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Unnie Recommends: True Beauty

We are all born with unique features and looks with a beauty like no other. It’s hard to be self-confident though when other people define it otherwise; but real beauty is skin deep, and this will always shine brighter than someone with just a pretty face.

True Beauty korean drama revolves around Im Ju Kyung, a high school student who is constantly bullied for being ugly. She turns to make-up to hide her blemishes and transform into a “different” person physically. She is given the chance to start anew when she transfers schools and everyone is in awe of how beautiful she is. On top of making sure that her dual identity stays a secret, she’ll be caught up with two male classmates who’ll either drive her crazy or make her heart flutter♥️

Current Impression

It’s safe to expect a straightforward story where Ju Kyung will try her best to maintain her pretty face but high school, infused with the twists and turns of a kdrama, will eventually wear her down and she’ll have to confront her insecurities sooner or later. The first 2 episodes were funny and entertaining but it also showed how lonely Ju Kyung is at first for being picked on because of her physical features. She’ll experience a different kind of attention though when she meets 2 potential love interests at her new school😏

Stopping Ju Kyung from supposedly jumping off a building, she meets Lee Soo Ho (Top left guy), an aloof and nonchalant guy who happens to know her real, no make-up look identity. He doesn’t care what she looks like and they’ve (sort of) hung out with each other already. He doesn’t recognize her being the same person as the new girl in school (yet) so Ju Kyung is confused if he’s just playing dumb or not. Her other suitor comes in the form of a bad boy named Han Seo Joon (Middle left guy), who she accidentally encounters in her pretty face persona. I feel like a second lead syndrome here because I already like Seo Joon’s character more than the leading man, haha! Even if he hasn’t said much yet or anything, I already like the charisma he is exuding😍 I really wanted his character in 18 Again kdrama to have gotten the girl but from a story standpoint, I understood why he didn’t. Both men know one of her opposing looks each so it’ll be interesting to see how they’ll react when they find out her secret.

The show is a romantic comedy at heart but it deals with serious issues such as bullying and possible mental health problems. I don’t want to be a killjoy fan here because it is a fictional show, but I’m pretty sure this plot also happens in reality too. Ju Kyung is portrayed as an innocent and nerdy teenager who went from being the bullied loner to gaining instant popularity and friends in a span of 1 episode. It’s not that convenient in real life to just start fresh and seemingly solve your problems with cosmetic products😅 Mental health is an essential aspect of our lives and I just hope that True Beauty kdrama can inspire us to take care of ours.

I hope Ju Kyung’s make-up look builds her confidence and helps her stand up not just for herself, but for other kids who are treated the same way as her. Her pretty face might have paved the way for her to gain friends and adoration, but it’s her personality & goodwill that will aid her to become truly loved. I’m rooting for Ju Kyung to realize that her face, without being dolled up, is enough for people to accept and love her✨