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Unnie Recommends: Hospital Playlist

Looking for a new show to tune into? If you’ve run out of kdramas to watch, I suggest trying out Hospital Playlist and taking a breather from all the pandemic nightmare going around the world😜 Ironic since the setting is in a hospital but at least in this case, no virus has infected their four walls🙊

Hospital Playlist kdrama centers around a group of 5 doctors who have been friends since medical school despite being in different classes. They all work in the same hospital, Yulje Medical Center, and they set aside a time where they can bond and play songs as a band. This show is a once a week treat with new episodes released every Thursday in Netflix. As of this writing, 5 episodes have been released already.

Meet the gang!

It’s a feel good show that explores the lives of these doctors in and out (but mostly in) of the hospital. They are all very competent in their jobs and everyone has a great personality that it makes the characters a bit unrealistic somehow, but I do appreciate the good energy and aura each of the characters show throughout the episodes.

(From top left clockwise):

  1. Ahn Jeong Won (Pediatric Surgeon)
  2. Chae Song Hwa (Neurosurgeon)
  3. Kim Jun Wan (Cardiothoracic Surgeon)
  4. Yang Seok Hyeong (Obgynecologist)
  5. Lee Ik Jun (General Surgeon)

Unlike other medical korean dramas, the show doesn’t have an overarching villain trying to use the hospital for their own gain nor are there dark scandals or a traumatic past that the protagonist tries to overcome. It serenades viewers with how the friends deal with day-to-day cases that arise from their respective fields, trying to have a work-life balance, and squeezing in a little bit of romance in between their hectic schedules. There are plenty of other characters in the show so expect a few supporting ones that’ll make an impact in our gang’s lives as well😊

While they do tend to life and death situations and encounter personal problems, watching Hospital Playlist is by no means dramatic. It’s a slice-of-life kdrama that you can jam out to and feel that everything will turn out for the best no matter what happens✨