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Unnie Recommends: Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency

Do you leave your life in destiny’s hands or do you believe that you shape your own fate? What if our choices, despite being made on our own free will, is all part of a grander scheme to lead us to the very destiny that we are trying so hard to avoid?

Visually appealing, funny, romantic vibes laced with a bit of drama, Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency will surely be a match made in heaven to brighten up your weekday kdrama habit!🌸

Current Impression

I like that it’s not another ordinary show as the story centers around a trio of young men running a matchmaking agency. What tasks they do, how they work, and what problems they encounter when setting up 2 people in the Joseon dynasty era is a tale worth telling. For our titular Flower Crew, the friends consists of:

  1. Ma Hoon – Smart, aloof, and is the leader of the agency.
  2. Ko Young Soo – Handsome, a ladies man, and lives his life to the fullest.
  3. Do Joon – A happy-go-lucky trendsetter/fashionista who says the wrong things as he actually means another word.

They’ll meet Lee Soo, a blacksmith’s son who wishes to be set up with his childhood friend, Gae Ddong, the stubborn but hardworking leading lady of the show. Without spoiling too much, Lee Soo and Gae Ddong’s case was accepted but just as they were about to get married, fate intervenes leaving Gae Ddong without a groom to marry. Our trio will find themselves getting involved with a mystery much bigger than their cupid style moves. Add to the equation Gae Ddong joining their team soon so expect lots of mishaps and learning curve for our Flower Crew.

Of course, in true Joseon dynasty fashion, no story is complete without the presence of the Royal family. One of the King’s advisers is the head villain, along with the Queen who he helped put into a position of power. But this is the 1st period kdrama that I’ve watched featuring a weak, but nontheless, scheming Queen who is an annoying, wannabe antagonist if you ask me.

Smack dab in the middle of this romcom is a love triangle between Soo, Gae Ddong, and Hoon. Soo is clearly in love with Gae Ddong and has the most sincerest intentions for her while I’m sure she also cares for him deeply, I think she loves him more of as a friend than a romantic partner. With Hoon, they always fight with each other but he helps her nonetheless when she is desperate to find Hoon. This is the 1st kdrama where I’m not sure who the girl will end up with because both seem like leading men material so I’m excited about that!😁

Sparks flew, (un)pleasantries were exchanged, and the seeds of a new adventure awaits. Join the Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency gang as they tackle their futures together, weathering whatever destiny decides to throw their way!💓

Unnie Recommends: The Beauty Inside

Ever wondered if your loved one suddenly had another face, body, and even a different gender — would you still somehow be able to recognize them? Because you share a deep connection with each other, can such a bond differentiate beyond your loved one’s physical aspects?

These are the questions that best describe this 2015 remake of a Korean movie with the same title. The Beauty Inside, a show helmed by the JTBC network (Hello Strong Woman Do Bong Soon), is sure to deliver a great show with life lessons that will surely be more than skin deep in depth and significance.

Current Impression

The plot is about a popular actress, Han Se Kye, who mysteriously transforms into another person once a month. With no clue or idea on why this happens, she is often shrouded with gossip and negative reputation of always running away or escaping events. Despite that, she is still loved by the Korean masses. I love how Seo Hyun Jin is portraying the lead female character: funny, strong-willed, but also silly and childish at times. I haven’t watched her other popular romcom drama (Another Oh Hae Young) so I’m not sure what she’s capable of but she is so beautiful and charismatic here and that’s enough for me.

The leading male is played by Lee Min Kee, the guy who stole our hearts in “Because this my First Life” and recently had a guest role in “What’s wrong with Secretary Kim?”. His character here, Seo Do Jae, somehow possesses the traits of his previous role of being stoic, expressionless, and talks in a refined manner. It suits his looks to play such a role and I was surprised that he could pull off being a stern guy but can still deliver goofy lines. Both actors’ chemistry is sizzling as well as they play a game of cat and mouse to catch and disclose each other’s dirty little secret. He is “face blind” here (He has difficulty recognizing one’s face) and needs Han Se Kye’s help with his business. How their love story will develop is interesting as he is the only one who can recognize her even if she changes into another person, while she is the one of the very few people privy to his situation.

The secondary cast here is also wonderful as they provide not only comedic relief and support for our main leads, but it is often the supporting roles where one can gain recognition and adoration for their roles. Han Se Kye’s two best friends, Seo Do Jae’s stepsister and secretary, are wonderful complements to the show. Have I also mentioned that the soundtrack is awesome too? 🙂

If you want a healthy dose of laughter but can also appreciate tear-jerker moments, unnie recommends you to watch “The Beauty Inside”. This kdrama is certainly a show that is beautiful inside and out.