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Unnie Recommends: Abyss

Every now and then, a mystery/romance/supernatural themed show makes its way into kdramaland. Perhaps its the thrill of crafting a killer’s motives or piecing together how the protagonists will deal with each other & their dilemmas — its these different elements that make korean dramas so addicting to watch.

Having premiered with its first 2 episodes this week, Abyss tells the story of 2 friends who work together to solve a crime despite literally having an out of body experience.

Current Impression

The opening scene introduces us to a man drinking his sorrows away on a building rooftop. As he sits on the edge after climbing past the railing, we learn that the man’s (Cha Min) fiancé, can’t go through with their wedding because of his unattractive face. He is accidentally killed by supernatural forces (Special guest appearances from Jung So Min & Seo In Guk from Hundred Million Stars From the Sky🥰) but revived by them with an orb named Abyss. The rule is that a person will be revived with the reflection of their soul and since Cha Min is a kindhearted person, he was given a more handsome and fitter body.

Before Min’s untimely death, he calls his long time friend, Ko Se Yeon, a beautiful, smart, and driven prosecutor who is in the middle of a crime scene. Though it hasn’t been explicitly shown, Min apparently has been in love with her for the longest time but she isn’t reciprocating those feelings. She is murdered one night and by Min’s efforts, he was able to revive her with the Abyss. Only this time, she gets a downgrade as her face & body is just like any other normal Korean woman.

It’s a cat and mouse game they try to solve the mystery of Se Yeon’s murder and navigate everyday life with their new bodies. We weren’t shown any flashbacks yet of how Min and Se Yeon’s characters were like before they died but it’s safe to assume that how they are interacting with each other, revivial mode, is still their true personalities. I hope that Min stays humble and thoughtful even with his more attractive physique. Se Yeon doesn’t have a bad personality (Park Bo Young is adorable & not common at all!), she’s actually resourceful and practical but as the show stands, she has a normal-faced soul but I don’t really see anything wrong with that.

It’s obvious that Se Yeon will fall in love with Min now but I hope that she’ll be able to accept him for his physical features before. Falling in love with his handsome, reborn character is easier but accepting Min’s original face seems like an important point of this show. Despite having a fiancé, I think Min still cares about Se Yeon more than as a friend but with the roles reversed (She’s a plain Jane while he’s a hottie) now, I’m excited to see how their relationship progresses from this point on.

Unleash your detective sleuthing skills and don’t be surprised when you also get romantic feels as Abyss will surely deliver a mayhem of fun and suspense worth the weekly wait!

Unnie Recommends: Memories of the Alhambra

We all seek a little adventure to spark our routined everyday lives with something other than the ordinary. The thrill of experiencing something new and the subsequent memories that are forged are stories that we’ll remember as long as we live.

Memories of the Alhambra introduces itself as a fast-paced, gorgeous, yet mysterious adventure poised to make a mark as an innovative yet nostalgic kind of korean drama experience.

Current Impression

Set in the vibrant yet laid back setting of Granada, Spain, the male lead Yoo Jin Woo, CEO of a successful investment company, (Played by comeback actor Hyun Bin) gets a mysterious call urging him to fly to Granada about an important proposition. There he meets Jung Hee Joo (Park Shin Hye of The Heirs), a 27 year old hostel owner who he initially clashes with but needs to befriend soon after. The whole enemies turning into friends then lovers is a kdrama signature but even after witnessing so many stories unfold, each new tale is worth a watch.

Let’s face it– anything set in Europe is already a grandeur production but having two of Korea’s hottest stars portray the leading roles is golden. The plot is intriguing and unique as we get a gimpse of Jin Woo playing an AR type of game, though playing in an augmented reality (AR) has been a device used by foreign movies already, Memories of the Alhambra uses has the user, Jin Woo, actually experience the game in real life. He is not transported to another virtual world nor plays a virtual character, he is literally attacking, dodging, and leveling up on his own accord in Granada. We get a brief tour of the city’s charm as he searches for a weapon and clashes with warriors from a different time.

Park Shin Hye’s character has yet to make an impact on me yet though but it’s refreshing to see her in a timid and uncertain role. She was strong-willed and determined in her last kdrama (Doctors) that it’s nice to see the female lead not all put together.

The plot details were minimal before and I wasn’t sure if this kdrama would have fantasy elements. Right now it seems hinged on real life (possible future) occurences but there has been the mention of magic and mystery by Jin Woo that makes me feel like this show can develop even further. Gaming enthusiasts can take an interest in the show with the AR angle and us unnies who live for romance, action, and some kdrama spunk!

Up to this point, I’m not sure what the main conflict of the show is aside from the rivalry between 2 former friends/business partners and a slow brewing romance. I honestly have high hopes for Memories of the Alhambra and am eager to explore a new kind of reality as seen in the eyes of our main hero.

Unnie Recommends: Familiar Wife

Currently airing at TVN, Familiar Wife or Knowing Wife, is the newest Korean drama to join the list of the romantic comedy genre. It’s just 3 episodes in and it’s safe to say I’ll continue on with watching this.

Source: viki.com

Current Impression

The plot revolves around a husband (Cha Joo Hyuk) who, through certain scientific events, goes back to a fateful day in his past to change his present situation. From the show’s title alone, you can safely assume what aspect in his life will be altered.

It’s the typical married for how many years with kids set-up: Husband is exhausted from work, wife is also tired from work and having to take care of the kids, they work with a tight budget, and interactions between the two are dismal and downright depressing. I’d hate to see myself in their shoes, no matter how complacent a long time couple can become due to familiarity and a daily routine– a viewer such as myself cannot excuse Joo Hyuk’s actions to change his wife. Though unintentional, he lives in the new timeline much happier (at first) but realizes the jarring differences of what his previous life and current life holds.

Not everyone is given a chance to change their past but if we we’re given a second chance to change our current set-up in life, I do think that 90% of people would make a different choice on a lot of matters. But with different decisions comes new consequences and for our main lead, Cha Joo Hyuk, he’ll learn that some things, no matter how much we try to escape them, will always find a way to come back 😀