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Unnie Recommends: Run On

Sometimes in the midst of what’s going on in our lives, random encounters mean more than what they start out to be. We veer off course from what we know and find ourselves in a track that we never thought we’d set out to take, whatever the results may be, we might just realize that the new path we’re running on is exactly where we need to be🏃🏻

Run On kdrama is headlined by Shin Se Kyung starring as Oh Mi Joo, a smart and spunky translator who works converting English into Korean subtitles for movies. She also gets part-time gigs as an interpreter and happens to meet Ki Seon Gyeom, a national athlete for the running team. A one time coincidence turns into a possible string of fate as Mi Joo becomes Seon Gyeom’s interpreter for events and functions as he also works for an agency.

Current Impression

The show reminds me of an American movie for some reason with its cinematography and pleasing color aesthetics. The 1st episode’s opening scene is reminiscent of how a movie would introduce its main characters in parallel of each other, even the soundtracks used were great. I had such a good feeling with the premiere episodes because it refreshed my memory of why I love watching kdramas — to be immersed in another person’s life, root for their achievements, and learn a thing or two when I reflect their experiences with my own life.

I like how it’s the guy who is offbeat and quirky this time because I feel like women are mostly portrayed like that😅 Seon Gyeom seems oblivious to things happening around him and answers questions matter-of-factly that he comes off as a serious person but in reality, he’s just wired that way. I like Shin Se Kyung’s portrayal of Mi Joo here as a sassy woman who won’t stand for unfair treatment but when left with no choice, backs off and apologizes to get out of a sticky situation, haha! Mi Joo develops a crush on Seon Gyeom quickly despite his lack of conversational skills (haha) and a drunken kiss will surely stir more sparks or trouble between them.

Romantic comedies make you feel good watching them and without paying too much attention, it’s easy to understand the flow of the story. To me, Run On korean drama leans on its dialogues for you to appreciate its storytelling and characters; especially with Seon Gyeom’s manner of speaking, you have to listen to the their banters and quips with each other to appreciate them. There’s more to him than meets the eye though as he is a good listener and cares about making things right.

In my opinion, there’s nothing special about Run On kdrama’s story but rather, I think it’s your run-of-the-mill slice-of-life, romantic comedy. But every extraordinary moment in our lives, whether it’d be meeting friends, getting a job, finding the love of our lives — don’t these start out as ordinary occurrences as well?❤️