seems like all is lost, Yu-ri sees a little ghost boy pointing to the direction of the playground. She follows him and finds Seo Woo hiding inside the slide, thank goodness!😅 Turns out that the Jang family saved Seo Woo from the clutches of Guk-bong as they witnessed him almost getting her at the park. They lead her to the playground and it was their idea for her to hide there. Unfortunately, the exorcist was still able to catch the family after the short distraction. Uh oh!

Back at the Cho household, Min Jeong is visibly upset about the incident. Gang-hwa comforts her that it wasn’t her fault and she asks whose fault it is that this happened. She is sick of Gang-hwa always apologizing and makes a point that if she’s not to blame, then she can’t truly be Seo Woo’s mom. Gang-hwa finally speaks up that their pick-up helper is actually Cha Yu-ri, his 1st wife and Seo Woo’s biological mom.

Episode 14

With heavy hearts, Yu-ri laments losing Min Jeong’s trust as Min Jeong mulls over the information she just heard from her husband. They continue their conversation the next morning and although the idea is ludicrous to Min Jeong, Gang-hwa affirms that Yu-ri is indeed alive. Yu-ri recalls Mi-Dong telling her that it was the Jang family who saved Seo Woo from the exorcist. Although feeling thankful for what they did, she feels sad that she can’t properly thank them anymore since they ascended to heaven already.

Realizing that talking about Yu-ri’s situation must be stressing her out, Hyeon Jeong takes her bestfriend out for some much needed destressing👭 They cruise the road in a flashy car, zip-lined across a fantastic view, and went biking. Hyeon Jeong opens up about how time made her almost forget Yu-ri at times and Yu-ri expresses that if she wasn’t forgotten by the people she loved, they would always have a hard time. It was a nice gesture from Hyeon Jeong to have them spend the day just having fun and not remind Yu-ri of her 49 day deadline.

Min Jeong spends the day playing with Seo Woo inside the house while being distracted by Yu-ri’s identity reveal. At night, she heads towards Hyeon Jeong’s restaurant quickly probably to confirm the truth for herself. She stops in her tracks when she sees both girls getting out of the car and follows them all the way to Yu-ri’s house. As she watches them enter the house excitedly, she takes a closer look at the house and sees the name Cha Yu-ri on the family nameplate outside of the gate. She cries a little bit but composes herself before leaving. Yu-ri’s family along with Hyeon Jeong have a hearty meal and drink together. They also take a picture together to commemorate the moment.

After what must have been an emotionally heavy night for Min Jeong, she cries again the next day as she accepts the fact that Yu-ri is alive. She is frustrated at Gang-hwa for saying that he didn’t tell her the truth because it’s been awhile that she seemed happy being with other people. Like Yu-ri, she points out that Gang-hwa ought to deal with his own scars first before minding someone else’s wounds. Ouch, but true😕 Contemplating about both women’s words, he decides to try and join Dr. Jang’s surery as a way to get over his trauma.

Yu-ri accompanies her mom to the hospital for the latter’s heart check-up. She overhears 2 nurses talking about Gang-hwa finally attending a surgery but that he rushed out of the room only after 10 minutes. He is having a panic attack somewhere in the hospital and only Yu-ri knows where to find him. This has already happened before and Yu-ri as a ghost watched him experience this previously. She does find Gang-hwa in one of the emergency exits and tries to calm him down. His sharp and ragged breathing slowly stabilizes as he looks at Yu-ri intently.

We only get the full story now thru a flashback that Gang-hwa refused to operate on a VIP patient because he was already scheduled to operate on another patient currently who needs his help immediately. He tells the nurses and assistants to lock the door and cut off outside communication until he finishes the surgery. Little did he know that this was the time Yu-ri was admitted into the emergency room from her accident. All this time I thought that he was the surgeon who operated on Yu-ri and that’s why he feels so guilty… it turns out that he didn’t even know she was in a life or death state already and it was too late for him to have done anything.

Keun Sang relays what happened at the hospital to Hyeon Jeong. To cheer Yu-ri up, she decides to send the pictures she took the other night to Yu-ri and gets a text reply that she wants to live! Keun Sang doesn’t understand what this means and Hyeon Jeong finally reveals the other big secret that Yu-ri is going to die soon. A stunned Gang-hwa enters the restaurant hearing what she just said and is enraged on why she has to die again. At the same time, Yu-ri declares to Mi-Dong that she didn’t do anything wrong and that she wants to live.


Gang-hwa gets a thank you letter from the wife of the patient that he insisted on operating on the day of Yu-ri’s accident. She thanks him for saving her husband. This riles up Gang-hwa as he looks at a picture of Yu-ri and pushes the gift basket that came with the letter off his desk. Keun Sang enters his room and tries to comfort him as he sees Gang-hwa bursting into a fit of tears.


This has got to be the saddest episode ever for everyone as Gang-hwa and Min Jeong finally discover the truth about Yu-ri being a ghost and coming back from the dead. I honestly don’t know who I feel most sorry for at this point because like Yu-ri pointed out, everyone is in some sort of pain because of her. The most confused and hurt I can say right now is Min Jeong because I’m sure she feels betrayed by Gang-hwa, Yu-ri, and Hyeon Jeong. How do you process the fact that the person you grew to love as a friend is your husband’s supposedly dead 1st wife? I hope that she can eventually forgive them and know that no matter what happens, she is still Seo Woo’s mom and Gang-hwa’s wife.

On the flipside, I’m so happy that Yu-ri has finally decided to want to live. I didn’t think she would change her mind but now that she has, I sincerely hope she does become human again. What if she offers to take Seo Woo’s place in becoming a shaman instead? Gang-hwa revealing his repressed feelings to Yu-ri and finding out her impending death could have stirred up his unresolved feelings for her, but I still think our dear doctor will stay with Min Jeong. Yu-ri will be okay without Gang-hwa as a romantic partner, but I can’t imagine how her loved ones can accept losing her all over again.

Unnie Recap: Hi, Bye, Mama! (Episodes 11 – 12)

No rest for the weary as both the human and ghostly community deal with their respective problems. Will Yu-ri’s own family and Gang-hwa figure out the secret she’s been hiding before they never see her again? How will the ghosts deal with the threat of the man in black in their midst? Only a few episodes left for Hi, Bye, Mama! but a lot of things need to be settled first before anyone can get their happy ending.

Episode 11

Out to buy salt for the daycare, Yu-ri witnesses an incoming motorcycle hurtling right towards an elderly grandmother getting out of a cab. Instinctively, she protects the grandma by hugging and spinning her away from the supposed collision. When she comes to a few seconds after bumping into the cab’s door, she sees the motorcycle driver bleeding on the ground and worried about the grandma. This is when Gang-hwa gets the dreaded phone call from Yu-ri.

Once at the emergency room, nobody sees what Yu-ri is seeing which is the elderly’s soul fighting in and out of her body. As Gang-hwa races to see her, she forcefully persuades him to check on the grandma’s well-being. He does so and orders a nurse to take an x-ray and contact the Cardiology department ASAP. Once calmed down, Gang-hwa asks Yu-ri how she could have known about the grandma’s condition when the doctors themselves couldn’t see any physical manifestations of her pain. Yu-ri dodges the question and says that it was just a gut feeling. He doesn’t sound too convinced but can’t do anything to get any other answer out from her.

Turns out that the man in black is an exorcist (Still can be interpreted as a Grim Reaper, hee). He is famous in his line of work and has a 99.9% success rate of exterminating ghosts. Mi Dong is nervous about his presence and talks about her low performance of only being able to send 2 ghosts up after 10 years. When he mentions Yu-ri and Seo Woo, she grows even more anxious and tells him that she’ll take care of them. Uh oh, what does this mean?

We get a rare glimpse of Yu-ri’s sister, Yeon Ji, outside the house so to know that she works at an optometry shop (I always thought she was unemployed, sorry!) is good. Before heading home, she notices a nice dress on a window display and buys it for Yu-ri. Little does she know that Yu-ri did the same thing, buying the exact same dress, earlier that day as well. They chuckle and realize in unison their thoughtful deed for one another, remembering a past memory where they fought over wearing each other’s clothes. Even Yu-ri’s dad gets a tender moment with her alone as he cries from seeing her sleep. Yu-ri hugs him tight and they weep together.

Things are looking grim (hee) for our family of ghosts in the crematorium as they are huddled together while nervously observing the exorcist choosing his first target. He wishes to send up those who committed suicide first and there are 2 ghosts who did that: a girl named Hye Jin and Kang Bin. The exorcist clarified that the latter did not commit suicide after all finally clearing up that part of his death. Keun Sang was right all along but what foul play could have conspired that led to Kang Bin’s wrongful demise?

The head b*atch of the nosy moms group intends to send a message to her possé, spreading the news that Min Jeong is going ahead with the divorce and that Hyeon Jeong’s husband, Keun Sang, got their car egged for misdiagnosing Kang Bin. She mistakenly sends it to the whole daycare mom group instead so Hyeon Jeong and Min Jeong were able to read it! An equally angry Yu-ri goes to find Hyeon Jeong because she also had a nasty encounter with the nosy moms, saying that Seo Woo is slower than most kids and inciting gossip, earlier that day. Min Jeong has had enough as well and finds both ladies at Hyeon Jeong’s restaurant wanting to take action. Excuse the happy cursing everyone🙂

Our 3 musketeers join forces and pick a fight with the nosy moms group once and for all. Dressed in black, donning on killer shades, and performing a probably unrehearsed synchronized strut, the 3 ladies seek out the nosy moms in a kids café. Hair pulling, spraying with water, and using a toy bat to beat the moms respectively, it’s an all-out fight fest between the the 6 women. Scratch that, it’s a massacre for the 3 musketeers as the nosy moms couldn’t even fight back, hahaha!😵

Finally getting their much awaited and needed revenge, they celebrate their victory over samgyupsal and alcohol. When Yu-ri excuses herself to use the restroom, Hyeon Jeong gets the courage to ask Min Jeong about the divorce. She answers that she’s not planning to get a divorce anymore. She explains that she did have a hard time marrying into a relationship that felt like she had to rebuild, alluding to Yu-ri’s death as the 1st wife, and that made her weary. In the end though, she admits to loving Gang-hwa too much to push thru. It must be killing Hyeon Jeong to hear this, not only because it squashes the chance for Yu-ri to live, but she possibly feels guilty thinking of the divorce as well becuase Min Jeong is her friend now too😓

Back at home, Gang-hwa plays with Seo Woo. He hands her a sticker of a girl and Seo Woo takes a framed picture of the Cho family to the table. She places the sticker on the picture and calls the girl, Cha Yu-ri. In a flashback (Yu-ri as a ghost), Seo Woo remembers her mom’s name because the Jang family called for her and Yu-ri was observing Seo Woo playing at the playground that time. Gang-hwa doesn’t know what to make of this discovery.

Episode 12

Late into the night, Gang-hwa and Yu-ri meet up so the former can tell the latter about Seo Woo saying her name. Yu-ri realizes that Seo Woo has been seeing her far longer than she initially thought and starts weeping uncontrollably. Gang-hwa hesitates to give her a pat on her back but eventually does so to try and comfort her. Gang-hwa starts getting fed up for our mama’s insistence to hide her identity from Min Jeong and Seo Woo. In a ball of sobs, she sounds regretful but remains tight-lipped about the truth.

A standoff erupts between Mi Dong and the exorcist (Named Guk-bong) when the latter finally meets and confronts Yu-ri. Mi Dong saves her from his clutches and explains that he is here to take Seo Woo under his wing to become either a shaman or an exorcist. The question on everyone’s mind pops up again about Yu-ri taking her rightful place and she still gives a decisive “no”. She professes to Mi Dong that Seo Woo’s favorite person is her mom, Min Jeong, and that she can never replace her. This is by far the most heartbreaking scene for me because it solidifies who Yu-ri truly is: a person that has so much love to give that even though her own child pushed her away to run towards Min Jeong, she still chooses to let her go and just care for her in the sidelines. With this answer, Mi Dong finally gives in and instructs her to protect Seo Woo until the end.

At the hospital, Gang-hwa and Keun Sang speculate how Yu-ri seeminly knows Min Jeong and about the grandma’s severe condition despite showing no physical signs of harm. Keun Sang recounts Hyeon Jeong becoming unhinged last night as she got drunk and kept spewing nonsense (At least to him) about divorce, saving Yu-ri, and loving each other (Min Jeong and Gang-hwa). The boys have a talk with Hyeon Jeong that night and Gang-hwa discloses his doubts on Yu-ri. No words, only tears come out from Hyeon Jeong as she is also speechless on what to do to make things better for her best friend.

Back at Mi-Dong’s house, the ghosts decide to stay with her afraid of the exorcist. Hye Jin is not with them and is told that she’s probably hiding since she’s the 1st one supposedly who’ll go up. She was bullied at work and couldn’t stand the agony so she committed suicide. Kang Bin says that she could have just quit her job but she didn’t think that that was an option then. The moment she killed herself was the same time she regretted what she just did.

Devising a plan to have Seo Woo spend the day with Yu-ri and her family, Gang-hwa pretends needing to do something and drops off our little girl at the Cha household. Seeing the family fawn all over Seo Woo was just what they needed after a long time of restraining themselves from seeing her. Gang-hwa told Min Jeong that he and Keun Sang would take the kids out for the day but when she meets Hyeon Jeong on the street, Ha Jun is with her. Hyeon Jeong wasn’t informed of the boys’ plan and this makes Min Jeong a bit suspicious.

On the way home for the day, Gang-hwa and Seo Woo stop and wait to cross the street. Guk-bong calls for the child but Gang-hwa catches her in time before he could take her away. Suddenly, the scene shifts to Gang-hwa running again. The exorcist proclaims Yu-ri’s existence as a ghost for the last 5 years and that she’s been with them all this time. He goes to see Yu-ri and he stops in front of her trying to catch his breath. Unable to look at her, he utters how she could have endured it all. With his head down, a mixture of guilt and pain surrounds him as he recalls all those times that Yu-ri must have witnessed him moving on with Min Jeong — stealing glances at her, laughing with her, getting married, and of course forming a new family with Seo Woo. Aww man, when can anyone catch a break here?😭


I realize that I’ve been focusing on Yu-ri’s married life family and not her primary family’s feelings on her 2nd chance at life. I don’t know how they’ll take the news of her 49 day rule but I’m pretty sure if she’s not upfront with them about it, this 2nd loss will be more devastating for them. I think the best gift Yu-ri can present with them (If she doesn’t become fully human) is the truth so that they’ll be prepared and come to terms with her possibly leaving them again.

Episode 12 is Gang-hwa’s breaking point — to feel ashamed and remorseful because you were able to move on from your wife’s death but knowing that she witnessed it all… man, that can seriously mess up a person. This is a non-issue to Yu-ri already and she needs to tell him that so he knows that he didn’t do anything wrong. I don’t know if Guk-bong also revealed her 49 days status but I’m guessing not yet. This has to stir up some kind of feelings for him but don’ worry, I’m at the acceptance stage already🥺 I’m sure he’ll always love Yu-ri in his heart… but I honestly believe that he’ll choose to stay with Min Jeong until the very end.

Now that we know an exorcist wants to take Seo Woo under their wing, it’s going to be one hell of a fight for our mama to keep her daughter safe. I have 2 scenarios in mind: One is that Yu-ri choosing to go up despite getting a second chance at life will be enough for the deity to spare Seo Woo in seeing ghosts. That was her judgment and she will pass the test. The other is more unlikely and the opposite of my 1st theory above. Since Yu-ri is seflessly sacrificing her chance to stay on Earth, the deity actually makes her into a full-fledged human being and ends up protecting Seo Woo herself. For her love life, I think a cameo by her real life husband, Rain, should happen and the possibility of them getting together is teased😍 A girl can dream right? Haha!

Unnie Recap: Hi, Bye, Mama! (Episodes 9 – 10)

Determined to get rid of any ghost lurking near Seo Woo, an unlikely friendship blossoms between Yu-ri and Min Jeong as their paths cross more often now. As her days dwindle down, Yu-ri is still determined to leave but will her family, or even Gang-hwa talk some sense into her once they know the truth? A mysterious figure also appears this week that’ll rattle our ghosts’ status quo in holding off from leaving their loved ones!

Episode 9

Another flashback takes us to a time where Yu-ri comforted Gang-hwa whenever he went through something disstressing. For a long time after Yu-ri’s death, she knows that she can’t console him like she used to anymore. One night as he was drinking alone at a tent bar (Pojangmacha), Min Jeong joins him on a table to eat. As Yu-ri watches Gang-hwa light up from Min Jeong’s company, she smiles at the fact that this could be start of his road to recovery.

Yu-ri’s mom (Mrs. Jeon) faints from the sight of her and is taken to a hospital. When she comes to, Gang-hwa is the 1st person she sees as she recalls having seen her eldest daughter again. She sees Yu-ri behind Gang-hwa and though words can’y fully comprehend their what they must be feeling, they both sob and hug each other dearly. Her dad and sister (Yeon Ji) also see Yu-ri for the 1st time after arriving at the hospital and are dumbfounded with her presence. Since Hyeon Jeong and Yu-ri never got to finish their conversation, the former is a mess trying to process the truth of what Yu-ri has said. I can’t imagine my best friend saying that she’s willing to give up her own life because she knows that her family has moved on without her😢

Finally back home, Yu-ri’s family squeeze themselves into a bed to hug her tight and never let her go. She checks her own room and finds that her things were left as they were, even seeing some baby stuff intended for Seo Woo on top of her dresser. Before leaving the house, she sees a prescription by Gang-hwa stuck on their front gate. It’s revealed that Gang-hwa took the path of a thoracic surgeon so that he can do check-ups on her mom intending to take care of her. Aww! Even after Yu-ri’s death, he still checks up on her records even after Mrs. Jeon has switched doctors.

In other ghostly news, a famous baseball player who resides in the crematorium named Kang Bin takes the spotlight this episode as his death was ruled to be suicide. He’s all over the news for a match fixing scandal but apparently showed no signs of suicide, even Keun Sang is interviewed on TV for this because he was the one who assessed him.

It’s the 1st day on the job as Yu-ri is excited to spend the day with Seo Woo as her pick-up helper and to get rid of the ghost in the apartment. She doesn’t realize Seo Woo’s schedule though as she has a full day of attending extracurricular classes. Yu-ri is pleasantly surprised when she is given a gift: an egg with Seo Woo’s drawing on it.

It seems that Mr. Kim’s story isn’t over yet as he waits to go up with his boss, Mr. Baek. He confesses to another ahjumma ghost, Mi-Ja, that Mr. Baek was the only one who lent him money when Hye Su was a kid and needed an operation to treat a 3rd degree burn on her leg. Wow, so that’s why Mr. Kim has been so patient and understanding to him because of this! That night, Mr. Baek finally talks with Mr. Kim admitting that he’s been a bully to him all this time because he was jealous of Mr. Kim. This is because Mr. Baek’s children don’t care about him and is only concerned with his inheritance. Mr. Kim comforts him and says that he has done something good and that is give his daughter, Hye Su, a good life to live🥺

Our mama is overjoyed with the gift Seo Woo gave her, but looks a little sad when she witnesses Seo Woo giving Min Jeong an egg as well but with more details compared to hers. She doesn’t feel too bad for long though as her goal to go to the apartment is her focus. Min Jeong feels bad when she declines Yu-ri’s offer to further babysit Seo Woo at the apartment so the former in the end decides to invite her to their home. This doesn’t look good for Gang-hwa, haha! When the husband arrives at home, he immediately rushes to go out again (Probably from seeing Yu-ri inside) but is caught by Min Jeong. He makes an excuse about having a lot of work and confines himself to his study for the remainder of the night.

Unsuccessful on her first day in catching the ghost, Yu-ri insists that she can play with Seo Woo at home the next day instead of at the playground. She almost forgets to take the egg home with her and goes back to the apartment to retrieve the precious gift. Little do they know that Gang-hwa is already in the kitchen and eating the eggs as we speak, oh no!😅 He is about to finish the remaining egg as he puts it into his mouth, but gets the shock of his life when the 3 girls all simultaneously react to him eating the egg, hahaha! Yu-ri reacts the most violently and Min Jeong looks at her with an astonished expression.

Episode 10

On voiceover, Min Jeong recalls the time where she assures Gang-hwa that she was quitting work so she could take care of Seo Woo. She didn’t realize how challenging it would be to do so at the time and gets bothered when the nosy moms gossip about her not being Seo Woo’s real mom.

Back at the scene of the crime, Gang-hwa is forced to hurl the egg out of his mouth because of the girls’ outbursts, hahaha! Min Jeong contemplates on Yu-ri’s over-the-top reaction to him eating the egg but Gang-hwa defends her saying that he would have shouted at himself too. On the other side of town, Keun Sang is also facing an eggy situation himself as his car was thrown with eggs by Kang Bin’s fangirls. They are upset with him because they feel like he misdiagnosed the baseball player and wasn’t able to detect that he was suicidal. Keun Sang wonders what truly happened since he is adamant that he didn’t exhibit any symptoms of suicide when he went for a consultation.

Finally alone at the apartment the next day, Yu-ri commences her quest to find the local ghost. Yu-ri is hesitant to go inside the married couple’s room, feeling awkward that she’s intruding on Min Jeong and Gang-hwa’s personal space. She goes inside anyway sensing the ghost and finally catches him with the help of Mi Dong’s staff (the one with bells) but is surprised to find another ghost inside! Omo, it’s a special cameo by Kim Seul Gi who reprises her role from a previous hit kdrama Oh My Ghost, hahaha!👻 For those who haven’t watched that show, she plays a virgin ghost who tries to possess women’s bodies to sleep with men. She admits about her failed attempt to take control of Min Jeong’s body because she’s so strong-willed, hehe💋

Yu-ri finally completes her mission by getting rid of the virgin ghost with Mi Dong’s help and sending the other ghost to Pil Seung’s place, hahaha! Poor guy as he gets beaten up by the Jang family seeing him there. Yu-ri is still worried on the off chance that Seo Woo might still see ghosts after her 49 days are up and Mi Dong tells her that her child might end up as a shaman if that happens.

Unable to avoid her best friend any longer, Yu-ri finally admits that she’s been a ghost all this time and that it’s her fault that Seo Woo sees ghosts. Hyeon Jeong has a hard time processing this but it does coincide with her suspicions on why Yu-ri doesn’t want to take her place back with her family as well as knowing Min Jeong so well. Watching Min Jeong be the light of her family, it’s like Yu-ri gained a new friend who she wanted to cheer on and root for.

Before the night ends, Min Jeong, Yu-ri, along with Hyeon Jeong, end up drinking at the latter’s restaurant. It’s a weird aura with the 3 of them together but they eventually open up about how they feel with each other. Min Jeong divulges that she is curious about Yu-ri as someone who looks like Seo Woo’s mom and that she’s envious of Hyeon Jeong and Yu-ri’s friendship because she pushed away her own friends. Such an unlikely bond forms between them that it makes me happy to see Min Jeong open herself up to other people😊 She ends up getting the most drunk though and Gang-hwa is called over to the restaurant to fetch her. With Yu-ri and Min Jeong drunk, Gang-hwa is seemingly torn on who to prioritize (Poor guy!) but of course tends to his wife first. Yu-ri sobers up when Min Jeong calls Gang-hwa “My husband” but pretends to still be drunk anyway. She sneaks a longing peek as husband and wife walk away and for a brief moment, I know she must have felt a little pain seeing them leave together.

Checking on his therapy progress, Dr. Jang questions why Gang-hwa hasn’t gotten treated for his hands yet. The truth is that Gang-hwa feels guilty getting himself treated because it’s the last thing that reminds him of Yu-ri’s death. Oh damn🥺 A phone call from Yu-ri interrupts Gang-hwa’s dazed state as he hears her panicked voice and overhears another person declaring an accident has occurred. Running out of his office as if his life depended on it, he rushes to go to the emergency room to find her.

A dark figure looms over Mi Dong’s front door as he tells her that he never heard back from her. Uh oh, is this the Grim Reaper?😈 (It’s another special cameo by Yang Kyung Won from Crash Landing on You)


I can’t imagine how hard it must be for Yu-ri to let go of her right to be Seo Woo’s mom and just try to accept that Min Jeong is the mom her own child recognizes. It’s touching to see her gratefulness to the unlikeliest of people, Seo Woo’s stepmom, because it shows how mature and unselfish Yu-ri is when it comes to her family’s well-being. It’s nice to see Min Jeong being drawn to Yu-ri as well, despite having insecurities from time to time, that she welcomes her presence in her and Gang-hwa’s life. If our OG couple don’t end up together, I sincerely hope that Gang-hwa gets an affirmation from Yu-ri to truly move forward with his life and get himself treated.

Like with Seo Woo, Yu-ri is content with Gang-hwa in the arms of another woman because she knows what he had to go through without her. Again though, it must be weird to feel like an outsider in the place where you once called home and to have the love of your life avoid you like the plague when he sees you there. I just want Yu-ri to be happy, is that too much to ask?

With the introduction of the new character, I know he’ll stir up the crematorium’s ghosts and even meddle with Yu-ri’s existence. We’ll have to wait and see on whether or not he actually knocks some sense into Yu-ri to finding a way to stay alive or further solidify her belief to leave.

Unnie Recap: Hi, Bye, Mama! (Episodes 7 – 8)

When someone we love dies, our world doesn’t stop. The sun will continue to shine, work doesn’t go away, and the hard question on whether or not we’ll overcome this rests on our shoulders. With Yu-ri and the other ghosts being able to see how the ones they left behind are struggling, it’s no wonder no one wants to leave Earth until they’ve helped their respective loved ones move on. In Hi, Bye, Mama! korean drama at least, a little help from beyond can go a long way🤗

Episode 7

Yu-ri, Min Jeong, and Seo Woo clear the air out in a coffee shop. I thought Yu-ri was finally going to tell Min Jeong the truth but it turns out that she’s answering a job ad about being Seo Woo’s pick-up helper. Although tension arises between them, Yu-ri diffuses the situation and they are both able to laugh about their wounds. As Min Jeong walks home with Seo Woo, she asks her if she likes Yu-ri. Seo Woo kisses Min Jeong’s hand and tells her that she likes her more.

The next morning, Min Jeong finally admits to Gang-hwa about having Seo Woo tested. Gang-hwa dismissed the test and tells her not to worry about it. Umm, are you crazy?!😑 This is no time to be in denial about something serious! Min Jeong also mentions that she is thinking about hiring Yu-ri as their pick-up helper for Seo Woo. This was a test to see how her husband would react and Gang-hwa did his best to put on a poker face, looking like it doesn’t matter to him, telling Min Jeong that she can decide on this matter. Once he turned his back on her though, a look of concern is evident on his face.

Two new ghosts are highlighted in these episodes: Mr. Kim, a simple family man who worked as a driver for a rich and successful Chairman, Mr. Baek. The latter keeps on bullying the former with Mr. Kim taking all of his insults in stride. Meanwhile, our other ghosts haven’t forgotten about Yu-ri’s promise as the Jang family is the 1st in line to claim their favor from her. Much to her discomfort, Yu-ri cleans Pil Seung’s filthy apartment (He’s a pilot by the way, who would’ve thought?) and Mrs. Jang admits that she would rather be a ghost who can stay by her child’s side until he grows up.

Yu-ri confesses to the Jang family that volunteering to be Seo Woo’s pick-up helper was for her to kick out the ghost that resides in their apartment. As much as her cause is for the greater good, Mr. Jang points out how stressful it’ll be for Gang-hwa to have her there. Before Yu-ri can defend her actions further, the sound of the door opening alarms the 4 of them that Pil Seung is back! Turns out he read his work schedule wrong and wasn’t supposed to work today, uh oh, this prompts Yu-ri to hide in his closet.

Seeing Pil Seung satisfyingly eat the food Yu-ri prepared brings Mrs. Jang joy to see her son finally eat a proper meal. Pil Seung decides to take a shower when he notices a hair tie on the floor. He gets suspicious and ends up clonking Yu-ri on the head with a karate stick when he opened his closet. Poor Yu-ri, hehe. She comes up with an excuse that she is the house helper and Pil Seung asks her when she’ll be back. Yu-ri is pissed with what she had to go through today and replies that it wasn’t her who actually cooked the food (She was just following Mrs. Jang’s instructions). With a huff, she leaves the apartment with the family leaving her alone (for now) as well😛

With the knowledge that Yu-ri might become Seo Woo’s pick-up helper, Gang-hwa goes to the hotel to talk to her. Finally saying his piece, he lets out his frustrations and says that they should tell Yu-ri’s family and Min Jeong the truth about her. Yu-ri figures that he’s being like this because he found out about her volunteering to become the pick-up helper. She pleads with him to let her do it and Gang-hwa, remembering how Yu-ri was bawling her eyes out on the playground with Seo Woo, gives her his permission.

A rainy day at Seoul brings Yu-ri and Min Jeong together as the former shelters the latter with an umbrella. At the same time at a convenience store, Pil Seung sneaks his way beside Gang-hwa, who has an umbrella, to get to his apartment. Yu-ri tells Min Jeong that she’s a nice person, much to the latter’s surprise given how the other moms at the daycare think of her. As they continue to joke around with each other, the 2 of them happen to run into Gang-hwa and Pil Seung along the way.

Episode 8

Confusion spreads across their 4 faces as Yu-ri ushers Min Jeong under Gang-hwa’s umbrella and escapes them. Pil Seung runs to share with Yu-ri’s umbrella leaving the husband and wife together. Why do I feel like he’ll develop a crush on our lovable mama?😉 haha! Gang-hwa is surprised that Min Jeong was laughing with Yu-ri and reassures her that she is a nice person. His firm gaze on her is probably the most romantic gesture that he’s ever shown, at least for me. Min Jeong ultimately decides to hire Yu-ri as their pick-up helper.

On the same night, Gang-hwa confides in Keun Sang and Hyeon Jeong about Min Jeong’s decision. Hyeon Jeong opens up that she feels like Yu-ri is hiding something because it seems like she knows Min Jeong pretty well. Both she and Gang-hwa can’t speculate any further though because they really can’t figure out her secret. Before Gang-hwa goes home, he confesses to Hyeon Jeong about Seo Woo being underdeveloped. She scolds him for telling Min Jeong not to be bothered by it but explained that he only said that so she wouldn’t think it’s her fault that Seo Woo turned out that way. Ugh, men can be so dense sometimes🤦🏻‍♀️

It is a small world after all as one of Mr. Kim’s daughters turns out to be a teacher at the daycare: Hye Su. The other ghosts congratulate him as she sis about to get married soon. They do wonder though why she looks so down in a time where she should be celebrating. On the other hand, Jung Gwi Soon, an ahjumma ghost in the crematorium, goes to visit her sick daughter at the hospital and feels distraught seeing her daughter in pain.

That night, Yu-ri and the rest of the daycare employees go out for dinner and drinks. Hye Su is in no mood to celebrate and starts crying her eyes out over the thought that her dad, Mr. Kim, never got the chance to enjoy his life. He worked so hard all this time and couldn’t even attend his daughter’s wedding party. As Hye Su confesses this to Yu-ri, Mr. Kim is right beside her also feeling sorry and weary for what he just heard. Meanwhile, Gwi Soon overhears her daughter confide in her husband that she tries her best to tolerate the pain of chemotherapy because of her mom. She feels guilty because she was the one who told Gwi Soon to get treatment before and the thought that it brought pain to her mom is what’s making her fight the pain now. How many tissues have you used up so far?🤧

In an effort to comfort his daughter, Mr. Kim asks a favor from Yu-ri to help him write a message for Hye Su. She finds a letter at the crematorium of Mr. Kim telling her that he was happy having worked hard for his family and that she shouldn’t worry. Hye Su cries uncontrollably while reading the letter as Mr. Kim comforts her. Yu-ri along with the other teachers, and even some ghosts at the crematorium, attends the wedding as Mr. Kim walks down the aisle with Hye Su. And with this, their story comes to a happy resolution🎉

Secrets eventually make their way into the light and Yu-ri’s mom finds several pictures of Seo Woo with her husband on the day he volunteered at the daycare. She confronts him about it and they get into an argument because Yu-ri’s mom always warned him to stay away from Seo Woo. Yu-ri’s dad bursts out his feelings that he just misses his granddaughter and of course, he has every right to feel that way. I don’t think there’s a right opinion or decision in this case since I understand Yu-ri’s mom for avoiding Seo Woo. I do think that they can build a relationship with Seo Woo and not be intrusive to Min Jeong at the same time but, I understand that it’s easier to just have no presence to them at all.

Mi Dong is worried as Yu-ri’s mom overheard her unintentionally say that her daughter was just “roaming around” implying is Yu-ri a ghost just wandering about. She meets up with Yu-ri to tell her this at Hyeon Jeong’s restaurant. Hyeon Jeong overhears Mi Dong and Yu-ri talk about her 49 day predicament when she came back to the restaurant after briefly stepping out to buy an ingredient. She confronts Yu-ri as they walk down the street about the revelation and convinces her that she can take her place back and live. Yu-ri is adamant that she doesn’t need to be Seo Woo’s mom and that Gang-hwa truly loves Min Jeong.

Falling to her knees, Yu-ri breaks down breathing hard and weeping feverishly on the street as Hyeon Jeong hugs and comforts her. Someone riding a bike notices them and gets curious: Yu-ri’s mom! She was about to pass them by but takes a peek anyway, and this causes her to fall down from her bike. She manages to get up and walks towards them. She is cautious as she notices Hyeon Jeong first, and I can only imagine that her heart was pounding loudly, as she sees her supposedly dead daughter turn around and face her.


I know that Yu-ri doesn’t want to cause a disturbance in her loved one’s lives because she’s firm in going up after the 49 days but she has to realize that that ship has sailed. It’s about time her own family discovers that she’s alive, for better or worse, I’m sure that having this 2nd chance to spend with her won’t be so bad. After some reflection, fiiinneee, I may have been too hard on Gang-hwa😏 He must feel powerless in making any big decisions because he wants to respect Yu-ri when she told them to leave her be for the time being. I just feel like he’s just been floating mindlessly and delaying doing anything until it’s too late and things blow up — this being Min Jeong finally discovering Yu-ri’s true identity.

I still don’t believe that Gang-hwa is in love with Min Jeong (Because again, all the interactions they have shown prove otherwise) but yes, he does love her in his own way. My heart broke when Yu-ri shouted those words to Hyeon Jeong and it makes me think that seeing them together over the years as a ghost, she must be right💔 It’s a quieter and respectful kind of care that he gives to Min Jeong. It’s different with Yu-ri’s but nonetheless, love is love. I do hope we get to see Gang-hwa’s feelings more clearly in the succeeding episodes, especially when he finds out about Yu-ri going away again once her 49 days are over.

Unnie Recap: Hi, Bye, Mama! (Episodes 5 – 6)

If taking her life back would be as easy as breathing, Yu-ri would’ve surely done it by now. Even though her primary focus is protecting Seo Woo, her being alive impacts the lives of other people too whether she likes it or not. Perhaps this test is not to see if she can restrain herself from getting back her life but a precious push to direct her back to her loved ones who need to be with her one more time✨

Episode 5

A new episode, a new flashback story — This time it’s how Min Jeong met Gang-hwa for the first time. Finally! I feel like this is what I needed to see to be fair on their relationship and not judge it for what it is presently. Turns out Min Jeong noticed him falling asleep on the train and he forgot his backpack on a rush to get off. She takes his backpack and is surprised when she sees him at her school, which coincides with Yu-ri’s statement that they went to the same medical school. Min Jeong is instantly smittened by him and was even about to confess her feelings but didn’t do so when she overheard Gang-hwa and his friends talk about Yu-ri. Awww☺️ They meet again years later when Min Jeong was one of the hospital nurses on the day of Seo Woo’s birth and Yu-ri’s death.

Back to last episode’s cliffhanger, the shock of seeing Yu-ri on the CCTV was scary enough for Keun Sang. When Hyeon Jeong brings Yu-ri with her to the restaurant, the sight of her waving at him scared the sh*t out of him. Hahaha! After getting over her initial shock, Hyeon Jeong hugs her best friend as they weep their eyes out. When it’s just Keun Sang and Hyeon Jeong alone, he confesses to doubting Yu-ri’s 49 day condition and thinks something is up. Hyeong Jeong looks as if she wants to agree but I think out of her loyalty for Yu-ri, she chooses to respect her decision.

It’s a brand new day as Yu-ri takes it upon herself to oust all the ghosts lingering at the daycare and was successful in doing do. She even gets the item used by Mi Dong (the one with the clanking bells) to help her. She gets distracted with her mission and plays several games in a claw machine to get a pink stuffed toy for Seo Woo. She enlists the help of Pil Seung who also happened to be there and has gotten a good amount of stuffed toys himself. The Jang family of ghosts catches them together and Pil Seung freaks out when Yu-ri is talking to them because of course, he doesn’t see anyone else in the arcade. She tries to take one of the pink stuffed toys from his stash but ends up knocking herself on the glass door for running too fast and gets a nosebleed from the collision.

With no cute gift for Seo Woo, the Jang family try to comfort and manipulate Yu-ri in the hopes that they can curry favors for Pil Seung. Mi Dong catches the 4 of them at the park and she is furious! HAHA!🤣 They all return to the crematorium as Mi Dong finally reveals to all the ghosts there of Yu-ri’s miraculous condition, but warns them that they shouldn’t ask personal requests from her. When she and the other ghosts have a proper conversation about her newfound life, she still rejects the idea of going back to her place with her family.

Meanwhile, Min Jeong continues to take Seo Woo to a psychotherapy center to assess her cognitive, mental, and comprehension skills. It was confirmed that she’s delayed in a lot of those aspects and Min Jeong was encouraged to talk to her more often. I feel bad (Don’t I always?) for Min Jeong who does her best to a good mom to Seo Woo but isn’t a talkative or as expressive as others are to children.

The next morning, Gang-hwa pretends that Seo Woo has a stomachache to get out of parent participation day at the school but failed to do so. When another mom gets annoyed at Seo Woo, Yu-ri ends up throwing a basket of red beans at her during sensory playtime, hee. Another activity has the kids making fruit skewers and Yu-ri is excited to give strawberries to Seo Woo since her pregnancy craving was strawberries. Min Jeong tells Yu-ri not to serve strawberries to Seo Woo and although the latter insists, a teacher goes to them and informs Yu-ri that Seo Woo is apparently allergic to strawberries. Oh no😮 Yu-ri is deeply embarrassed but doesn’t have time to process the information as another kid suddenly bites Seo Woo’s hand. Yu-ri rushes to Seo Woo and tends to her. She takes a step back when she realizes that everyone was staring at her for quickly coming to Seo Woo’s aid even before Min Jeong or Gang-hwa.

On the same night, Yu-ri grieves at Hyeon Jeong’s restaurant about Min Jeong possibly finding out her identity. She was about to confess something to her when Min Jeong suddenly enters the restaurant and is again startled in seeing Yu-ri there.

Epilogue (Past)

Reporting on her 1st day at work, Min Jeong is sent to the emergency room and unknowingly holds Seo Woo in her arms. As a ghost, Yu-ri sees baby Seo Woo and cries from the sight of her.

Episode 6

An air of tension engulfs the restaurant as Yu-ri and Min Jeong sit 2 seats apart from each other while drinking their choice of alcohol silently. Hyeon Jeong looks at both women and feels sorry for them individually. Yu-ri is about to leave when Min Jeong, I think already a bit drunk, asks her if Seo Woo is that precious and mutters that Yu-ri can be her mom instead. Uh oh😅 She passes out on the bar table after that.

Last night was a blur to Min Jeong as she wakes up, with disheveled hair, band aids on her forehead, and make-up smeared over her eyes, looking like a newly reincarnated zombie. Even Gang-hwa is aghast and clueless when she asks him what happened to her. Keun Sang is coincidentally upset at Hyeon Jeong too as she has a nosebleed and the former is afraid that his wife must have killed someone for it, haha! Even Yu-ri has a bandaid on her forehead when she heads out from the hotel. Did the 3 of them get into a fight or something?

Walking towards the daycare, the 3 women meet on the street and it’s obvious that Yu-ri and Hyeon Jeong knew what happened the previous night. After dropping the kids off, Min Jeong stares outside through the window seeing Yu-ri adorably play with Seo Woo. Hyeon Jeong rejects the offer of the other nosy moms to have coffee to discuss the problems of their kids (WTF?) and walks away with Min Jeong. Hyeon Jeong tells Min Jeong that nothing happened last night at the restaurant when a look of panic graces her face as she sees Yu-ri ‘s dad head over to the daycare.

Excited to see Seo Woo, Mr. Cha volunteered to do an abduction prevention program for the daycare. He role plays as a bad person pretending to take a kid away and when it’s Seo Woo’s turn, she ends up hugging him instead. I have conflicting emotions about this because he is her grandfather but she doesn’t know that so hugging a stranger shouldn’t be condoned. For this instance though, I’ll let it pass😅 Seo Woo sees Yu-ri passing by outside and instinctively runs towards her. Yu-ri almost gets caught as her father chases after Seo Woo but luckily, another teacher takes Seo Woo and Yu-ri escapes to the kitchen without her father seeing her face. It’s sad that he can’t spend time with his own granddaughter and him playing with Seo Woo now is such a precious moment for him.

As a punishment for cursing and shouting at the deity with the hopes of possibly turning into humans, the ghosts at the crematorium are punished by Mi Dong. She trapped all of them from getting out in their own space with a talisman posted on each respective confinement. A gust of wind blows away the talisman trapping the Jang family and enlists Yu-ri’s help to take off the rest of the talismans. Once freed, all of them ask favors from Yu-ri but their requests overwhelm her and she declines to do anything as to not waste her remaining days. They appeal to her again and when Yu-ri ponders what her ghost friends have been through, she takes back her statement and decides to do 1 favor for each of them. Everyone takes this time to seriously think about what they want to do for their loved ones (Since that’s the #1 reason they haven’t gone up) and no ghost was able to make a request at that moment. Mi Dong thanks Yu-ri for being gracious enough to accept their favors because she herself can’t meddle in such affairs.

Regarding Gang-hwa’s disciplinary actions, Doctor Jang tries his best to appeal to the committee to keep him employed. He reflects on the past seeing Gang-hwa beating himself up saying that he killed Yu-ri. He is a doctor, yes, but he is also a human being who lost a loved one.

Walking home after meeting her best friend, Yu-ri contemplates about Hyeon Jeong telling her that Min Jeong is planning to divorce Gang-hwa. Across the street, she sees Min Jeong walking home with Seo Woo. Fate is a cunning force is it not?😏 As the pedestrian light turns green, both parties move forward with Seo Woo happily running towards Yu-ri and breaking away from Min Jeong’s hold. Both women gaze at each other as Min Jeong gets Seo Woo from Yu-ri. Remembering Min Jeong’s words the other night telling her that she can be Seo Woo’s mom, Yu-ri turns around and declares an answer:


Would it be so bad if we got a wishful thinking happy ending for Yu-ri? I’m glad that we got to know more about Min Jeong’s love for Gang-hwa but they seem really disconnected as a couple from each other now. Come on, a husband doesn’t check up on his own wife because he slept in another room? If that’s not a telltale sign that something is wrong, then I don’t know what is. Yu-ri is a good person and doesn’t want to cause complications in their marriage, we all can understand. But what if it truly isn’t working out and the only reason why I see Min Jeong holding on is because of Seo Woo? I know that Gang-hwa still has real feelings for Yu-ri, maybe just not as explored since he hasn’t gotten to sort out his feelings yet. Can’t the 3 of them become the family they were always supposed to be before her accident?😢

For the purposes of life lessons (And you know I’ll be posting an entry for Hi, Bye, Mama!), I do think Yu-ri will leave Earth after the 49 days. It’s too good to be true to have your dead wife come back to life and have things be back to normal as a family. But I’d like to think that it’s a possible outcome and I hope that Yu-ri tries to fight to take back her human life. Is it selfish? It shouldn’t be because she didn’t ask for this chance. Is it unfair to Min Jeong? Maybe. I do believe though that Min Jeong deserves to know the truth and Gang-hwa should step up and try to explain about Yu-ri’s existence. I know it’s an unprecedented situation they’re in but if he truly is in love with Min Jeong, she should’ve been the 1st person he was honest with😕

Unnie Recap: Hi, Bye, Mama! (Episodes 3 – 4)

With Yu-ri having no choice but to confront seeing Gang-hwa, how will she proceed with her newfound second chance? It’s just a matter of time until she’s caught by her loved ones so I hope Yu-ri makes up her mind if she wants to stay as a human or just live out her borrowed time to the fullest.

Episode 3

On a rush to get out of the playground, Gang-hwa stops Yu-ri from running away from him. After taking Seo Woo to Min Jeong, he and Yu-ri go to a coffee shop to talk. She contemplates on whether or not she should tell the truth to Gang-hwa about her sudden reincarnation. She decides to say that she has no memories of why this happened and explained that this could be a 49 day reward for her granted by God. She tries to run away from Gang-hwa to avoid any further questions but he catches her again and they come to an agreement of Yu-ri staying at a hotel for the meantime.

In a frantic and babbling state, Gang-hwa goes to Hyeon Jeong’s restaurant to talk to someone about what just happened. He confesses to her that Yu-ri is alive but she doesn’t believe him and says that a lot of people look alike. He won’t get the validation he needs from anyone at this point and so he is still distracted when he gets home. He gives a flimsy excuse to Min Jeong about his friend picking up Seo Woo from daycare and though she doesn’t look convinced, she doesn’t probe any further.

One of the first things that a person would probably miss after becoming a ghost is the ability to eat delicious, hot, greasy food. This is exactly what Yu-ri does as she orders a multitude of takeout food and feasts on fried chicken, noodles, pizza, etc. with a side of beer cans to drink. A flashback takes us to a night where Yu-ri as a ghost gets jealous and drools all over herself watching Gang-hwa and Min Jeong eating fried chicken and beer as they watch the news. Yu-ri is on a mission now as she happily gorges on the food and binge watches on the TV the entire night. She deserves it, after all that she’s been through, hehe😊

The trio family of ghosts (Jang family) continue to stalk Yu-ri and they happen to run into her at her hotel. They implore her help to give tissue paper to their son who is in the comfort room with a bad stomach. This father, mother, and elder sister trio died due to an unfortunate accident before and left behind their son/little brother, Pil Seung, who was only 9 years old then but is now a mature adult. At least not in their eyes😼 She does help them out and confesses to the family that she is human for at least 49 days. She refuses to do them any favors and ends up running away from a mob of other ghosts who overhears their conversation about her being able to see ghosts even as a human being.

Without realizing it, Yu-ri accidentally sees her mother buying groceries in the market after successfully hiding from the mob of ghosts chasing her. She witnesses her mom from afar and sees her aching with pain from the knees and feels bad. This prompts her to buy some health supplements and leaves it outside their house. Gang-hwa sees the purchase on his credit card and informs Yu-ri’s younger sister, Yeon Ji, that they should be prepared for something eventful to happen. Thinking that Yu-ri might be planning to reveal herself to her family, Gang-hwa rushes over to their house but confirms that Yu-ri only left the medicine and doesn’t say anything to her sister.

Yu-ri goes back to the daycare to check on Seo Woo and the ghost kid but ends up getting caught by one of the teachers again. Quick on her feet, Yu-ri says that she’s applying for the kitchen assistant position she notices posted on the front door. This gives her more time to explore the school and overhears other mothers talking about Seo Woo’s strange behavior. Yu-ri is startled when Seo Woo actually grabs her hand and smiles at her. Aww🥰

Even Min Jeong has a handful of her own to mull about as a lawyer tells her that her reason for separation is not enough to warrant a divorce. She learns about Gang-hwa being subject to the disciplinary committee and looks torn on whether or not she should bring up the subject matter of divorce now. She goes to the daycare to pick Seo Woo up and messages Gang-hwa of this plan. She doesn’t know that Gang-hwa was just at the daycare a few moments ago, even seeing Yu-ri playing with Seo Woo through a window, so he calls Min Jeong to tell her that he’ll pick Seo Woo up instead. Min Jeong doesn’t relent and replies that she’s already near the daycare. Gang-hwa suddenly remembers that Min Jeong saw a picture of Yu-ri before so she knows what she looks like!

It’s a race to see who arrives at the daycare first as Gang-hwa runs for his life to get there first. Seo Woo instinctively goes outside even as she is playing with Yu-ri when she hears the sliding door open. She runs outside and hugs Min Jeong upon seeing her. Yu-ri goes outside to chase after Seo Woo and both women are shocked to see each other. Gang-hwa eventually arrives at the school but is too late as he sees his ex-wife and current wife face to face, standing only a few meters apart.

Episode 4

Going back to 2015, Yu-ri is very pregnant and goes out of the apartment to fulfill a work request. Although Gang-hwa is hesitant for her to go, she insists on doing so because she’s a professional. Little did they know that this would be the day Yu-ri gets into an accident and ends up getting killed.

Back to the present, Min Jeong continues to stare at Yu-ri as the latter excuses herself to do the kitchen assistant interview. Addressing the elephant in the room once they left the school, Min Jeong casually mentions that the woman they saw at the daycare (Yu-ri) looks a lot like Yu-ri, oh boy! Gang-hwa stammers and responds nonchalantly and she doesn’t ask any more questions. He notices that Min Jeong was carrying a bag and she becomes flustered one as she hides her bag to keep the divorce papers from showing.

On the same night, Gang-hwa goes to Yu-ri’s hotel to try and explain about his marital status. She reassures him that she’s not mad about him being married again and that she knows Min Jeong is a nursing junior in his school. She gives a lame excuse that she just happened to find out and doesn’t give away that she really doesn’t have memory loss.

Even ghosts have the privilege of attending a counseling session and Mi Dong is the therapist. Even after listening to the excuses the countless ghosts have for choosing not to go up to heaven and be judged yet, Mi Dong grants them permission to still stay. Yu-ri is able to sneak in and talk with her. She asks her for a strong talisman to be used on the ghost kid in the daycare but she isn’t sure if it’ll work since he’s still young.

On her first day as a kitchen assistant, Yu-ri does her best to slice, peel, and chop various vegetables much to her despair, haha! Eager to see Seo Woo already, Yu-ri finds the ghost kid again beside her child. He runs away and hides in the kitchen freezer where Yu-ri discovers that the talisman doesn’t work on him. The young boy just laughs and haves fun as Yu-ri also tries throwing red beans at him (which will hurt if you’re a ghost) but since he’s just a kid, it doesn’t have an effect on him either. Yu-ri is upset when she learns that other mothers in the daycare wanted to move Seo Woo to a younger class afraid that her quiet ways would affect their kids development.

After serving lunch to the kids, Yu-ri sees a picture of the young boy, Hyeok Jin, posted on the daycare’s bulletin board and realizes that he was a student of this daycare too. Being young, he probably doesn’t understand his death yet and is sad when he sees his classmates one by one being picked up by their own moms. Yu-ri comforts him realizing that he’s just waiting for his own mother to pick him up. She seeks advice from Mi Dong and is told that he will to to heaven immediately once he gets what he wants.

With Yu-ri’s suggestion, Hyeok Jin’s mom is called over so the school director can return their family picture to her. When he sees her face on the monitor, he runs outside of the classroom towards her. Seo Woo also runs out and gives Hyeok Jin’s toy car to his mom and the latter cries from the gesture. Yu-ri sees Hyeok Jin following his mom as they both walk away from the school, he finally gets to go home🤗 Yu-ri also finds out that she’s the mom who was adamant to move Seo Woo to another class. When Min Jeong runs into her on the street, Hyeok Jin’s mom apologizes to her and tells her to thank Seo Woo for her.

As Yu-ri goes home herself, she comes face to face with Hyeon Jeong unexpectedly. The latter is shocked to say the least… this is also the same time that Keun Sang checks the restaurant’s CCTV and is in disbelief from seeing Yu-ri on the screen.


With Gang-hwa confused on how to deal with Yu-ri knowing about him being remarried, he could have realized that she is lying about not remembering anything about suddenly being alive. I mean if he really thought about it, how did she find out about Min Jeong and how does she know what Seo Woo looks like when she’s technically never supposed to have seen her? Clearly, they have things to figure out with each other and I feel bad for the 3 of them (Gang-hwa, Yu-ri, and Min Jeong) because they can’t be completely honest about their feelings for one another. Hoping that one of them steps up and just confesses how they feel, no matter if it’s good or bad, to start the path to having an honest conversation.

Obviously, Gang-hwa and Min Jeong are not the affectionate or expressive couple compared to the former’s relationship with Yu-ri but it doesn’t mean that they don’t care about one another. To what extent their love stands (Is it romantic, companionship?) can’t really be judged this early. More than the lack of romance, I feel like Min Jeong feels she lost her identity as a person, as a woman, and that’s why she wants a divorce. I’d like to think that maybe Min Jeong and Gang-hwa separating has been a long time coming and Yu-ri shouldn’t feel guilty about possibly finding her place back with her husband and daughter.